Berlin Protest Video, Reporting “Mask Violations” in Edmonton, Mask Fatigue, HCQ Recent History

Bill & Melinda Gates Giggle & Smirk Over 2nd Wave of Pandemic

Thanks to Geoff for sending me this clip… Some would argue this is a display of “duping delight”  – I would tend to agree with them – (42 seconds long)

Berlin Gathering – 5 Hour Recording!

The title is “Freedom Day – 1.3 Million People Incredible” (let’s hope it’s not just a day!!) For those who can understand German! Ursula sent me this link and also noted:

There was a poster on the stage with the following text: “wir werden eure ‘neue Normalität’ niemals akzeptieren!” = “we will never accept your ‘new normality’ !”

Reporting “Mask Violations” in Edmonton, Canada

Snitching on your neighbours – can now be done conveniently, online! If you have a facebook account, you can leave a comment! (I did!)

Mask Fatigue: Workers Claim Anxiety, Headaches And Shortness Of Breath

The “Technocracy” site below is worth a bit of a look too – as, of course, the “Technocracy” is what is being unfolded/rolled out right now…

Tim, 56, Business Owner, Cab Firm, Lincolnshire. 1st August 2020, Glen Pells, HGV Driver, N. Yorks  – Anna Brees YT Channel

In the vernacular, Tim “nails it” in 15 minutes – I am happy to see people studying and understanding it… but nevertheless still “fed up” that so many don’t or won’t (15 mins)

Glen Pells also understands what is at stake (6 mins)

The Push To Discredit HCQ – Tony Heller

A comprehensive article detailing the recent history of HCQ and Corona Virus

“Seven years ago, Dr. Fauci supported experimental medicines to fight a deadly novel coronavirus.”


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