Boycott Businesses who use COVID-19 related measures/rules

Consider sending this letter/email to any businesses you use that are using social distancing, wearing of masks etc – tell them you will boycott their business until such measures are withdrawn.

Dear Sir/Madam

Whilst I have enjoyed and benefited from the use of services your business has provided in the past, I will be boycotting your business until all COVID-19 related changes to your business procedures – particularly those involving social distancing or wearing of masks – are reversed. These measures do not work – and various studies show that they do not work and the virus threat itself is no worse than that posed by a seasonal flu. Indeed, wearing of masks by healthy people is detrimental to health!

Implementation of these measures has only been sanctioned because of a months-long global propaganda and brainwashing operation. If people in your business does not or will not understand this, then I don’t wish to be associated with it.

The truth must be learned by all Business & Community Leaders – and compensation sought by them from the Health Authorities, World Health Organisation and Governments who “rolled out” the “pandemic plan” early this year.  If you want to learn more about the full history of this, please study this independent report, and the links therein:

Do you want to perpetuate a climate of fear and mistrust, or would you rather develop a climate of  respect, openness and understanding – based on truth, not propaganda?

Yours Sincerely,


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