Investing in the Lie – Slaves to Belief

Andrew Johnson –
12 July 2020


Although this article is about the current COVID-19 scam, a number of the observations, themes and much of the commentary can be applied more generally – to any topic or issue which has been falsely presented and portrayed by mainstream media, or influential groups who have a special interest in a particular narrative. Here, I may be covering themes that I have covered before in earlier writings, but I wanted to consider these same themes in the context of what has been happening, globally, in the first six months of 2020.

I have only included a few references in this article – but much of the evidence this missive is based on can be found linked or posted at – please look there or email with any questions you may have.

If you currently believe the prevailing narrative about COVID-19, please can you read my independent report on the alleged COVID-19 pandemic, which  has been distributed to various MPs and other officials. Below, I include several bullet points which should give a critical thinker some cause to question the narrative that has been thrust upon us in all media.

There are many more reasons than those above which you need to consider before deciding whether you should invest in the COVID-19 lie. As an almost “random” choice from many YouTube postings and videos, I here include one by a chap called Jeremy Elliot, who  considers  some of the reasons not to invest in the lie.

Knowledge and Belief, Freedom and Slavery

For those of us that have been peeling back the narrative layers within the commonly accepted stories or accounts about important issues that concern us all, there is a saying – “The Truth Will Set You Free.” Some people like to add “… but first, it will piss you off!” (Pardon the language).

I agree with this observation/sentiment but like to express or describe it in a different way – a way which helps me to understand why we may feel freed when we learn the truth about something. To me, the freedom is based on possession of knowledge which displaces the possession of belief. I have, more recently, been trying to state more clearly how important it is to differentiate between belief and knowledge. It is important to make sure you understand and appreciate whether you have knowledge about an issue, belief about an issue – or a mixture of both.

In interviews, my friend Dr Judy Wood, has often stated “Know what it is that you know that you know.” Another way of saying this might be “Don’t confuse knowledge with belief.” When we hear accepted narratives being challenged in mainstream media, it is the norm for interviewers or presenters to use the word “belief” or “believe” when, really, they should be using the word “knowledge” or “know.” In other words, where an important narrative, promoted by a group with an agenda, is being analysed or discussed, knowledge can be “downgraded” to “belief.”

Believe What the Media Tells Us

The mainstream media organisations and governments of the world have been primarily responsible for developing and (arguably) enforcing the COVID-19 narrative and there is virtually no meaningful dissent allowed. For example, though some speakers have questioned the usage of “police-state measures,” there has been very little questioning of the virus idea itself, or the usage of the “virus test,” which I will discuss further below.

One thing I have observed is that mostly, when a presenter or interviewer does this, the interviewee rarely notices this and tacitly accepts this downgrading of “knowledge” – failing to point out that they are discussing evidence which, in many cases, can be known, learned and understood.

So, it is the process of moving from belief to knowledge which liberates the individual. Therefore, I would argue, we can associate knowledge with freedom in just the same way that we can associate belief with slavery. I am sure there are far more erudite speakers, philosophers and thinkers than myself that have expressed this more eloquently or lyrically and perhaps I have been slow to see or express it in this way.

Slave to Belief

Following the events of 9/11, many thousands or even millions of people became slaves to a belief that Islamic Terrorists were a threat to their lives and livelihoods. Their beliefs and servitude to them are present even today. However, unless these people were regular air travellers or lived in a densely populated city, the effect of these beliefs on their everyday lives was fairly minimal or even non-existent.

Unfortunately, mainstream sources wanted this belief to persist and would therefore censor, ignore or attempt to diminish anyone or any source which might replace such a belief with knowledge – which would show the belief was unfounded/untrue. This demonstrates how valuable beliefs are to those who want to perpetuate a system based on slavery. They need to promote and strengthen beliefs to enable their own special interests. They need certain beliefs to be active in the majority of the global population, so that their agenda can be promoted  and advanced…

Believe in a most Deadly Virus!

