The Loss of a loved one in an era of “COVID”: 

 I received this sad account from  Dr E in the Southern USA.


The loss of a loved one in an era of “covid”:


My sister’s death will not be “in vain”.

Yes, she suffered from anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. This made her become reclusive and sometimes her only “friend” was the TV.

No one in my family has died prior to age 70(+) until NOW.

She, like many, due to the constant bombardment of propaganda from Mass General Media… found ways to numb her fears.

She died on 2/2/21 of “natural causes” (not suicide) although it is suspected a heart attack. She did not have ANY exposure to any virus or “shot”.

BUT, she died alone, in fear, and in isolation, with no family present!!!
One of her worst fears came true and was manifested.

I blame the Mass Media and their Propaganda Campaign, amongst a few others. I believe she died a wrongful death because of the continual loss of basic human freedoms as well as THE FEAR CAMPAIGN.

We are reliving the Nazi experience/ experiment.

I remember as a teen being bored by history classes and every time a student asked: “Why do we need to know this stuff?”. The answer was ALWAYS the same: “So as NOT to repeat HISTORY!”

So, it appears many of “us” did not appreciate this concept as we gradually slipped into a silent complacency while binging on TV.

There is a reason they are called (TV) programs!!! The CIA did an underground “experiment” with TV’s that started in the 1980’s and guess what people…it’s still happening. It just has New backing and newer Technology and Political backing!!

Think upon this:

Why? … Why is it soooo critical to a Tech genius to get into the vaccine industry over 30 years ago? It’s because he saw the amount of wealth and money in it, and maybe something else.

Ok, WHY would anyone with the amount of money he already has, need or want more money??

More importantly, step away from this story for a minute.
Let me give you a scenario.

At what point would you let a “techie” take over your personal health???

Do you walk into a computer store for personal medical advice???
So what gives this man the right to develop products he is NOT trained to do????
He is practicing medicine without a license!!! This is illegal!!

Would you let a computer store owner administer some thing (for your personal health) they whipped up in their kitchen to give to you and your family?
I would hope not!

The only difference between Hitler and Mr. Gates is he is being backed (or is he backing them…$$) by our global governments?!

Last I knew we fought against this Tyranny, this injustice, and the experiments!!! But I guess the governments have won- having used the TV “programs” to numb everyone to the craziest things happening in our world today!

Do people take pets to a mechanic to get medical treatments??!!

How often have people walked into Mass technology companies for health care before???? If you say “Never”.

Then why are you allowing it now???

Why is it that one man is the “genius”, the expert on the “remedy” with no medical training and background!!!

Please ponder that before you dismiss it!

Why is it that there “seems” to only be 1 spokesman for the ENTIRE medical world?! Yes, Fauci I’m talking about you (eat it up).

People, I encourage you to LOOK UP what the CDC and WHO are actually saying!!!!

When you have house issues or need car repairs…do you not get multiple estimates from EXPERTS or do you go to someone NOT in those fields for these repairs ?!! Because that is exactly what is happening right now!!

Also, since when does the government “get to” impose their will against our Natural Freedoms?!

Why is the government sooo worried about your health?! Have they EVER been this interested in your personal health EVER before, really?! Have we ever been told to wear masks, isolate etc. when the “flu” use to be the “in” virus; and every time someone got the flu vaccine and yet still got the “flu”…. the same old answer…. oh it’s a different strain than the one going around now!!
Really?! Oh, well if your “technology” can’t keep up then why do you still administer the vaccines that don’t apparently work?!
I know many of you have thought about this….did “their answer sit right with you or did it leave you with more questions than answers???”

Where is all the upset and outrage from losing your right to an uncorrupted ability to vote?? Do you NOT have the same outrage for your loss of your 1st Amendment right? Or your Natural law to freedom of bodily autonomy??
How is THIS situation ANY different?

When President Reagan signed the liability exemption for vaccines…that’s when nefarious people suddenly started getting interested in vaccines!!

So instead of covering your ears as the cattle cars would go by, sending thousands of people to death camps…think about all the factors.

