CV Test is NOT RELIABLE! A Note about those Marks, “The People We Are Becoming” VE Day 2020


The President of Tanzania did not trust the CV testing kits, so he arranged for a lab to receive swabs from non-human samples.


According to a Lancet Journal article, it cannot necessarily distinguish between CV and Dengue Fever…

And, in the USA a man due to undergo surgery tested both positive and negative within 4 hours!


A Note About Masks – Should you Wear One?

An advisory leaflet/document from a Journal of American Medicine Website:

Face masks should not be worn by healthy individuals to protect themselves from acquiring respiratory infection because there is no evidence to suggest that face masks worn by healthy individuals are effective in preventing people from becoming ill.

Free the People – UK – Another Letter to Sign… Disable your Ad Blocker to Sign it!

This article is based on content on another UK site, where you can sign a letter to the UK Prime Minister if you wish (but you may need to disable any ad blocker for the form to appear):

Dave Cullen – The People We Are Becoming

A troubling analysis of several matters – including “return to school” arrangements for a school in Canada.

mainly Referring to this:

Dave Cullen has a related video here:

VE Day 2020 – A Poem by Laurel Biffa

With a cough and a sneeze,

Liberty falls to its knees.

1984, knocking on the door,

Keeping your distance is the new law.

Refuse to be tested?

You might get arrested.

Tracking and tracing,

Invisible chains.

The deep state behind you is pulling the reigns.

A shepherd is herding us into the flames,

Welcome to the new normal.

It’s called The Hunger Games.

People masked in medical disguise,

Fear burning in their eyes.

Brainwashed sheep queuing in silence,

I sit and watch the voiceless violence.

They say it’s a flu from Chinese bats,

So follow The Piper like helpless rats.

A wall of fire to burn “Fake News”

Setting alight alternative views.

Ghostly bells on VE Day ringing,

Eternal heroes, their spirit singing;

“We fought for you, we died for you,

so you could live today.

Now shout from the roof,

spread the truth,

don’t give it all away!”


Texas – Salon Owner Jailed – Then Freed – For Re-opening Her Business.

 So, it is now illegal to open your business when you can’t feed your children. You MUST have government handouts to live off! (may not work in your region)


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