New Videos – Various Topics

Richard D Hall has produced 2 new shows related to the “COVID” scamdemic.
The first is an update on the Scamdemic and a look at more off grid living.

The second is a short film about the dangers of Smart Money or CBDC, called “Johnny’s Cash”

He is keen to get this 15 minute film re-uploaded and distributed as far as possible. Please can you forward links to all and sundry.


Richard will be hosting the Richplanet Market Stall in Merthyr Tydfil indoor market this Friday (7th October 2022) from 9am to 5pm, I can sign books or
answer questions. Details here …

Another video recently posted by Ivor Cummins is a sobering retrospective, comparing what pro-vaxxers were saying 1-2 years ago compared to what we are seeing now:
Some argue that folks like Cummins “could do better” by ditching the virus narrative altogether. Maybe this is true, but I still think folks like him are trying to “do the right thing.
Another recent video seems to indicate that some folks at the UN are worried they are losing control of the Climate Change Scam/Narrative
For those not already familiar with my free “Climate Change” book, there has never been a better time to study and share it…
Please share this information!