Vaping – Masks Don’t Work – Vapes, Trump and Gates and Kennedy, Some Due Diligence, WEF on Schools (Jan 2020)

WEF on Schools (Jan 2020)

This was published in Jan 2020 – how interesting, ay?

“Education 4.0: A Global Framework for Shifting Learning Content and Experiences Towards the Needs of the Future …”

Vaping – Masks Don’t Work

A simple and illustrative video, posted by an experienced doctor.

Backup (Start at 6 mins 26 into this):

Gates, Trump and RFK-Jr

Well, well well….

A number of leading global figures, such as former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair, have called for the creation of digital IDs to track “disease status” as part of the plans for responding to the coronavirus crisis.

At the conclusion of the interview, Gates said that by the time things had got back to normal that “at least ten years of progress in forcing people to do things in a digital way will have happened in a two year period.”

Asked by interviewer Steven Levy when he anticipated that things would get back to normal, Gates responded: “sometime by the end of 2021 for the rich countries and by the end of 2022 for the world at large.”

“But will it be the normal we knew before?” Levy asked.

“Well in the sense that you won’t have to worry about dying of [COVID], yes. In the sense that at least ten years of progress in forcing people to do things in a digital way will have happened in a two year period,” Gates replied. He predicted advances in telemedicine and “e-commerce” and changes in business travel and commercial office space.

 Genetics and Technology: The Cherry on Top! (And Some Due Dilligence)

I am indebted to Ann Carey for some of the information, pasted below, in this article.

She has included some background information about Simon Dolan’s “Lockdown Challenge” Barrister and some comments posted on Anna Brees’ Twitter feed.

Another Account of Serious NHS Misconduct

More and more of these accounts are emerging – from both US and the UK – encouragement for patients to sign “DNR” orders so that they can, apparently, be “done away with”

Retired Nurse Blows The Whistle On Attempted Murder By Government Decree

Posted on 9th August 2020 by The Bernician

The Elements of A Heinous Crime

In summary of what Janet and Harvey are alleging against the senior staff on the ward:

1. She was denied all forms of care due to her, as a retired taxpayer who paid into the system her whole working life.

2. She was subdued against her will by morphine and statins, which are routinely given to patients suffering from cancer, in increasingly larger amounts, more often than not leading to respiratory failure or a coma.

3. She was the victim of a concerted attempt to procure her signature on a DNR notice, when she was suffering the ill effects of morphine and statins being administered without her knowledge or consent.

4. She was the victim of an attempt to kill her with prescribed drugs and neglect, which only failed because she had the experience and knowledge to realise what was happening to her and because her husband took action before it was too late.

5. She strongly suspects that the motive which propelled the attempted murderers was the aim of strictly adhering to government lockdown policy of denying care to the over-60’s and facilitating as many premature deaths as possible, in the name of ‘the greater good’.

In other words, Janet and Harvey allege that it was an attempt to murder her, under the authority of a silent but deadly government decree that everybody over sixty is an unnecessary drain on national resources.

More Thoughts on What DJ Trump Might Be Doing

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