Dr Corbett – Parallels between AIDS and COVID, Dr Brian Ardis and Snake Venom…? Hmmm…

Dr Corbett: A Deep Dive Into The Wreckage Of Aids & Its Parallels With Covid-19

This is an excellent video.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/PrINnPSNm93e/ (2 hours) 

With the SARS-CoV-2 myth not working as well as they’d like, governments around the world and their media echo chambers have attempted to

resuscitate the old virus myth of HIV. In light of these developments we had the privilege of speaking at length with Dr Kevin Corbett MSc PhD, a retired registered nurse, health scientist and educator for the health professions, who in this film, helps to unpack the history of AIDS and its links to COVID-19. Dr Corbett is one of the very few individuals in the UK with expertise in clinical and academic healthcare to not only challenge the official government line about the ‘Covid’ hysteria but to question the very existence of an isolated and purified SARS-CoV-2 virus. From the very start of the alleged pandemic, Dr Corbett has spoken out against government measures to allegedly control the virus, which have proven to be futile and extremely harmful to society. Dr Corbett has worked in hospitals as well as community and forensic medical services. Additionally he then went on to work in health sciences research where he looked into people’s experiences of medical diagnosis and treatments for chronic health conditions, particularly in HIV and AIDS. Dr Corbett is co-author of the Corman-Drosten Report Review calling out problems with the PCR test defined by a scientific paper in the Eurosurveillance journal getting a ‘magical’ peer review by two “experts” in 24 hours and recommended by the WHO before it was even published.

COVID 19 and Snake Venom – Dr Bryan Ardis etc “Watch the Water

About 10 people have sent me versions of this posting/video. I always get a little suspicious when this sort of thing happens.



I think that, mostly, it is just replacing one fear-based narrative with another one, which doesn’t always help us move forward.  Here, Amandha Volmer discusses the latest counter narrative(1 hour)

Also, Ann Carey has another angle. I know that Cryptosporidium is  a general problem in the water supply (I did a little bit of work in a water treatment plant years ago.)

 Further critiques:





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