Since early 2020, many global groups, companies and agencies have been promoting another belief – that a deadly “Coronavirus” began to spread from the city of Wuhan, China – and it quickly became a threat to everyone in the world. Oddly enough, though this was the impression that was created, through a combination of “story-telling” and “expert opinion,” a number of government officials, for example, Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Adviser to the UK Government, stated on 11 May 2020:

“The great majority of the population won’t die from this. A proportion of the population won’t get the virus at all. Of those who get symptoms – 80% mild or moderate. Even the very highest risk groups – the great majority if they catch this virus will not die”.

Sure, we’ve heard a few “scare stories,” and I’ve heard that some people have been quite ill with “something” (a sometimes serious respiratory illness) – but I’ve heard of more people recovering than dying – which ties up well with what Chris Whitty stated a couple of months ago. But, a posting on the Facebook page of “UK Prime Minister” (whoever that may be…) on 1 April 2020 showed this:

So, despite the statements of Chris Whitty, the didactic, short messages above are the ones which have “prevailed,” for the most part. One result is that we are currently faced with many people wearing masks (which do nothing to protect the average person from viruses or infection and indeed inhibit the flow of oxygen into the lungs, thereby causing worse problems for many people than they allegedly protect against). We will look at this issue a bit more in a later section.

Believe in the Test!

The current virus belief is primarily based on the idea that the “deadly virus” (which most experts have actually said is not deadly at all – except to those who are already sick) has been detected because a unique RNA fingerprint it has – which is different to all other viruses and it is unique to the “novel Coronavirus”. This “fingerprint” can be detected using what is known as a PCR test. All this really does is check that whatever sample is under test has the RNA sequence in it. It does not prove the sample contains coronavirus. It does not prove, at all, that the person the sample was taken from is infectious with said virus. It does not prove that person will exhibit any symptoms of infection. It does not prove that person poses any health risk to anyone else. The test just proves that an RNA sequence was, somewhere, detected in the sample and that RNA sequence is the same the one which was allegedly detected in this alleged coronavirus – SARS-COV2, which allegedly causes a disease or illness called COVID-19. The test does even not even measure or determine how much of any allegedly infectious virus a person has in their system. Neither does the test determine the subject’s likelihood of exhibiting symptoms, falling ill, or dying.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and suit, text that says

However, with the vast resources available to the governments and large, corporately owned media networks of the world, a global belief has been created that “testing positive for coronavirus means you are a risk to others.” If you test positive, you “need to be treated differently.” Most people who are tested are of the belief that the test is relevant, effective and accurate. It is none of these things. They are so enslaved by their belief in the test that they will generally accept they are a risk to others and therefore accept “appropriate” measures recommended for them (such as “self-isolation”). They have decided to sacrifice freedom for security. Whilst they may be doing this for altruistic reasons – they wouldn’t want to put anyone else at risk unnecessarily – they have done this based on belief, not knowledge. They have no knowledge of how the test works. They have no knowledge that it most likely has given a “false positive” result and is, actually, “not fit for purpose.” None of this matters to them, because their implanted, encouraged or even forced belief has dictated their acceptance of the situation. They probably don’t even consider any of the questions or issues I have raised above – they just don’t want to come to any harm, nor do they want to cause harm to others.  They don’t want to be accused of acting irresponsibly or acting “against the interests of the community…” etc. Are you getting, now, what this sounds a bit like… A kind of “health-based communism.” It’s a belief system which works for non-political reasons. It works on people who are generally “comfortable” with life and have difficulty determining that they have been manipulated by people with little conscience, a bit of cunning, a good knowledge of human psychology and a wish to increase their power, or wealth, or both.

This is really little different to the way a cult works. Cult members are encouraged to make compromises or sacrifices for the “good of the cult (group)” or so that they can either help or fit in with other members of the cult or group, in some way.

With the coronavirus cult belief system, “the faithful” have now surrendered many of their rights – such as freedom of movement and freedom of association – all because of the virus/test belief system that has been put in place, across the globe, in the last 6 months or so.

