Encourage Businesses/Organisations to Open Normally

Dear Sirs/Madam

Please pass this information on to the management team.

Some of us know the facts listed below, most of which are in an independent report I have read [1].

* Dr Neil Ferguson, who is largely responsible for triggering the lockdown measures – ignored lockdown so he could spend time with his girlfriend[2]. This means he did not consider the virus a real threat.
* Ferguson’s model, used by the government, has proved totally inaccurate and according to code reviews of his software, it had serious flaws[3].
* COVID-19 testing is unreliable – to the point of being almost meaningless [4].
* The lockdown measures are now the subject of a legal challenge (which I contributed funds to) partly because they breach basic human rights[5].
* Whilst ill people have been “funnelled” into fewer hospitals (because of the policy of trying to prevent the spread of virus which almost everyone already has – and can’t be tested for reliably anyway), and this has caused some ICUs to be overloaded, the “temporary hospitals” – as well as “normal ones” are half-empty – deserted in some places.[6] Does this make any sense to you if the alleged “pandemic” has been appropriately classified?
* The lockdown measures themselves are almost certainly causing more deaths than the so-called virus.[7]
* There are conflicts of interest in the Government and SAGE in relation to proposed methods for dealing with COVID-19[8].

Your only hope is to open immediately and advertise that you are open normally. You must then take legal action against either the Health Authority (or the government) if they try to force closure. They have been working on fraudulent evidence. The advice and guidelines/laws do not make sense and the science they are supposedly based on is deceptive and misleading. You can advise customers the threat from COVID-19 is no different to that of a seasonal flu – and officials working for the UK Government have even said this themselves, publicly [9].

More businesses and organisations need to understand this and act accordingly – otherwise the group or groups – who appear to have taken over the government – will win – because they have lied and got away with it. Please do read my report, linked below.

Yours Sincerely,


1 https://cvpandemicinvestigation.com/covid-19-investigation-report/
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