Masks DO NOT work…., WHO and COVID and Climate Change…, Italian and Spanish Doctors, Scrubbed from the Internet

Masks Don’t Work – Yet Again!

A comprehensive page of evidence…

“The WHO admitted to the BBC that its June 2020 mask policy update was due not to new evidence but “political lobbying”: “We had been told by various sources WHO committee reviewing the evidence had not backed masks but they recommended them due to political lobbying. This point was put to WHO who did not deny.” (D. Cohen, BBC Medical Correspondent)”

Tucker Carlson Discusses Gates and WHO and Implies there is Bigger Picture

Thanks to Christopher Skillings for this (I had to go and find the quote but here it is). Are Fox News starting to push the boundaries a bit? Or are they just, as usual, giving just a little truth and leaving the rest untold…

One of the key parts here is, as I read it, an admission that it’s all part of the same agenda. Why is the WHO talking about climate change and “green measures” in the midst of a “serious pandemic” – which is their main concern, isn’t it?—21-august-2020

The pandemic has given us a glimpse of our world as it could be: cleaner skies and rivers.  Building back better means building back greener. In May, WHO published our “Manifesto for a Healthy and Green Recovery”, with 6 policy prescriptions for protecting nature, investing in water and sanitation, promoting healthy food systems, transitioning to renewable energy, building liveable cities, and stopping subsidies on fossil fuels. In July we added “actionables” for each of these policy prescriptions, providing 81 concrete steps for policy-makers to build a healthier, fairer, greener world. Since then, over 40 million health professionals from 90 countries have sent a letter to G20 leaders to call for a Healthy Recovery from COVID-19. And we have seen many examples of countries acting to protect lives, livelihoods and the planet on which they depend.

Nairobi, Kenya is improving parks, adding urban forests, building more sidewalks and improving drainage.  Pakistan has set up a “green stimulus” scheme, offering labourers who are out of work as a result of lockdown a chance to earn money by planting trees. In the United Kingdom, the use of coal, the most polluting form of energy, fell to its lowest level in 250 years. Spain is becoming one of the world’s fastest decarbonizing nations, with 7 of the country’s 15 coal-fired power stations recently closed.

Comments on the video (WHO) are worth a read too….

Italian Doctor – Dr. Roberto Petrella: ‘It is Going to Be the Most Terrible Vaccine of All’

Spanish TV – They Interviewed the Wrong Doctor

Listen to these demented reporters – who eventually try to state that they know more than he does about the so-called pandemic…


Scrubbed from Internet: History of Gates Foundation Sterilizing Hundreds of Thousands of Young Girls in India with HPV Vaccine

I also had trouble looking for some of this information a few months ago, when I too, was looking into BMGF a bit more.

Health Impact News has been publishing the crimes of Bill Gates and the HPV scandal for several years as well. Here are some previous articles we have done in the past about this scandal in India, as well as other crimes committed against the children of India which involved more than just the HPV vaccine:


Gates Foundation Funds Surveillance of Anti-Vaccine Groups

Confirmed: India’s Polio Eradication Campaign in 2011 Caused 47,500 Cases of Vaccine-Induced Polio Paralysis


Bill Gates Funded Group Accused of Breaking Law in HPV Vaccine Trials in India Resulting in Fatalities

Pediatrician predicts Bill Gates and the WHO will kill 3,125 babies with their 5-in-1 vaccine

Bill Gates Continues ‘God’s Work’, Third World Vaccine Workers Shot Dead

India Questions Efficacy and Safety of HPV Vaccine Amid Allegations of Ethical Violations


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Vaccine Empire on Trial in India

Censored in U.S. Media, Killer Vaccines Exposed in India and Around the World

Doctors and Scientists tell India Prime Minister to Stop Unnecessary Vaccines

Supreme Court in India to Rule on Merck Fraud Regarding HPV Vaccine Deaths

Will India be First Country to Revoke Marketing Licenses for HPV Vaccines?


India Still Reporting Cases of Polio-like Acute Flaccid Paralysis

Developing World – The WHO’s Private Vaccine Laboratory

The Polio Vaccine Continues to Spread Polio and Harm People in Poor Countries

After the Gardasil HPV scandal, according to Mr. Willis, India kicked Bill Gates and all of the organizations tied to him for vaccine research and development out of India.

But today, they are apparently back in India testing COVID vaccines on unsuspecting poor people.

Watch the interview with Mikki Willis: 

Interview with Mickey Willis – Plandemic II

The Jab – Swine Flu Scam from 2009 Revisited and RFK In Berlin

In my CV19 report, I mentioned the 2009 alleged Swine Flu Pandmic – this is discussed in detail in A compelling 6-min video from Children’s Health Defence League. Swine Flu was declared a Pandemic on 11 June 2009 (11.6.2009) . CV was declared a pandemic on 11 Mar 2020 (11.3.2020) – quite interesting numbers if you take the 0’s out.


 Here RFK is with some of the ACU doctors in Berlin:



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