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“Opportunity Pass”- Lithuania

This gives a graphic description of what things could be like if any type of COVID passport were to come into general use. It’s sometimes hard to believe that it’s progressed this far in some countries.


I want to share the situation which my family and I are now facing because of Covid Pass restrictions.

We live in the small European country of Lithuania. In the last few months, strict Covid Pass restrictions have been introduced which represent a fundamental transformation in society.

Covid Pass scan

In this article, I’ll describe the details of how the Covid Pass works in my country and how it affects my family. As a start, we’re banned from shopping centers, non-essential stores, and restaurants. And my wife and I were both were suspended from our jobs without pay.

But as I’ll explain, it’s not just Lithuania. Covid Pass restrictions are being imposed throughout Europe. By my count, at least 14 European countries now have different types of domestic restrictions based on the Covid Pass. And every country has travel restrictions within Europe based on the Covid Pass.

There hasn’t been much reporting in English-language media about what has happened. So I thought a detailed first-hand account would be useful. 

Science Direct – Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?



This article examines issues related to COVID-19 inoculations for children. The bulk of the official COVID-19-attributed deaths per capita occur in the elderly with high comorbidities, and the COVID-19 attributed deaths per capita are negligible in children. The bulk of the normalized post-inoculation deaths also occur in the elderly with high comorbidities, while the normalized post-inoculation deaths are small, but not negligible, in children. Clinical trials for these inoculations were very short-term (a few months), had samples not representative of the total population, and for adolescents/children, had poor predictive power because of their small size. Further, the clinical trials did not address changes in biomarkers that could serve as early warning indicators of elevated predisposition to serious diseases. Most importantly, the clinical trials did not address long-term effects that, if serious, would be borne by children/adolescents for potentially decades.

A novel best-case scenario cost-benefit analysis showed very conservatively that there are five times the number of deaths attributable to each inoculation vs those attributable to COVID-19 in the most vulnerable 65+ demographic. The risk of death from COVID-19 decreases drastically as age decreases, and the longer-term effects of the inoculations on lower age groups will increase their risk-benefit ratio, perhaps substantially.

Steve Kirsch (Entrepreneur) – Short Audio/Video

Silicon valley tech entrepreneur. CEO of M10. Started COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund because repurposed drugs are fastest, cheapest way to end the pandemic and the government wasn’t funding the top drugs/researchers. We funded the fluvoxamine trials. Taken early enough fluvoxamine can help prevent hospitalization and long haul COVID (PACS). Close to 100% effect size in clinical use. 


Steve Kirsch – @stkirsch


My testimony at the VRBPAC meeting on Sept 17. I talk about the vaccines killing more people than it saves and the fraud in the Phase 3 trial (Maddie de Garay) among other things. Too bad nobody was paying attention. Wanted to post it here for the record since I’m sure Twitter will remove all copies of it.

Kirsch also discusses the unwillingness to debate… https://trialsitenews.com/why-are-the-fda-and-cdc-advisory-panel-members-so-afraid-to-debate-covid-vaccine-safety/

Ryan Cole Discusses Autopsies of the Jabbed

Why is the jab in use – anywhere?


Changing What it Means to be Human (From 2015)

Yes, they always tell you the plan…


From 13 Nov 2015:


04:17 Klaus Schwab: Of course. Today’s big issue is whatever you take even (INAUDIBLE) can only be addressed through cooperation between the public and private sector because if you go to the root causes, you have to create the conditions in those countries which keeps the people at home.

04:35 Charlie Rose: Right.


05:28 Klaus Schwab: But if you look into the future, there is so much going on in technology, it’s a real revolution. And our lives, the pattern of governing societies will be so much affected with what’s going on in research and innovation and we’re not sufficiently prepared for it. Just look at the discussion on big data, it shows how difficult it is to find the necessary rules, to find the necessary norms.

05:53 Charlie Rose: And look at things like artificial intelligence and robots.

05:59 Klaus Schwab: Exactly. Yes.

06:04 Charlie Rose: Look at things like gene editing.

06:06 Klaus Schwab: Exactly.

06:08 Charlie Rose: You know, and opening a whole new horizon for medical science.

06:13 Klaus Schwab: And you see the difference of the fourth industrial revolution is it doesn’t change what you are doing, it changes you. If you take genetic editing just as an example, it’s you who are changed. And, of course, this has a big impact on your identity.

06:30 Charlie Rose: And all of a sudden, all kinds of possibilities that have to be careful about, you know, when you began to do that kind of gene editing, some people worry that you’re changing what it means to be human.

The Cell on Death Row has No Door, No Bars and No Guards, Yet the Inmate Refuses to Leave, Eager to be Injected

Written By Abdun Nur


Taxes in the UK are rising, taxation has now reached levels beyond any in history, while the wealthy are paying less year on year, a pattern repeated across the Earth, all orchestrated by government mafia, and I say mafia as it functions as every mafia in history, the only, and I mean the only difference between a government mafia and the structure of a criminal mafia, is a 15,000 hour indoctrination program labelled “school”


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