UK – Leicester’s Lockdown Lunacy, “Demolishing all the CoVid frauds in one place”, Where the COVID19 cases come from

UK – Leicester’s Lockdown Lunacy

I am sure this doctor’s job is very stressful and busy – perhaps too much of both to learn how and why he was scammed from the beginning, simply by forcing in new measures, causing a change in patient movements to create the initial problems he describes (but hey, what do I know…!) As usual, the press and media have sold out and are utterly unfit for purpose….

I’m a doctor at University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust. We have about 2000 inpatient beds across three main sites and serve roughly 1 million people in Leicester city, Leicestershire county and Rutland. Leicester is a multi-cultural city and 36% of our 16,000 health care workers are from BAME backgrounds.

Many of my colleagues are angry and confused about what is happening nationally and particularly in Leicester and Leicestershire. We are reminded daily that we are not allowed to speak to journalists or on social media, which is why I am stringently anonymous and more vague than I’d like to be here. I love being a doctor, and I risk suspension for speaking out.

Later he writes:

We have also brought in two mobile testing stations into these areas, just so we can find all of these people with the virus, which, as I say, are almost certainly no more than 1% of the population. So let’s get this really clear: we have locked down based on unreliable test results which may contain multiple positives for one person, all accompanied by a falling rate of hospital admissions and deaths.

“Demolishing all the CoVid frauds in one place”

Thanks to Douglas for this link. A compilation video of informed scientists rejecting the standard narrative.

The PCR Testing Fraud –  Where the COVID19 cases come from

I was sent this article by the author, who wished to remain anonymous. In a covering note he said:

…this came about after an online spat where suddenly a microbiologist, journalist and others were copied in, so I wanted to stay anonymous and put some facts together. They offered five papers as proof of virus isolation and as I mentioned above, the Engelbrecht and Demeter article then appeared having contacted two of the five authors who admitted no purification was performed for the microscope pictures. There has been no reply yet to that conversation!


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