Believe in the NHS!

In the UK, one of the key elements of making the “cult belief system” effective is something approaching an idolatry of the UK’s National Health Service. In other countries, the use of the “NHS” might be replaced with “Health Workers” or a similar term. Once the belief has been created that the general population is at serious risk, it is easier to then foster an adjunct belief in supporting those who are mitigating said risk. This “belief in the NHS” actually has a stronger foundation than the “belief in the virus” or “the test,” because NHS workers do, by and large, try to help people recover their health following illness or injury. Hence, it is easy to create the motivation for people to invest some time in creating large banners like these (all seen within half a mile of my own home):

Many other houses in my local area have similar, smaller designs placed in their windows etc.

To me, it appears that this “NHS thing” was turned into a “god-like entity” – only capable of good things, not to be questioned and should be obeyed.  Weekly “veneration” was regularly encouraged (i.e. the clapping sessions – which people near me took part in – to my surprise). Again, this shows well how a certain belief can be engendered – if a message of fear is repeated often enough or loudly enough such that enough people think a “god” will protect them from an “unseen enemy” that is poorly understood. Close parallels can seemingly be drawn as to how evangelical preachers convince gullible people to give them money or act in a certain way to ensure “holy protection” from “evil forces” or “dire consequences.” Doubtless some readers of this article will reject this parallel as being inappropriate or unreasonable. Nevertheless, “heretics” like me feel uncomfortable that others don’t see the manipulation, psychological torture and emotional blackmail which has been used on them. They don’t, won’t or even can’t see the larger picture of what is happening.

For example, most of these people probably have a belief that all the hospital beds are full and the morgues are overflowing with the terrible results of “coronavirus.” Very few of them will have gained knowledge that many hospitals are half-empty – because of a lack of virus victims (Chris Whitty said it would only hospitalise a few people) and further, people have actively avoided their normal hospital appointments because a belief system has been created that they are at risk from a deadly virus (which, of course, would be concentrated much more highly in a hospital filled with victims).

Sadly, despite all the evidence, many health care workers themselves – including supposedly knowledgeable doctors – have favoured belief over knowledge. They have chosen to strengthen and even enforce the belief system – either by wearing PPE themselves or telling people that they must wear a mask in order to access their service or obtain support – when this actually worsens the situation rather than improves it.

To support these beliefs, certain discussions are censored and those who have tried to present a more truthful, knowledge/fact-based presentation of the situation have been discouraged from speaking out or they have even been sanctioned. One recent example of this involves what has happened in Leicester – a doctor wished to reveal his knowledge of the actual situation, but had to remain anonymous, so that he was not punished for showing he had replaced some belief with some knowledge.

Believe in the Risk! Track and Trace!

As noted above, a general belief in the validity of the “virus” and the “virus test” opens up possibilities for all kinds of other linked beliefs to “blossom and multiply.” Once the belief that the test is valid has been established, and the belief that coronavirus is a general threat to everyone’s well-being, a further belief that “the unclean” (who tested positive – and are thereby deemed infectious – and believed dangerous) need to be “tracked and traced.” But again this is all based on belief – not knowledge or evidence. There is still no actual evidence that someone who has tested positive is any more of a threat to anyone’s well-being than someone who tests negative… And if they have no symptoms, then there is really nothing to say that they should be treated differently – except some unreliable test which shows they have a particular RNA sequence in a sample of material which was (perhaps) once in their body… An NHS video clearly states the intent of testing:

To control coronavirus testing and tracing must become a new way of life.

If you have symptoms you need to get a test immediately.

Do not leave home for any other reason

If you test positive NHS test and trace will contact you to trace people you might have infected.

If you’re told you’ve been exposed to an infected person you must self isolate for 14 days.

Play your part in testing and tracing so we can safely return to a more normal life. Stay alert.

Control the virus save lives.

So, you have a slight temperature and a dry cough – you have to stop work for 2 weeks (without a medical note) and stay indoors? How practical is this for most people?