We’ve become so complacent in our freedom to think for ourselves that we (the US) people are lining up in (“cattle”) cars voluntarily at PetCo parking lots to be administered a shot by people with little to No real experience handling and administering injections (except for some “crash course)!! When I see aerial footage of this…my mind instantly turns back to History…because it looks the same to me, an exact REPEAT!

Does that not make you think twice about this injection?!

The illusion is out there but it doesn’t mean you have to accept it as “gospel”.
Since when do we turn on our neighbors instead of the actual culprits?!

Meanwhile stock markets are being manipulated from both sides…(which I’m ALL for the people getting money back from corrupt systems). But this is also a diversion from the TRUTH of what is going on!

YOU are being manipulated. You are only being given the False Narratives they are feeding you.

You probably think people are “crazy” for going against what YOU believe to be right. (The beauty is…in a Truly Free world you are Allowed the right to your own belief!).
THAT is why our ancestors came here!!!

What would your ancestors think about “our” US now???

Ponder this:

Why is there so much NEED to stifle others??
Why do we not allow and encourage the other people (the ones you may believe to be crazy)…to have the same rights to their beliefs?!

Why is there so much intensity to Censor, Stifle, and Control….. If we TRULY live in a free country?!

Why is Mr. B writing more executive orders for more and more control?

Do we not already live in a world that has soooo many laws it can’t even keep our 1st amendment from harm?!

When does THIS tyranny end?!

Mr. B if you want EVERYONE to get the “shot”; then REMOVE the vaccine liability waiver…legitimately!! Instead of using “Fear and Control Tactics.”

Yes, people die from Covid- just not in the way YOU are being told. They die like my sister, alone, isolated and bombarded by FEAR tactics!!!

The suicide rates are very high right now, and the deaths caused by STRESS alone or as a complicating factor are REAL!! Every TRUE medical physician I know will and has always said: Stress Kills!!!

This is the REALITY….FEAR is our pandemic!!!! For someone that is such a “humanitarian”, why is there already talk about MORE pandemics to come ?!

Now, How Free do you Feel??

I challenge them and their “humanitarian” efforts…you want to help? You want people to quit questioning your character?? I have 2 (actually more) suggestions for you:

– EXEMPT your product(s) from the vaccine liability free law!!!

If you TRULY believe your product/solutions are NOT harmful, then repeal your products from ANY and ALL liability free waivers!!!

– Then allow a True physician (not of your choosing) to administer your own product to you!!! But in front of an UNcensored situation (meaning no manipulation of the scenario, the doctor, your injectable product being called “the vaccine”, the reporting and televising of the ENTIRE event).

The REAL product, NOT an empty syringe!!!!
Yes people please look closely at ALL the “big wigs” that got in front of TV to get the “shot”….you will see an EMPTY syringe!!!

Oh, he’s apparently a fortune teller now too. Does that really make sense (predicting the next epidemic)??

Or is he a genius, sociopath and is leaking HIS next campaign on our health, freedom and welfare?!

– My other challenge to you…GIVE all the profits from your injectable agent to the families who have experienced a death in their household from the last year!!!

Think about this: (regardless of which side of the “needle” you are on):

Who’s winning in life right now??

Are you truly living your American dream? Really think about this.

Or, do you have a miserable job, paying bills and never have enough for yourself?

Why won’t the government (in a TRUE humanitarian effort):
Approve a stimulus (without conditions) FOR ALL the people???
They certainly are living their “best” (haha) lives off all YOUR hard earned tax dollars. Why should we not receive consistent relief?!

Why is there more Campaign against FREE speech, if their efforts are sooo NOBLE???

In every movie you’ve probably EVER watched…Is this not the sign of the VILLAIN???

Why is it suddenly “OK” that’s it’s being allowed?….and when watching those movies…Did you “side” with the underdog of the oppressors???

My sisters death was not her own doing. She will not die in vain!!

I believe ALL who have died for the last year should seek restitution from Mass Media for reckless endangerment to OUR people and Globally for misuse of journalism and Censorship of the people’s for NOT being given true and legitimate FACTS! Stress kills!!

Ponder that for a moment!

Dr. E


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