Doctors Bhakdi and Hoffe warn about Jab Effects, Martin/Fuellmich – Not Novel At All!, Graphene Oxide and More

May be an image of 1 person, body of water and text that says

An Urgent Message from Professor Sucharit Bhakdi

This was deleted from YouTube in very short order.

Dire Warning From Dr. Charles Hoffe

He is describing the same sort of issues as Dr Bhakdi (above) – and they have been in communication regarding blood tests.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich Discusses SARS-COV and other Virus Patents with David Martin (It’s a scam from Top to Bottom!)

There is nothing novel about the alleged virus…

UK Medical Freedom Alliance – Open Letter to Headteachers and Teachers regarding administration of Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ to school children.

They state:

The UKMFA are extremely concerned about this proposed Covid-19 vaccine rollout to children. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of our concerns, to allow you an opportunity to address them, and to advise you of potential liability in the event of harm caused to children whilst under your care.

The letter concludes:

Your school has a duty of care to all the children, and you must always act according to their best interest. Failing to do so would be a dereliction of this duty of care and, should any harm befall any one of the children, could result in action being taken against staff personally or the school as a whole. For the reasons set out above:

  • We appeal to you to resist the proposed rollout of Covid-19 vaccines to children, and specifically the administration of vaccines in schools.
  • We further appeal to you to resist any propagation of material in your school conveying simplified and incomplete information.

BBC Presenter Jemma Cooper’s “Conscious Awakening”

I am really not sure about some of the symbology in the opening sequence of this video (dystopian – and a sign which says “drink only approved water”, for example) but the interview is worthwhile. She left the BBC earlier this year.

She gently describes what happened to her.

Graphene Oxide in the Jabs?

A lot of people have mentioned this to me. I am really not sure about this one. I have seen a couple of postings, but on checking what Graphene Oxide is, I don’t think it’s toxic on it’s own. Graphene is a single atomic layer of graphite – which is an allotrope of Carbon – which isn’t toxic. Oxidising it shouldn’t make it toxic. This page says that one of the uses for Graphene is “drug transport” (see bottom)

This page talks about its use as an “adjuvant” (immune system trigger)

Can molecules of it be used as “receivers” of 5G or other RF? I really don’t know…  Is it yet another “fear card” being played…?

John Rappoport has a few more links and details here:

Noo-Noo Got the Jab Folks! Hooray!

At what age do children start to read? Or do they think adults read/show twitter posts to their very young children?


This has probably come about because of the corporate control of various children’s “brands”

FDA Adds Warning Of Rare Autoimmune Disorder To J&J Vaccine

Regulators said the risk of getting Guillain-Barré syndrome from the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine was low.

Community Health Ambassador Outreach – Door Knocking Project to Increase COVID Vaccine Acceptance

No, they’re not pushing this at all, are they?

“Report on your work! Be sure to fill out the Doorknocking Spreadsheet with the counts of who still needs a vaccine, who is already vaccinated, who needs more info, etc. This is important information that the Health Department is relying on!”

Do you think these people have listened to the good Dr’s mentioned earlier in this posting….?

Letter to UK Public Health Directors and Council Leaders, 04 Jul 2021

I recently wrote to about 180 UK public health officials and councillors, council leaders etc, encouraging them to blow the whistle on the COVID operation. I included a selection of links from postings on the website.

Only 2 replies so far – neither of which correct or challenge any of the facts presented. 


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