Pandemic. Profit .Fallout (Oz Report), UK Petition – Repeal CV Act, Rachel Enlaugh Speaks Out, Ivor Cummins Tour De Force

Update on Andrew Johnson’s CV Crimes Report/UK Petition Update

The report was signed/supported by about 1000 people by the time I sent it off. You can find where I sent it to via the updated links at the top of this page:

I have already received some responses and auto responses, which I will attempt to collate and produce some type of “follow up” in the next few days. Thanks to all that decided to add their name! Your support is very much appreciated!

Ivor Cummins – Viral Issue Crucial Update Sept 8th: the Science, Logic and Data Explained! – YouTube

A Tour De Force of the Data – showing COVID-19 really is very similar to a seasonal flu….

UK – Dr Mike Yeadon – ‘I challenge the Government to back up their belief there will be a second wave.’

The interviewer is a bit annoying (to me) but eventually, Dr Mike Yeadon is allowed to speak!

UK Petition – Repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020

If you’re in the UK, you can obviously add to  this (not available to those outside) – but it seems our democracy (or the pretence of one) has now been suspended so I am not sure if it will even be looked at…

Rachel Elnaugh (Used to be on the UK Dragons’ Den)

A fair overview of what has been going on and what is planned. She was “on the TV a lot” in that popular show but would now never be invited back, I guess…

Alternative Link:

COVID-19 Pandemic. Profit. Fallout.

I was sent this a few days ago and it seems VERY comprehensive – over 200 pages! (No, I didn’t read it all either!

The information in this letter is intended to facilitate discussion and a more rigorous examination and challenge of the Australian government’s Covid-19 mitigation policies. This letter is written to compile research to support my belief that the Australian government’s declaration of a ‘human biosecurity emergency’ and ongoing enaction and enforcement of the Biosecurity Act 2015, may have been undertaken under a fraudulent premise, and may therefore be an unjustified and illegal act against the Australian people. The Australian government has not provided evidence to show that societal lockdown is proportionate to the risks of society continuing to function, with more nuanced management strategies. It has offered vague promises of ‘winning the battle” and implied threats of an apocalyptic public health meltdown if perpetual lockdown is not adhered to. This statements are supported by the advice of modellers who appear to have serious financial conflicts of interest, and who have not published the full extent of their taxpayer-funded work, to allow for external scrutiny.

I believe the Australian government’s premise of the ‘fighting the Covid-19 outbreak’ may be an unjustified suspension of civil rights. It is my opinion that the Australian government’s policy response blatantly disregards the international Siracusa Principles, which indicates their policies may be in violation of international law.

Melissa Harrison



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