Haselmere (2018), Australian Dissent etc, COVID and 5G, US Dissent, US Airlines and the Jab, Israel Deletes, UK Water

Richplanet – “Vaccine” Contents and Yet another Drill… Another very informative show from Richard. https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=292&part=1&gen=99 I’d heard someone mention this recently, but hadn’t studied it at all. Just another reason … Read More

Neil McEvoy Resigns, Free yourself from the system – Richplanet, More on Magnetic Jabs etc, COVID Actors, Ivermectin and More

Irish Ice Hockey Star Resigns In Protest Over Vaccine Passports July 16, 2021 https://www.newsweek.com/irish-ice-hockey-star-resigns-protest-over-vaccine-passports-total-government-control-1610648 https://richieallen.co.uk/irish-ice-hockey-star-resigns-in-protest-over-vaccine-passports/ Full email: Good morning gentlemen, Firstly I would like to apologise for not making last … Read More

“Harris says Hassle,” Whitty on Ivermectin, US School rejects “Vax” and Masks, Viruses and Exosomes

Kamala Harris Tells Democrat Voters To Knock on Doors and Harass Unvaccinated People https://newspunch.com/kamala-harris-tells-democrat-voters-to-knock-on-doors-and-harass-unvaccinated-people/ People are, apparently desperate… “You might run across people as you’re out talking and knocking, folks … Read More