You can’t make these things up. Sometimes the irony of life is thick enough that even the butchers of Ethiopia by the name of TPLF can’t shoot it with their Lockheed Martin imported guns. I wrote an article about Atse Tewodros II (link), a true hero of Ethiopia, less than 12 hours ago only to wake up to a story of the alternate human Bill Clinton embracing the butcher Tedros Adhanom to be the Director General of the World Health Organization. Where Atse Tewodros II died for the cause of freedom and unity, Tedros Adhanom and his TPLF dictators in Ethiopia have caused countless deaths so they could advance their own agendas.

The despicable nature of the TPLF is too many to recount in one article. There is a reason I hate any organization that has acronyms; look throughout the world and you will find one acronym after another—from DoD, RNC, DNC, to ISIS—who make it their aim to nullify lives in order to push a bankrupt ideology of wars and money grabs. TPLF is no different in this way; an offshoot of the Woyane movement, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front has morphed into the very totalitarianism they fought against. The TPLF, who changed their names to yet another useless acronym EPRDF for the sake of public relations, rule Ethiopia with an iron fist as they introduced a policy of neo-apartheid that they call “ethnic federalism” to fracture a nation that stood united for more than 3,000 years.

As some crow about Ethiopia’s development and economic vibrancy, those who are not blinded by materialism and tribalism know full well the condition of oppression and poverty that kneecaps the masses in Ethiopia in a state of perpetual hopelessness. Society should not be judged by the opulence of a few who live like sultans; society should always be judged by the health and well-being of the least among us. In Ethiopia, the least of them are the majority of the population. The wealth gap between a tiny sliver of society and the vast majority of Ethiopians shocks the conscience; a country that has enough wealth and resources to feed the entire continent is reduced to accepting western aid while the greedy millionaire habeshas in Addis feast on the finest kitfo and cuts of meat.

I would not be doing justice to the cause of those who yearn for a peaceful co-existence and who have it in their hearts for poverty and wars to be no more if I did not go beyond the bankrupt TPLF and discuss a system of greed that is at the root of suffering in Ethiopia and the world. The Tigray People Liberation Front and the moral imp Tedros Adhanom are nothing more than a byproduct of a gluttonous system of covetousness that is bleeding the world. Colonialism never died my friends, it just morphed into a more cunning snake. Imperialists realized that there are not enough guns to subdue entire nations; so they went about destabilizing the world one country at a time and then propping up their puppets Desalegn Hailemariam, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and endless colonial prostitutes who are sucking the blood of their people in order to appease their colonial masters.

It’s only fitting that Tedrose Adhanom is one of the finalists to head up the World Health Organization. You see, non-governmental organizations like WHO are nothing more than covers and smoke screens that perpetuate the evils of a pyramid scheme which is run from Wall Street and implemented by bureaucrats in Washington DC, at the United Nations, and capitals in western Europe. The entire system depend on diversions and using democracy as facade of free choice in order to enslave all of us. This same system of globalism and capital greed is what gave us the fraud Barack Obama as they funneled over $200,000,000 in order to finance his campaign. The same system of globalism gave us Donald Trump as they conferred to the orange orangutan even more money by way of free media through their bought and sold “free press”. The same system gave France an investment banker to be their new president.

What I am writing about Ethiopia applies to us here in America and throughout the world. Let me echo the warning that Emperor Haile Selassie once gave to the useless League of Nations when Italy was savaging Ethiopia with mustard gas and chemical weapons in the run-up to World War II. What happens to Ethiopia will not stop at the horn of “Africa”; as the people of Ethiopia suffer, the suffering will land right in Europe and in our backyards for injustice committed against a few will consume billions. We look away at our own risk—it is slowly becoming evident that the few who run this world are intentionally pushing conflicts because they realize 8 billion people cannot be oppressed ad infinitum. If we do not reclaim our nation from the hands of these globalist hyenas who are squeezing Ethiopia dry by way of their puppets like Tedros Adhanhom, we will soon understand very well the tears that Ethiopian children cry.

If you want to know the source of injustice and what is at the root of oppression, please stop listening to the yellow press mainstream media for what you will find there is nothing but propaganda that keeps white washing the wickedness of the global elites. There is one sure fire way to discover the truth and find the cause of global suffering. Just do as Deep Throat advised Woodruff and Bernstein during their Watergate investigation—follow the money. Debt is the killer of nations and the murderer of freedom, those who own the debt of this world own all of us. This is why the same rich pricks who collapsed our economy in 2008 were given $14 trillion dollars by their teleprompter reading puppet Obama while the rest of us were told to eat hope sandwiches. Hope and change indeed; the hope was the sandwich, the change is what remains in our pockets!

Those who control money and the supply of fiat currency are the originators of almost all of this planet’s ills. A world that has an abundance to feed thirty billion let alone eight billion is thus being turned into a prison camp one nation at a time as central banks from the Federal Reserve to the European Central Bank have weaponized inflation, debt and “AID” in order to create scarcity out of abundance. We don’t have to wait for the day of the Anti-Christ to arrive; they have been here ever since they killed Yeshua for the sake of greed and they are flourishing at this moment as they hobnob around from the Vatican, New York, London, Paris to Zurich.

As the gnome Bill Clinton puts his blood soaked hands around the vacuous Tedros Adhanom, let the image be a reminder why the rich will never get to heaven. Those who chase money and acquire it by impoverishing the masses might live like royalty here on earth but they will roast for an eternity when their time here ends. Even their time here on earth is numbered for those who live by the gun and lie by their words will wilt in the sunshine of love’s light for evil deeds committed in dark of night are eventually exposed by those who have the light of truth in their hands.

What a perfect symmetry though, the legacies of two Ethiopians I wrote about in the span of 12 hours is a reminder of the two polarities of human existence. On one end is Atse Tewodros II who united Ethiopia through sacrifice and love. On the other end resides a man who laughably calls himself a doctor but is in reality a hack who continues to cut for stones by the name of Tedros Adhanhom. Life is poetic, Adhanom means “healer” in Tigrinya, this empty suit Tedros inverted his last name and became the butcher of Ethiopia instead. Fitting that he is a finalist to be the Director General of the World Health Organization; a butcher will fit in nicely with an organization that is slaughtering justice throughout the world. #StoneCutterAdhanom