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You can edit the sample letter below – or use your own. Please be polite, but firm. Many officials may not really be able to “handle” the implications of the evidence. Consider whether you would like a response – and then change the ending as appropriate.

In the UK, you can use the Website “ ( ) to communicate with your MP, local counsellors and members of the House of Lords (so what are you waiting for?) There may be similar sites for your country (if you let me know about them, I will add them here!)

Also see Simon Dolan’s UK Legal Challenge – perhaps the letter his team has written could help your own action. A similar action has been launched by the English Democrats.

In the USA, you can use the “Contact Your Elected Officials” ( ) website to contact Federal, State and Local officials. Also see the page about David Martin’s recommendations for legal action.


Subject: COVID19 Crisis Response.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am very concerned about the current situation and the effects that the measures that have been put in place are having. I have been reviewing the evidence on which the measures are based and have come to the conclusion that these draconian measures should be lifted immediately.

More details about why I have come to this conclusion are in a report that I have read.[***which I have attached***]  This report can be [also] downloaded from this link The report considers the claims about the virus and its effects and includes important referenced information showing that  exaggerated or false claims have been made to persuade governments to implement these measures, which will likely cause more deaths than any seasonal flu virus would normally cause. The report also includes important background information which needs to be analysed to help people understand why we have ended up in the situation we are now in.

If you study the report and referenced information, I hope you will “join me” – figuratively if not literally – in calling for a reversal of the measures and a return to normal life. Alternatively, you may not choose to do this because you may find substantial errors in the report – in which case the author would very much like to hear about them, so he can correct and improve the report!

I have concluded that what is shown and discussed in this report is extremely important to our future, so I do hope you will be able to read it soon. I would be very happy if you would share the report with professional colleagues, friends and family alike, if you feel comfortable in doing so.

[I would be very pleased to hear your own thoughts on this issue and whether this report has helped add to your knowledge about the matter.]

Thank you very much for your time!

Yours Sincerely,


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