Australia – Malcolm Roberts MP – Against Government Covid-Criminals, Postcard from China, A Health Worker from the USA Writes

We’re Coming For You: Malcolm Roberts Throws Down Against Government Covid-Criminals As a servant to the people of Queensland and Australia, tonight I’m speaking on this parliament’s therapeutic … Read More

Corona Committee – Grand Jury, More Canada, Undercover – Dutch Jabbing of Children, Moderna Stock Crashes, Deaths in New Zealand

Corona Committee – Grand Jury Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Opening Statements @ Grand Jury Trial – Covid Vaccine Crime Against Humanity Day 2 (Other days should be available on Odyssey) … Read More

Valencia Police Speak Out, Boston Cops Threaten, “Message for Tony,” Teenagers Encouraged to avoid Parental Consent for Jab and more.

 ‘Police officers in Valencia “We are with the people, not with corrupt politicians.” Boston Cops Threaten, Harass THE WRONG WOMAN Over Vax Card: ‘We Don’t Enforce Mandates, We Protect … Read More