March in Edinburgh, Canadian Legal Challenge, NZ Ruling, Dr Adil interview and Speech, Plandemic II Video

Scotland – Edinburgh Protest/March

There are a growing number – but of course, this was also as shown/acted out in the “Event 201” video(s)…

Other protests are happening around the country – see – look for groups on Facebook.

Appropriately enough, Scott sent me this:

March to Holyrood House – 05 Sep, 1pm – Assemble at Car Park Just Past Parliament


Lawsuit against Trudeau Government: Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati and the Lies and Crimes of the COVID Operation

Ontario’s world-renowned Sick Kid’s Hospital, on the other hand, is well qualified to weigh in on these matters. In a recent peer-reviewed study conducted by two expert virologists, aided by twenty experts, the hospital has advised against social distancing and masking, (1) saying that social distancing and masking import drastic psychological harm on children.

Galati reminds us of the impacts of societies’ fascistic reactions to COVID.

§ State diktats have assisted in premature deaths of people in Long Term Care Facilities.

§ 170,000 scheduled surgeries (including heart and cancer surgeries) in Canada were postponed,

§ suicides have spiked,

The Guardian reported that in the month of April 2020 alone, there were 10,000 extra dementia patient deaths in England and Wales. (2) The World Food Bank notes that 130 million additional people will be on the brink of starvation due to COVID measures (already one child starves to death every 29 seconds on planet earth).

Galati explains how all of the COVID statistics have been manipulated, saying, for example, that if the primary cause of death is cancer, but COVID is evident or presumed, then the Cause of Death is listed (falsely) as COVID.

The government’s reactions to COVID amount to “state crimes”. Galati’s lawsuit should be a strong step in freeing ourselves from these destructive globalist tentacles.

New Zealand – Part of lockdown unlawful but justified, court rules

“We broke the law, but it was necessary…” No evidence needed! Just go right ahead and break it because “bad things might happen…”

Dr Adil with Mark Devlin (UK) / Birmingham (UK) Speeches

I shook hands with Dr Adil in Birmingham – see his speech in the list below.

Thanks to Hayley for both organising the gathering and sending a link to the speeches (including the one I did). Unfortunately, some of the audio is a bit unclear/distorted in the speeches.

Plandemic II – Indoctornation

A compelling new film

Clips etc

Download link:

Devon, UK – Empty Hospital Wards and No COVID Cases

Jason Liosatos discusses the situation with a nurse. (27 mins)

Barney Miller – 1981 – Predictive Programming…

I saw this a few years ago – it’s pretty brazen… I haven’t even looked on the CFR’s website to see what they have about the current scam…


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