A Moderna “Mystery”

Moderna inc – A look into the secretive Bio-tech company developing a Covid-19

July 2nd


Iain B –


This article aims to take a look into one of the US companies that’s leading the Covid-19 vaccine development race that has been forced upon the global population over the past few months regardless of whether we want or actually need a vaccine. More and more studies are showing Covid-19 has a death rate after infection of less than 0.4%, putting it in the range of a bad seasonal flu and was already shown early on to be treatable effectively using Hydroxychloroquine and zinc but this treatment was subsequently victim of a huge smear campaign and its clinical trials deliberately sabotaged. This article also presents yet more evidence to suggest that the so called “pandemic” was a pre-planned and manufactured event.


Moderna inc, a US based bio-tech company is the frontrunner amongst the US companies racing to create a vaccine for the “SARS-COV 2” virus in order to prevent COVID-19 disease. But how has this relatively small company in the world of Big Pharma become one of the leaders in the race and how have they been able to develop their vaccine so quickly?


Its mRNA vaccine “mRNA – 1273” which it is developing together with the NAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), part of the NIH (National Institute for Health) is currently undergoing phase 2 trials and has received large amounts of funding from both CEPI and BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research & Development Authority) and has also received fast track designation by the FDA.


According to a CNBC interview with Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel. Moderna were able to finalize their vaccine sequence on January 13th 2020 even though Chinese authorities had only isolated the Virus on January 7th declaring it to be a “novel coronavirus” and only publicly shared the genetic sequence of the disease COVID-19 on January 12th  (one day earlier) as reported by the W.H.O. It appears then that Moderna lost absolutely no time at all in starting development of their vaccine which is all the more impressive considering the W.H.O had not even issued a statement showing there was evidence of human to human transmission of this new Coronavirus until January 22nd  so how did they know there would even be a demand for a vaccine?


Moderna was founded in 2010 and has specialized in developing mRNA medicines and treatments. They aim to apply this same mRNA process to their Covid-19 vaccine but it is worth noting that to date, no mRNA vaccines have been licensed for use in humans and this is in large part due to the high number of unknowns and potential for side effects that come with them. mRNA vaccines are claimed to be much more cost effective to manufacture and can be produced much quicker than conventional vaccines that use dead or weakened forms of the virus as the antigen. They instead work by introducing the RNA instructions required for the body to create the antigen. It is no wonder then why certain groups have taken a very strong interest in this kind of technology and why the NIH headed by Dr Anthony Fauci has been so keen to help it along. Looking at Moderna’s list of “strategic collaborators” we can see who else has vested interests in this mRNA technology, “AstraZeneca”, “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” and even “DARPA” (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) among other players in the big pharma sector.


Moderna itself has gained a reputation of being very secretive in the way it operates. The following statements were taken from a 2016 Stat article by Damian Garde on the company:


“Moderna just moved its first two potential treatments — both vaccines — into human trials. In keeping with the culture of secrecy, though, executives won’t say which diseases the vaccines target, and they have not listed the studies on the public federal registry, ClinicalTrials.gov. Listing is optional for Phase 1 trials, which are meant to determine if a drug is safe, but most companies voluntarily disclose their work.”


“The company has published no data supporting its vaunted technology, and it’s so secretive that some job candidates have to sign nondisclosure agreements before they come in to interview. Outside venture capitalists said Moderna has so many investors clamoring to get in that it can afford to turn away any who ask too many questions. Some small players have been given only a peek at Moderna’s data before committing millions to the company, according to people familiar with the matter.”


“Lower-ranking employees, meanwhile, said they’ve been disappointed and confused by Moderna’s pivot to less ambitious — and less transformative — treatments. Moderna has pushed off projects meant to upend the drug industry to focus first on the less daunting (and most likely, far less lucrative) field of vaccines — though it is years behind competitors in that arena.”


This last statement seems to suggest that at a certain point in time, the company changed its strategy into developing vaccines that were thought to be much less profitable. I guess those “lower ranking employees” weren’t aware that in 2020 the whole world would be held hostage due to a “deadly coronavirus” and would be told that the only possibility that our lives could go back to normal is after the development of a vaccine which would need to be administered to the entire global population. Interestingly enough, a Forbes article from April 3rd 2020 shows that Moderna’s share price has gone up 44% since the company went public in December 2018 and estimates CEO Bancels net worth to be over $1Billion based off his 9% holding in the company. Looking at a more recent share price chart for Moderna you can see that the company’s share price on February 24th 2020 was around $18, on July 1st its closing price was over $61.


In conclusion, Moderna is clearly a company that has been selected by what “Amazing Polly” had fittingly referred to as the Global Health Mafia Protection Racket to fast track development of their vaccine. This is quite clear in the fact it’s received so much support from organizations such as the NIH (headed by Dr Anthony Fauci) and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as funding from organizations such as CEPI & BARDA. The fact they were somehow able to finalize their vaccine sequence for COVID-19 before the disease was even genuinely recognized as a transmissible disease also suggests there was foreknowledge somewhere within the company of the coming “pandemic” and an opportunity to develop a vaccine. The mRNA vaccines that it has been developing have proved to be much more cost effective and quicker to develop than conventional vaccines and this is exactly what these groups want despite the potential risks that come with mRNA vaccination. It is also a company that operates under a lot of secrecy and is not transparent in the work it does but has shown to provide good returns for its investors, particularly since February 2020 despite the fact that during that same time period, billions of people around the world have been experiencing extreme hardship due to measures enforced upon them by their governments, essentially blackmailing them into accepting vaccination as the only way to return to normal life.



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