Canada Crunched, Brain Jabbed, Fuellmich et al’s Grand Jury Underway

We seem to have entered a new phase now – with most of these articles/posts being about the outbreak of tyranny in Canada, with Trudeau suspending parliament. Though politicians are commenting, it seems they still think the original “threat” was real:

Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy – We Will Not Comply

From November last – good lyrics

US Truckers Plan Their Own Cross-Country ‘People’s Convoy’ for Feb. 23

@ 3:33, Zak Paine, host of RedPill78, briefly describes the USA trucker convoy plans. Zak says he’ll have someone, with a drone, embedded in the convoy and will be speaking to many people in the entourage:

To bypass legacy media lies, you can’t do much better than follow Zak’s convoy coverage. His in-depth reporting of trending topics is always excellent.

Expert Equestrian witness account of the conduct of the Mounted Police against the Ottawa protestors

How to treat legacy media. Peacefully.

#TruckerConvoy2022 (British Columbia)

His twitter:


All Canadians to stop working from the 21st of Feb until Trudeau resigns. There’s also a call to action for people to Quit FB on this day as well. Collapse the Castro/Trudeau Government and FB all in one day.

NEW – Canada: #Ottawa police chief threatens “if you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges. Absolutely. This investigation will go on for months to come.”

“Yes, keep on exposing yourself so we the people see you for who you are. It’s about damn time the people unite to remove and arrest treasonous public servants.”

Ontario premier does complete reversal on COVID shots, lockdowns: ‘Everyone’s done with this’

More mind games?


How to thwart the Court if one is unlawfully arrested?

This is an inspiring message particularly for truckers and protestors being arrested in Ottawa especially at the moment and for everyone around the world.

Video: Trudeau’s Deputy, Also a WEF Director, Says She Plans to Make Her Emergency Powers Permanent

China and Iran Condemn Trudeau for Gross Human Rights Violations

Tyrants troll Trudeau.

” How are the mighty fallen in the midst of the battle! O Canada, thou wast slain in thine high places.”

Urge world leaders to condemn Trudeau’s police-state tactics


“Anti-vaxx” Concerns Prompt Scotland’s Public Health to Hide Data of COVID-19 Hospitalizations and Deaths by Vaccine Status

Pfizer’s death-shot is unable to withstand ANY scrutiny, so these BigPharma cowards run for cover, like they always do.

Grand Jury – Days 1 – 4

Day 1: Dr Reiner Fuellmich

Day 2, 12th Feb. 2022: Historical Background

Day 3, 13th Feb. 2022: PCR Test

Day 4, 19th Feb. 2022: Injections and Psychological Warfare

“We Can Show it In a Court of Law…It Is the Injections…That Are Lethal.”: Reiner Fuellmich

Link for sharing video with partial transcription:

Reiner Fuellmich – “There is a Fingerprint That Only The Vaccines Leave”

@ 2:37: “It sterilizes women, maybe for only one pregnancy. We’re not sure about that. But it sterilizes men for good. That’s what the evidence says.”

@ 3:02: “Now, they are absolutely certain that they can prove causation — not just correlation, but causation. Most people who died after getting the shot — and sometimes it takes 120 days or so and sometimes even longer — if you take a closer look at what has happened to these people, by, in doing a post- mortem, they say, it’s as though there is a fingerprint that only the vaccines leave.”

@ 4:11: [Mike Yeadon] and a group of scientists have found very, very convincing evidence that they have been working on, experimenting with, lethal dosing. Very clear and convincing evidence that that’s what they’ve been doing. So it is now clear and we can show it in a court of law, even in the existing courts of law, if they did what they’re supposed to do, that it is the injections, it is the shots, that are lethal.”


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