CV – A Likely “Back Story” and Repeating Numbers – Readers Thoughts and Observations


Following yesterday’s posting, I thought I would send around 2 astute readers’ thoughts and observations I received:

Reader 1

… everyone’s going to squeeze every benefit out of it they can – for as long as they can. That’s the mainstream “reporting” on it – “all day every day.” The pharmaceutical companies being paid lots to develop a vaccine (which they likely have ready to go.) Every council, NGO, and other bugger screaming for financial resources… and every supermarket being cleaned out of basics like pasta, etc. 

I’ll make a no-money bet with you…  within a year or two, after the end of this nonsense, whoever is in government will quietly announce “we need a loan” – from the IMF or similar –   “Due to enormous financial loss owing to all the money paid out and businesses being shut down etc”   as well as older folks  being frightened out of their wits… They can look forward to higher priced (VAT/Sales Tax) everything too…  nice. 

No losers here. Did you see how cheerful they looked in parliament on TV?  I bet they are! No-one scrutinising them (except in regards to “what action are you taking about this covid-19..” etc.) And pretty much “carte-blanche” – to demand whatever their constituency desires!  I bet there’s plenty of burying of unpalatable things being rushed through too… A new law here – A new tax there.  Happy days!.. 

Reader 2

After reading your latest CoV-19 update and “Truth-seeker” link, I eventually ended up googling “coronavirus 400000” which was revealing. Whether it is Trump donating his salary, unsold concert tickets in Texas, the number of test kits, or face masks for that matter, the death forecast in UK, US, but also Australia and Kenya, or simply the number of Chinese tourists no longer visiting Japan. Even an Indian badminton competition gets a mention… The repetitive ‘symbolism’ of the number “400000” in connection with CoV-19 just goes on and on. I managed to get to search page 14!


Once again, we see similarities to the Bird Flu, Swine Flu and even AIDS scams – not to mention CJD and similar illnesses or conditions which would either kill or badly affect our collective health. But hardly a mention of toxins in the environment (apart from non-toxic CO2, of course!) Welcome to a world of thought policing…


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