Respiratory Therapist in USA on COVID-19, Vanity Fair Hit, “Jab and Go,” Planet Lockdown, UK Tests and Positives (not cases).


Interview with Steve – Respiratory Therapist in USA on COVID-19 Experiences – 13 Dec 2020

Steve  is a Respiratory Care Therapist based in the USA and in this interview/discussion he discusses his experiences in treating some patients with a serious respiratory illness. Steve explained he decided to “go on the record” some time after reading this article:

He contacted me in early December 2020 and this interview was recorded on 13 Dec 2020.

Vanity Fair Promotes “New Strain” Rubbish in a “Mild” Hit Piece on Van Morrison and Eric Clapton

Yes, typical “mainstream” tactics and approach – mock/deride/downgrade or sneer at anyone challenging the narrative and make sure the narrative itself gets promoted at least once.

Eric Clapton and Van Morrison, both age 75 and therefore at 220 times the risk of death from COVID-19 compared to people 18 to 29, have released a blues-rock track raging against public health codes.


Van Morrison, whose hits date all the way back to 1964 with the band Them, has written controversial lyrics in the past. His 2005 tune “They Sold Me Out” is one of a series of anti-music industry songs in in repertoire, but repeated references to “shekels” raised some eyebrows at the time. Clapton, during his years of a well-documented drug addiction, went on a notorious racist rant while onstage in 1976, for which he has since apologized.

UK / Ireland Airline Ryan Air – “Jab and Go” Commercial

This short video covers some of the details – though it’s not clear from these if Ryan Air is offering concessions for those accepting vaccinations, or preventing those that don’t/won’t want it from flying. It is also not clear to me where this commercial was shown (i.e. it may have just been via social media rather than broadcast media)

Catherine Austin Fitts – Full Interview – Planet Lockdown

Some very interesting and troubling analysis here.

The Covid Crimes Tribunal By Laura Perrins December 28, 2020

I HAVE been saying for some time that when all this is done, when people have manned up and started opposing and then defeating this Covid-Fascist state, there will be a reckoning.

It will come in the form of the Covid Crimes Tribunal.

Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health, will be the first defendant.

He is the chief architect of the Covid-Fascist State, along with the Prime Minister Boris Johnson. There are many collaborators and willing facilitators, and they will be tried also.

Hancock will be charged with the following breaches of the Human Rights Act (I will call them fundamental breaches of the Human Rights Act 1998 or ‘wrongs’ for now):

The first and most serious wrong is that in a period between March 23until [final restriction lifted] he breached Article 3 of the Human Rights Act 1998 when he inflicted inhuman and degrading treatment on his own people. Article 3 states: No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Public authorities including the government must not inflict this treatment on you.

Boris Johnson will be the second defendant. He admitted that ‘cancelling Christmas’ in 2020 would be ‘inhuman.’

UK Test Counts, Positive Results and a Simple Calculation.

Now, I am not a statistician nor am I an epidemiologist. But, consider the following UK Government Stats and a document.

Page 1:

RT-PCR tests are highly sensitive, but can show false negatives (giving a negative result for a person infected with COVID-19) and false positives (giving a positive result for a person not infected with COVID-19). The RT-PCR assays used for the UK’s COVID-19 testing programme have been verified by PHE, and show over 95% sensitivity and specificity. This means that under laboratory conditions, these RT-PCR tests should never show more than 5% false positives or 5% false negatives.

Page 2:

What is the UK operational false positive rate?

The UK operational false positive rate is unknown. There are no published studies on the  operational false positive rate of any national COVID-19 testing programme.  An attempt has been made to estimate the likely false-positive rate of national COVID-19 testing programmes by examining data from published external quality assessments (EQAs) for RT-PCR assays for other RNA viruses carried out between 2004-2019 [7]. Results of 43 EQAs were examined, giving a median false positive rate of 2.3% (interquartile range 0.8-4.0%).

On 29th Dec, I took some figures, shown below, from the links below:

First, UK Virus Tests Conducted:

Next, UK Virus “Cases” (wrongly labelled, of course – as these are just “positive test results” and not “cases” of people who have symptoms or are seriously ill. This data is not recorded for the vast majority of these tests)

It is a very simple calculation here:

We have 4.6% of tests giving positive results (again, these are not “cases– they are positive test results.) Now, anyone can correct me if I’ve missed something or misconstrued something etc, but this very much looks to me like almost all the positive results are FALSE – because the document talks about a 5% false positive rate. We know that the false positive rate is calculated from the total tests done, not the number of positive results. This is because we know of many cases now where people have not actually been tested, but given positive results (e.g. see earlier posting about people like Luke Pompey). Even if we take the lower figure in the government document of 2.3%, this only leaves us with 2.3% (4.6 – 2.3) positive results that are accurate. But again, these “tests” don’t record symptoms or illness….

National Alliance (for freedom from lockdowns) and UK Police Oath

I was asked to send a link out to this faecbook group (also on Twitter) – one of many groups that have formed over the last few months to oppose the measures that have unlawfully been introduced 


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