“Investing in the Lie”, St George’s Educational Trust, COVID and Wilhelm Reich and Fascism, A Certain simulation.

Investing in the Lie – Article/Essay by Yours Truly – Andrew Johnson

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https://cvpandemicinvestigation.com/investing-in-the-lie-slaves-to-belief/. Here’s a short extract:

Slave to Belief

Following the events of 9/11, many thousands or even millions of people became slaves to a belief that Islamic Terrorists were a threat to their lives and livelihoods. Their beliefs and servitude to them are present even today. However, unless these people were regular air travellers or lived in a densely populated city, the effect of these beliefs on their everyday lives was fairly minimal or even non-existent.

Unfortunately, mainstream sources wanted this belief to persist and would therefore censor, ignore or attempt to diminish anyone or any source which might replace such a belief with knowledge – which would show the belief was unfounded/untrue. This demonstrates how valuable beliefs are to those who want to perpetuate a system based on slavery. They need to promote and strengthen beliefs to enable their own special interests. They need certain beliefs to be active in the majority of the global population, so that their agenda can be promoted  and advanced…

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Leon Southgate The Mass Psychology of Covid – Using Wilhelm Reich’s Insights into Fascism to Understand the Current Crisis

Leon Southgate has written an essay on our descent into fascism due to the ‘corona-crisis’ – ‘The Mass Psychology of Covid’ http://orgonecontinuum.org/masspsychcovid.html . I really value his insights and the addition of the historical references. Wilhelm Reich’s perspective, which he draws on, is also of great value to any critical thinker/honest person. See my first comment below too…


We are living through what appears to be an unprecedented and masked psychological war perpetuated by governments upon the people in order to lead us into the era of the ‘New Normal’. There are a number of indications that this era is strongly characterised by fascism. I define fascism as a totalitarian government ruling a society bound together in one unit where the individual is completely subservient to the whole on threat of violence. This definition is a combination of the etymological (the rods or fascia bound into one body bearing the axe) and the sociological (common aspects of totalitarian societies). For some years we have been heading in this direction:

1.     Distinctions between areas of civil society have been steadily blurred. Major charities have become political and rarely seem to divert from government agenda upon which they are mostly dependent for funds. Fascism as we know literally means to ‘bind together’.

2.     Big corporations, government agencies and public bodies all seem to be acting with one mind. They are united towards goals such as mass Covid vaccination and public compliance with often arbitrary rules.

3.     Aspects of civil and political society which used to have autonomy are now working in unison. Government departments complain that they cannot get hold of anyone above them and communication horizontally has declined. Orders come from above.

4.    Councils act as one across the country, whether it’s putting up signs forbidding you to go into a park or lecturing the public.

5.    Who is actually in control of the UK government appears unclear currently. Certainly the Covid policy appeared to abruptly change toward the middle of March from the Swedish herd immunity model to the paranoia model of Dr Fauci and Bill Gates supported by their pet institutions like University College London (UCL) and the BBC.

6.     The military across Europe continues to be integrated by stealth unaffected by Brexit in an ongoing process over many years (1).

COVID-19 Pandemic Is A ‘Live Simulation Exercise’ Which 196 Countries Signed Off On In 2005

This article and video covers similar ground to that covered, a few weeks ago, by Amazing Polly (see below).


Major documentary confirmation of something many of us have come to know for certain in recent times: the entire COVID-19 world-shutdown is part of a live training and simulation exercise run by the unscrupulous WHO and United Nations, as documented in their Global Preparedness Monitoring Board’s annual 2019 report and their International Health Regulations treaty of 2005 — which 194 or 196 countries signed off on — which pretty much establishes a Global Government (of the WHO & United Nations, & the high-level international GMPB) along with their sponsors, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, & other unnamed donors.


Related to this document:

https://apps.who.int/gpmb/assets/annual_report/GPMB_annualreport_2019.pdf  (and the cover page alone could be taken as a give-away!)

(“Amazing Polly” did talk about this too – https://youtu.be/1Z5VYqJqrtI – I included that video in this earlier posting… https://cvpandemicinvestigation.com/2020/05/vernon-coleman-on-the-cv-lie-catholic-cardinals-world-appeal-amazing-polly-on-the-cv-protection-racket/)

 UK Petition to End Social Distancing

I think I know what the response will be, but still…



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