Remember, this is the “god-like venerated entity” – the NHS speaking to you. It wants you to comply – in order that it can protect you from those who are “unclean.” You must not associate with other “unclean” people – or everyone could suffer, because you didn’t follow the instructions given by “god.” You will be “tracked and traced.” Are there parallels here between the NHS with “track and trace” and an “omnipresent all-seeing god…?” I’ll leave you to decide.

So, now you have built a whole industry around testing and tracing. You have a “faithful band of disciples” – “trackers and tracers” – who all believe they are taking part in a “great work” to help protect or preserve “the health of the nation” or the “well-being of the population.” In reality, they simply have not gained enough knowledge of any or all of the matters I have written about here and their good intentions have been subverted into helping “the people above them” develop methods for limiting the freedoms of ordinary people and forcing them into compromising circumstances of one kind or another. Whilst all this is going on, new social structures, norms and behaviour patterns can be promoted or discouraged – rewarded or punished. New entities can take control of health organisations, education, public services – and, well, just about anything. A new Social Order can be established – all because enough people believe certain things about a virus and a test which supposedly detects its presence.

Believe in Face Masks!

Just recently, I saw this in the windows of one of our local hairdressers, which has been closed for 3 or 4 months!


What you can get people to do with belief, not knowledge. They will close their business and suffer hardship for 3 months, then support your narrative, rather than challenge it and ask detailed questions about the underlying evidence.

I guess the person or people that put up these signs believe the virus is a threat to their health, and that of their customers. They also appear to believe that wearing a mask will offer some kind of protection against the “deadly” virus. They are slaves to their beliefs but could be freed by knowledge.

When I learned the UK Government had told public transport operators they must implement a face mask wearing policy, I decided to email all UK rail operators. Like most companies or groups, people “at the customer service desks” probably don’t have much say in how the company operates nor can they give advice to company executives/directors. I therefore started my message, thus:

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you to provide information about masks, of which you may not be aware. Please forward this message to senior staff/management for review.

I have, so far, only received a couple of responses – this one came from Eurostar

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your email. Please rest assured we have researched and considered all aspects before asking our customers to wear masks on board. We do however as an international company have to comply with governmental regulations.

I hope to reassure you that we are taking every step we can to make sure you are as safe as possible when travelling with us. More information of exactly what we are doing can be found here:

Kind regards,


Eurostar Customer Care

Here we see the company just following the narrative – they, too, have not checked all the available evidence (despite claiming that they have). They failed to comment on the evidence I sent them – related to the usage of face masks to protect against supposed COVID-19 infection. Ignoring the evidence was, most likely, the only possible option they could take up. They could never, publicly state (e.g. within 7 days) “Thanks for the information. We have reviewed the evidence you kindly drew to our attention and have now made the wearing of masks optional.” Indeed, they didn’t even say they would look at the evidence and decide what to do.

Again, this shows how deeply the belief is ingrained – and how difficult it is to encourage them to exchange a belief for knowledge – even though knowledge, in this case, would be of benefit to them. It would make their business more successful and improve customer relations. None of this matters, though, when such a heavy investment in a belief has been made.

Benefiting from Belief… in a Vaccine

Essentially, in the COVID-19 scam, the global population has been subjected to a form of trauma-based mind control on a scale not really seen since the 1940s (and many of the people who could remind us, personally, of what that was like, are now dead – oddly enough…) As with World War II, there were wealthy individuals who have benefitted from it while some people lost everything – including their life. The same is true of the current situation.

