Follow Up Letter to UK MP – 07 May 2020

Dear Ms Latham

I know you will be receiving a lot of correspondence, so I will be as brief as possible. I wrote to you previously on 19 Apr 2020. Now please consider the following points:

* My independent report on the alleged COVID-19 pandemic has been distributed to various MPs and others [1].
* Dr Neil Ferguson, who is largely responsible for triggering the lockdown measures – ignored lockdown so he could spend time with his girlfriend [2]. This means he did not consider the virus a real threat.
* Ferguson’s model, used by the government, has proved totally inaccurate and according to code reviews of his software, it had serious flaws[3].
* COVID-19 testing is unreliable – to the point of being almost meaningless[4].
* The lockdown measures are now the subject of a legal challenge (which I contributed funds to) partly because they breach basic human rights[5].
* Whilst ill people have been “funnelled” into fewer hospitals (because of the policy of trying to prevent the spread of virus which almost everyone already has – and can’t be tested for reliably anyway), and this has caused some ICUs to be overloaded, the “temporary hospitals” – as well as “normal ones” are half-empty – deserted in some places.[6] Does this make any sense to you if the alleged “pandemic” has been appropriately classified?
* The lockdown measures themselves are almost certainly causing more deaths than the so-called virus.[7]
* There are conflicts of interest in the Government and SAGE in relation to proposed methods for dealing with COVID-19 [8].

When will you now be doing all in your power to have lockdown measures immediately removed? When you will you support formal investigation of the matters I raise above?

Or, will you do nothing? Do you agree that Britain should become a fascist state – with tracking of citizens [9] and forced vaccination – against a virus that cannot even be reliably detected anyway?

Before you are able to send a meaningful response, you will need to spend some time reviewing my report – and the additional links here.

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Johnson, BSc


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