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This website is dedicated to providing detailed information about the true nature and background of the 2020 “COVID-19” alleged pandemic,. It calls for an immediate reversal of the draconian measures that have been put in place around the world. 

I have produced two detailed reports:

COVID-19 – Fraud, Human Rights Abuse, Domestic Terrorism (approx 2000 signatories)
COVID-19 – Challenging the Narrative

to help readers understand the history of the alleged pandemic. The reports are produced from a UK-perspective (as this is the country I live in) and examine basic claims made about COVID-19 and the effects it causes. It concludes that the current measures put in place should be immediately removed, once a fair assessment of the available evidence has been undertaken – and that government and other officials/leaders should be prosecuted for fraud and other crimes.

Please note, some parts of the reports may become outdated quite quickly and as an independent researcher, working on a voluntary basis, I may not have time to update them frequently. I will be attempting to post updates and new information in new posts, here on this website, as people from around the world send me links etc.

Please read as much as you can of the contents and think about the issues.

I know I have made some mistakes before, so I would welcome any feedback or corrections etc or additional, relevant info here, to make sure it is as accurate as it can be.

Then, use resources here, if you wish, and try to communicate with officials (or anyone) in your own region/area in an effort to inform them of certain truths and evidence of which they don’t seem to be aware.  You can write to police/law enforcement, church leaders, company executives – anyone that might listen – as this issue is now a-political and not religious.  (It has ruined almost everyone’s lives). Yes, sometimes people really don’t want to know – so it can be a thankless task…

[Note: in the posts here you will see a considerable number of YouTube videos have disappeared – this is a graphic illustration of “big tech censorship” of anything that challenges the WHO/Big Pharma controlled narrative about the COVID scam. What are they afraid of if the challenges are just “nonsense”?]


Thank You!


Andrew Johnson (
Derbyshire, UK
April 2020





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