It can also be observed that those who are benefitting from the current global belief are large corporations and financial institutions. Some of their activities and interests are masked because of their connection to or creation of philanthropic foundations – perhaps the most obvious example being the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). On the surface, they appear to be “saviours of public health” – donating millions – billions even – to projects, research and initiatives which will improve the well-being of millions of people. However, it turns out that this itself is just a belief. Research into groups like the BMGF replaces this belief with knowledge of how they want, for example, to produce a vaccine, which will contain toxic ingredients and then will sell (not donate) this vaccine to the governments of the world, so that those governments can then provide salvation to the “believers in the deadly virus.” It is hard for some people to accept that this is the true situation, determined by an acquisition of knowledge – rather than it just being an “alternative belief.” If more knowledge is acquired – say for example, about the treatment of coronavirus symptoms (note, not treatment of the virus itself), one can learn about the pernicious suppression of a cheap, effective drug called Hydroxychloroquine. Certain doctors have acquired knowledge about how this drug, for most (not all sufferers) of coronavirus symptoms, is very effective in treating these victims – who often make a full recovery. This knowledge then reduces or removes the belief that only a vaccine could “solve” the current “global health crisis.” Again, belief in the current global health crisis is based on the belief in a meaningful COVID-19 test – and the statistics which have been generated from its widespread usage.

However, the other “god-like entity” in the form of the BMGF will bestow on human civilisation a “finely –crafted serum of salvation.” This will be the vaccine which, when administered will, of course, offer protection against the deadly virus. Once believers have accepted this “gift,” their lives will become more free again – at least until the next pandemic starts (according to what the experts – and their paymaster – Mr Bill Gates say). Again, a belief that the vaccine is the only solution to the deadly virus problem can greatly influence people’s behaviour and may even cause them to blindly accept the vaccine – without gaining any knowledge about its true origin, history, development and testing, or even its contents! They may have an unwavering belief in the biotechnology behind the vaccine development and never come to realise that, once again, they are being deceived.

Pharmaceutical and other Corporations would benefit enormously from a large scale (or even global) vaccination program. Their power, influence and lack of ethics or scruples should be “gravely regarded.” Their influence appears to be particularly strong in the US media, perhaps in large part because of the way the US healthcare system works.

It is quite easy to find information about the links between, for example, UK government officials and the BMGF. Indeed BMGF links extend to many national and international health organisations and it seems these links have been established in many cases for less than benign reasons.

Benefiting from Belief – A “Paid Holiday”?

There are many parts of the COVID-19 operation which have been promoted or put into place on a global scale. One part of the operation involved telling people “not to go to work.” To help people accept this measure, the government paid a high proportion of the person’s normal salary – for a period of up to 6 months! How could they suddenly afford such an action? Not too long ago, the government were talking about austerity measures – and there was “no money available for anything” (in a manner of speaking). This fact/piece of knowledge (not belief) should make a believer question their belief. Since when has the government given a high proportion of the general population such a generous “handout”…?

Aspects of the Ego – A Lack of Humility?

Once you have believed in something for a certain period of time and you have made some investment in that belief, you can become fearful of gaining knowledge which would demonstrate that your belief was incorrect/unfounded and your investment in that belief was wasted. Only a small number of people are able to deal with this situation and humble enough to allow their belief to be replaced by knowledge. So fearful are they of replacing a belief with knowledge that they may feel more comfortable “being a slave” to a belief rather than reaching a state of liberation with knowledge. Perhaps, as their earlier belief gave them the motivation to act in a certain way, once that belief has been replaced, they “don’t know what to do.” Perhaps their ego prevents them from accepting that their belief was based on a deception. Most people are very uncomfortable with deception – as civilised societies are supposed to be based on truthfulness – in thought, word and deed. It is painful to accept that we have been the victim of a deception – and that someone has taken advantage of us and manipulated us – to make us behave a certain way.

Further, if we have unwittingly benefited from our support of a deception – because we were, unknowingly, operating on the basis of a belief rather than knowledge, we may, subconsciously feel quite guilty about this. If we have gained financially from supporting a deception (let alone, perpetrating one) it is going to be even harder for us to express any remorse at benefiting from a deception, which has left some other person or group of people at a serious disadvantage, or in a state of fear or anxiety. A tiny, tiny number of people are sufficiently equipped to deal with this situation.

