Letter emailed to 1000’s of UK Schools (Early June)

Feel free to write yourself, over the summer break…

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an independent researcher who has been investigating the COVID-19 crisis since it began. I am not affiliated with any group or body.

I felt the need to write to as many schools as I could, due to the serious nature of the government guidelines that most councils and schools seem either to be considering following or rejecting out of hand, due to various safety concerns. My conclusions about the crisis are different to those espoused on mainstream news bulletins. I reject the very basis of both the guidelines for schools, for daily living and the lockdown measures in general. I am not alone in my rejection of the basis of these measures – and you may well have heard of some scientists and public figures who also reject the justification for lockdown etc. You may also be aware that 2 government pandemic advisors – Dr Neil Ferguson and Dominic Cummings – have both broken lockdown rules themselves. Whilst mainstream reports focused either on their resignations or lack thereof, they don’t ever seem to mention that the reason these people broke the lockdown is because they don’t consider the virus is a real threat to younger, healthier people (which is my conclusion). This latter point is a key one for schools and universities, of course. Have you ever seen this page, on the UK Government’s website? I suggest you have a look:


You might have to read it twice… or more… (I did when I read it.) You may also not be aware of how some members of the Catholic Church have set up an appeal website – because they also do not agree with the “global narrative” regarding COVID-19. Please carefully study their website here:


As far as I know, this has also been excluded from any mainstream “COVID” coverage. I hope this will encourage you to read my report, which can be viewed or downloaded from this link https://cvpandemicinvestigation.com/covid-19-investigation-report/ .

The report considers the claims about the virus and its effects and includes important referenced information showing that  exaggerated or false claims have been made to persuade governments to implement these measures, which will likely cause more deaths than any seasonal flu virus would normally cause. The report also includes important background information which needs to be analysed to help people understand why we have ended up in the situation we are now in.

I have already sent my report to my local MP (Pauline Latham) and local counsellors and I wrote to Derbyshire Police at the end of March. I have had no substantive response from anyone, at this time.

If you study the report and referenced information, I hope you will “join me” – figuratively if not literally – in calling for a reversal of the measures and a return to normal life. Alternatively, you may not choose to do this because you may find substantial errors in the report – in which case I would very much like to hear about them, so I can correct and improve the report!

I have concluded that what is shown and discussed in this report is extremely important to our future, so I do hope you will be able to read it soon. I would be very happy if you would share the report with professional colleagues, friends and family alike, if you feel comfortable in doing so. I would be very pleased to hear your own thoughts on this issue and whether this report has helped add to your knowledge about the matter.

Thank you very much for spending time reading this message. Please do contact me if you have any questions you would like to ask.

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Johnson, BSc

22 Mear Drive



DE72 3QW



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