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Helping a Health Worker

I recently received this letter, which is self explanatory. Can anyone help?


Dear Readers

As a sovereign woman, here in the ‘UK’, I have been using the legal system, for 7 or so years, to challenge numerous corporate fraudsters who appear to be controlled by globalists, including my former employer.

In 2020, I raised concerns with the employer over the emergency situation, but unfortunately, I was eventually sacked for ‘not wearing a face mask properly’. I have been lucky to have had support from an independent source – – who have helped me with free, lawful assistance – on the grounds the Coronavirus Act 2020 has made life almost unbearable for people like myself – who do not comply to the tyrannical rules. They helped me take a case against my employer through the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal ‘courts.’ Unfortunately again, the case has been dismissed and rejected, but the ‘judges’ who ruled over the case could not support their decisions with science.

I appreciate we are all living in very difficult times and the last 2 years have been especially heart- wrenching not just for me but for the many. This is why I felt I had to reach out to someone to help fight back against the tyranny that is ruining [and will continue to ruin] so many lives.

We are on the cusp of taking this matter up through the courts system and I wanted to ask if any qualified Doctors, with legal experience, who are aware of the active harmful Globalist agenda, would be willing to assist us and act as an expert witness (if and when, this case does go to court). We are particularly concerned with the evidence that face masks do not stop the transmission of a virus. Obviously the ‘virus’ topic is controversial, hence the need for a Doctor or other medical practitioner who fully understands what a virus is.

As I have not found suitable, sustainable employment since being sacked, I wanted to take this opportunity to respectfully ask if readers here, can help support us, to take this case through the courts by donating to the, website.

Should anyone like to contact me please write to . I am happy to make contact and answer any pertinent/relevant questions.

Many thanks to you all for reading. Hopefully we can all work together to overturn the globalist tyranny.

Please share this information!