It is far more common that someone wants to “protect their investment in the lie.” To do this, they need to protect their belief. They must reject knowledge – lest it “overpowers” and replaces their belief. As one lie (or belief) is built on another, believers can only “go along” with the new/additional lie and either actively or passively support it. Hence, the lie becomes bigger and more complex – the beliefs become more prevalent and the knowledge which neutralises the beliefs (lies) not only becomes more hidden, but more despised.

Millions of people are now invested in the Coronavirus belief system – for example, those people who scripted, designed and animated the NHS video above. Another example came up in my discussion today with a friend. She knows the difference between belief and knowledge and has gained much of the same knowledge I have about the coronavirus “plandemic”. She illustrated to me how her own sister has made some substantial investments in the “coronavirus cult” – and she expressed to me how upset she was about this. One might consider that my posting of this article is an antithesis of what her sister recently posted.

Politicians and government officials all around the world have now massively invested in the COVID-19 belief system (lie) and next to none of them have the necessary humility to study and process the evidence which would then supplant much or all of their belief with knowledge. Who among these people would be honest enough to admit the truth – and then accept and understand how they had been deceived? (As someone who was helped to discover certain truths about 9/11, I have witnessed, first hand, how most people will never face up to this truth – because they have already invested too much in the “believed lie.”)

Is it just a lack of humility in individuals which prevents them from accepting evidence of deception? Is their ego working to increase their reluctance to understanding the truth, or is something else at work? Is it that they simply lack a conscience? If having a conscience might trigger them into accepting disturbing knowledge over belief?

UK Schools – Enslaved by Belief?

Soon after I learned about how the alleged deadly virus was going to be “safeguarded against” in UK schools, I took it upon myself to gather as many UK school email addresses as I could and work out a way of emailing them all – without being blocked for spamming multiple addresses in a short space of time. After quite a few hours of work, I’d acquired a list of over 20,000 school email addresses. After a few more hours work, I’d developed a method to help me carry out this emailing process automatically, over a period of about 6 days.

I composed a letter, which included a summary and various links to sources of information – including my own 24-page report – and a link to the appeal which a group of Catholic Cardinals, lead by Cardinal Vigano, had put together. (I considered that many of the schools I was emailing were either Church of England or Roman Catholic, so they might actually take an interest in what some members of the Catholic Church had publicly stated.)

As some have observed, the rules / recommendations / measures for schools seemed to be quite similar to those followed in prisons. Yet most school officials did not question the COVID-19 belief or narrative  and did not speak out.

In sending out the email I used the “read receipt” feature which, although not 100% reliable, gives some indication of how many of my emails got opened and how many did not. As you can see from the small sample shown in the screenshot below, a fair number of emails got deleted without being read. In some cases, this may have been due to the action of the recipients “email spam filters,” but in others this seemed not to be the reason – as the “deletion” notifications came through at sporadic intervals (not just after 24 or 48 hours, or 7 days, for example).

Needless to say, if people don’t read information sent to them, it will have no effect on their belief in a damaging false narrative. They have not availed themselves of knowledge which would free them from belief.

Amazon, Google and Government – Saving the World?


A few weeks ago, I learned that the UK Government had co-operated with Amazon, who had set up a dedicated fulfilment centre to supply COVID-19 testing kits:

This represents another substantial investment in the COVID-19 belief/narrative/lie. Who, for example, at Amazon would look at the available evidence, say “Well, I thought this was a good idea – but I now realise the test doesn’t work as stated – and isn’t fit for its intended purpose. I will therefore now shutdown the fulfilment centre and return the money to the government.” What would the employees say or do, when they themselves benefit from the supply of test kit that does nothing useful…? How many employees are now “invested in the lie…”?


As early as mid-April 2020, it was announced that “Android phones will get the COVID-19 tracking updates via Google Play” My phone got the update about 6 weeks later.


