Letter to UK MP Drew Hendry

Drew Hendry,

I have some concerns and questions surrounding the handling of the virus and the imposed lockdown, if you would be kind enough to address these.

Firstly, it is the clear the NHS is not overrun with many medical staff making “Tik Tok” videos which include very well-choreographed dance routines that have been circulating around the internet in previous weeks. It was thought that the purpose of the lockdown was to “save the NHS” yet some workers describe it “as is if it was Christmas Day”. Very quiet. It is my concern however, that the cancelled Cancer screenings, cancelled operations with a backlog into the millions and frankly speaking, will run the NHS to the ground. Surely you are not oblivious to this?

The lockdown itself, serves what purpose? As far as I’m aware the virus has [ADJ edit: allegedly] killed 401 people under the age of 45 in Britain, a country of 66 million people. You could argue this is because of the lockdown that these figures are not more. But when looking at countries without a lockdown it appears not to be the case. It also says on a government website that from 19th March 2020, Covid-19 is no longer considered a high consequence disease:


In Chris Whitty’s own words “a significant proportion of people will not get it at all, of those who do some will get it without even knowing it with no symptoms at all, asymptomatic. Of those who get symptoms, the great majority, probably 80% will have mild or moderate disease with them having to go back to bed for a few days and a minority will have to go to hospital”. He states, “the vast majority will not die”. https://youtu.be/adj8MCsZKlg.

The social distancing rules/guidelines have been according to SAGE member Robert Dingwall “conjured out of nowhere” yet the country has been scared into believing this virus is much more dangerous than it actually is and now you have construction sites having to create one-way walkways etc when this rule will never work in such environments.



Then we have the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Dominic Cummings and the false prophet, Neil Ferguson breaking the very rules the government are trying to implement. Was this whole lockdown based on Neil Fergusons incorrect models? Will he be held accountable for the destruction of the economy, peoples livelihoods and the deaths inevitably caused by the lockdown?

I also have concerns regarding the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE). My first question is why was Google’s A.I branch, Deepmind at the SAGE meeting on the 18th March 2020, when the public didn’t even know the group members names? We still don’t fully know their names which arises suspicion and distrust. The public can also not obtain minutes from the meetings. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/30/googleexecutivetookpartinsagemeetingcoronavirustechfirmconfirms

It has also come to my attention that Chris Whitty has been nominated by Matt Hancock to join the World Health Organisation (WHO) board this year. When our government is taking advice from the WHO, is it reasonable that the UK’s chief medical officer is following their advice when he has received £31 million in the past from one of its main funders in Bill Gates and is due to join the organisation when the aforementioned is the biggest funder only behind the United States? To me this is a conflict of interest and compromises Whitty’s position and Chief Medical Officer. See document eur/rc69/7 on


It also disturbs me that our government are seeking advice from someone like Bill Gates who is not a scientist, health expert or professional. Boris Johnson also wrote an article on depopulation in 2007.


Gates talks about indemnifying companies who create a vaccine which could have side effects, when the purpose is to save lives. I also find it convenient the government has updated its website on vaccine damage payment eligibility as it now states “you could get a payment if you’re severely disabled and your disability was caused by vaccination against any of the following diseases:


-Influenza, except for Influenza caused by a pandemic influenza virus.



Yet, Matt Hancock is talking of this vaccine being compulsory. As I mentioned in the statistics the deaths from/with the virus is generally not life threatening to those who are under 45. This is greatly concerning. I am interested on the Scottish governments stance on this?


Finally, my last concern is the quashing of free speech, as many were against the lockdown knowing their businesses could be ruined. Playing their part in this is the Army’s 77th Brigade who are practically waging war on its own people deleting information they see as disinformation. Since when was the public not able to make its own mind up? My greatest concern is that members of the 77th Brigade are now infiltrating the government with Lt Col Tobias Ellwood now an MP. I do not want military personnel in my government, I make that clear. Is this now a fascist state we now live in? Where opinions and free speech are no longer allowed?

I believe you know the consequences of the fascist lockdown, which is why the talk of Universal Basic Income is now being brought to the fore as the damage done is irreparable and the government are now trying to cover the cracks.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts and findings on these concerns.


Yours sincerely,







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