MOB Update, Unheroic Doctor Speaks, Carehome “Jailbreak”, Oz Cops Blow Whistle, Lord Sumption on UK’s Fear Factor

Michael O’Bernicia – Prosecutions of British MPs Update

With Mark Devlin on “Good Vibrations”

Truth In The Timeline Of Covid – Unheroic Doctor

The Covid Physician is an unheroic NHS doctor. This article is a personal view and does not necessarily represent the views of the NHS. Dr. TCP tweets at @tcp_dr.

Unless you are one of my maximum lucky two given the golden ticket each morning or afternoon, if you wish to actually be seen and be examined by me these days, go private. For the right price they’ll see all of us and pass us on the extra Covid-related costs, while we all protect the NHS. To see Sir Simon Stevens CEO of NHSE be tweeted saying, to paraphrase – “you thought COVID-19 was bad, but wait until we ram climate change down your throat” simply beggars belief. Isn’t this an over-ambitious and a slight over-reach of his remit? Surely he should concentrate on concluding his five year NHS plan: stealthily privatising the NHS under the helpful cover of the pandemic, before joining Greta Thunberg fear-pushing the global green agenda?

I had the easiest 3 months of NHS practice in my life from March to June 2020. No wonder all those apart from in ICU were smiling, laughing, and apotheosising the NHS on social media. This was their first real break in 70 years. They genuinely felt they deserved it. Then, a strange thing happened in an already strange time in June 2020. Bad stink five. I received an email from the CCG. Cascaded presumably by the BMA to every CCG and GP in the country, simultaneously. I was fed their pro-BLM message, and invited to click on a link where I could donate to the neo-Marxist trained BLM leaders via a US Democrat party central-funding company, ActBlue.

How very odd. I had not yet received one email on the pathophysiology of COVID-19, not one email on life-saving potential early community interventions and treatments (maybe more on these another time). Nothing. Yet here was priority number one in the pandemic apart from systematically neglecting my patients: dip into your pockets, doctor. Donate to the statue-toppling, English-heritage-bashing, and lockdown-breaking SARS-CoV-2 spreaders-in-chief.


One only has to look at the echoes of this in Ofcom’s radical, very prescient, and human rights-violating bulletin guidelines released on 23 March 2020 to be even more concerned:

We recognise that licensees will want to broadcast content relating to the Coronavirus and that dissemination of accurate and up-to-date information to audiences will be essential during the current situation. However, we remind all broadcasters of the significant potential harm that can be caused by material relating to the Coronavirus. This could include:

• Health claims related to the virus which may be harmful.

• Medical advice which may be harmful.

• Accuracy or material misleadingness in programmes in relation to the virus or public policy regarding it.

We will be prioritising our enforcement of broadcast standards in relation to the above issues. In these cases, it may be necessary for Ofcom to act quickly to determine the outcome in a proportionate and transparent manner, and broadcasters should be prepared to engage with Ofcom on short timescales.

Ofcom will consider any breach arising from harmful Coronavirus-related programming to be potentially serious and will consider taking appropriate regulatory action, which could include the imposition of a statutory sanction.

It reads like an edict from Orwell’s Ministry of Truth. But it could equally apply to the Government Department of Health’s own COVID-19 narrative. A senior UK doctor, Mr Mohammed Adil, prominent in the fight for medical sense has been suspended by the GMC for simply exercising his right to freedom of speech and dissent within the law, having been no-platformed from YouTube. His European and 1st Amendment-protected American colleagues continue to be allowed to practice.

Retired Nurse arrested for taking her own mother aged 97 home to care for her

Irish Times – September mortality statistics ‘broadly in line’ with previous years, CSO says

Covid-19 does not seem to have caused a large increase in mortality statistics, in September as new figures show the number of deaths in that month was “broadly in line” with previous years’ mortality statistics.

Australia – Cops for COVID Truth


A LETTER written by a senior constable from the Coffs/Clarence Highway Patrol in NSW and signed by colleagues, has exposed the COVID-19 narrative for its deception and the harm it is causing to police and their relations with the public.

The letter, dated October 26, is addressed to NSW Commissioner of Police Michael Fuller and is one of the best rebuttals of the COVID narrative of fear and control written anywhere, noting false predictions of its severity, false and misleading statistics, flaws in testing and serious questions around the virus itself.

The letter makes the very strong point that in the same way they cannot use an inaccurate speed detection device on motorists, the same must be demanded of the RT PCR test and as such, “police should not in any way” mandate testing for COVID-19, or rely on the results.


As we watch on with fear as Europe’s flu season begins, covid-19 cases spike and governments start implementing even more harsh lockdowns. it’s difficult to feel positive as we bear witness to what appears to be a cycle we are likely to encounter again.

The questionable tactics employed in the name of public health interests, must be reviewed thoroughly to ensure proper process is adhered to preserve our health, while also upholding our sovereignty and basic human rights.

It is said the definition of insanity is to repeat the mistakes of the past, expecting a different result. Watching the upheaval in Europe tells us that the people have learned and spoken, but the government hasn’t listened. We cannot afford to make the same mistakes again.

Open Letter:

Lord Sumption: Fear has been ‘skilfully and deliberately’ used by government to ensure compliance


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