Here we see private corporations acting in the same way as governments – acting on  a belief and protecting it  – apparently at almost all costs. In terms of the android phone setting, it is switched off by default. Again, when can we expect any senior executive at Google to say: “Well, this COVID-19 disease isn’t really a threat to anyone who isn’t already ill. I will therefore now remove the new ‘tracking’ notifications and set things back to how they were. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

Of course, Apple has introduced a similar update for most iPhone/iOS users too, so they have similarly invested in COVID-19 belief.

Casting a Spell?

Whilst I have tried to explore the more obvious reasons for how we have now all been adversely affected by those that have either financially, ideologically or otherwise invested in the false COVID-19 narrative, I would like to speculate about why so many people seem to have “sleepwalked” into a “dystopian present.” If some readers feel uncomfortable with what I have laid out above, they will probably be even less comfortable with what I written below.

Though I have a fair measure of technical experience (in computing and IT mainly), and I am involved in tuition and assessment of the work of others, there are many more people who are much smarter than I am and I like to think I have enough humility to be able to express this observation clearly enough. I find it difficult, then – particularly with the enormous contradictions present within the COVID-19 narrative that there are apparently such a large number of “lie investors/believers” who must be significantly smarter than I am. For example, the organisation I work for has clearly  invested in the lie (judging by the emails I’ve received about the matter) and there has been no meaningful dialogue, between myself and people I know in the organisation, regarding the COVID-19 narrative. No one wants to discuss it. I know that some of my peers are cleverer and more experienced in their profession, or more highly qualified than I am.

These smart people that I know, like many other smart people, don’t gain anything from believing in the lie – they don’t work for Amazon – nor do they work for Google. They don’t work for a pharmaceutical company. They don’t gain anything financially from their belief. Yet, they are unable to freely express their rejection of the lie. Can this all be down to the factors I’ve mentioned above? (That is, a lack of humility, an over inflated-ego etc).

Additionally, what has also surprised me is that people in authority – particularly a few US state governors – seem to have suddenly transformed into “little Hitlers” – imposing ridiculous draconian measures (such as the mandatory wearing of masks). These measures are entirely unconstitutional – and also breach human rights. Is this just because they fear for the health of the public in their state? Do they just want to go along with the World Health Organisation’s “guidelines” (even when these, too, are contradictory in places)? Or are they all “power-crazed despots” at heart? Is the behaviour of people completely explainable in terms of human nature, human psychology – mostly “worked on” using media scare-mongering? Whilst it is clear to me that we are all the victims of psychological warfare, perhaps something else is going on too…

At my website, I have included a couple of postings about “predictive programming” – where it appears that significant elements of the COVID-19 narrative have already been included in fictional TV or film scripts. Who could entertain that this might be part of a more insidious process of getting people (many who are smarter than me) to “tacitly invest” in the COVID-19 lie? Could such instances of predictive programming be seen as an act of “casting a spell” on the population? This is not the first time I’ve posited such an idea in my writings. I revisit the idea here because people do seem to be “under a spell” – the strength of this spell seems to be increased by the prevalence of it. Are there other factors which have increased the spell’s potency, such that the critical faculties of smart people are “neutralised”? It’s easy to dismiss such a possibility – especially if one hasn’t investigated other large-scale deceptions – such as the cover up of what really happened on 9/11 and what really happened in London on 07 Jul 2005.

Readers can do their own research on these matters, but a video by researcher Mike Williams may hold some clues or answers as to how the COVID-19 lie / narrative / belief / spell has been so successful for those that, apparently, wish to deceive us and encourage us to acquiesce in fear, and donate our freedom to their cause – without us even realising that we have, indeed been deceived – and then made into slaves of this deception.


If you have read this far, then I thank you! I don’t think I have written another article that has had an “epilogue,” so I thought I would “break new ground” and add one here… just to say that if this article has helped replace some of your belief about COVID-19 with knowledge or it has helped you understand one or more elements of how the COVID-19 deception has been constructed and “animated,” perhaps you will be open to studying other large-scale deceptions that have been successfully maintained across the general population. To this end, I humbly invite you to read seven free books that I have made available here.


Please share this information!