A Pandemic Prediction, Canadian Isolation Camps?, More Whistleblowers, “Pandemic 2” – Marburg, Vaccine Contents, Waterford Stats

Claudia was Correct in September 2019 And her expletives were, I would say, fully justified… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV9Rl6d2Mys More Worrying Developments in Canada The stories have been popping up for at least … Read More

UK Law on “Mandatory” Jabs for Health Workers, UK and Anticoagulants, More Hopium?, Fuellmich gets Associated with Icke, New Nonsense + More

UK – Legal Advice Framework – Open Letter – Care Workers 26 July 2021 https://cvpandemicinvestigation.com/legal-advice-framework-open-letter-care-workers-26-july-2021/ Dear Sir / Madam, Due to the unprecedented number of enquiries from care workers concerned … Read More

Massive London Gathering/Protest, Lisbon Court Rules 152 COVID Deaths not 17000, FDA “Stop Using Innova Antigen Test,” Fake Ferguson Memo, Blowing COVID-19 Whistle

London Rally – 26th Jun 2021 London Rally 26th Jun – Video Diary Just one I randomly picked up. https://odysee.com/@CitizensJournalistForTruth:7/London-Freedom-March-26th-June-2021:a Sky News said it was mainly “free Palestine, black lives … Read More

Facebook Whistleblowers discuss Vaccine Hesitancy, CDC and PCR, Funeral Director Speaks Out, NYC – Free Burgers for Vaxxed and More

https://twitter.com/cherylboruszko Facebook Whistleblowers Reveal Secret ‘Filter’ for ‘Liberty-Based’ and ‘Religious-Based’ ‘Objections & Skepticism,’ Including ‘Vaccine Passports’ https://www.brighteon.com/d1cb8f17-66ae-445b-bba0-308abde78679 https://www.projectveritas.com/news/more-leaks-facebook-whistleblowers-reveal-secret-filter-for-liberty-based/ On the heels of Project Veritas’ Bombshell Facebook Insider release on Monday … Read More

Dissent in Germany, More Illness or Death following ‘Vaccine’, Prion Disease

Wout Weghorst “Made the Right Decision” Dutch footballer is interviewed on German TV. Original German Interview (relevant discussion starts about 15 mins in) https://www.zdf.de/sport/das-aktuelle-sportstudio/fussball-bundesliga-vfl-wolfsburg-wout-weghorst-talk-sportstudio-100.html Relevant Portion (3 mins) with English … Read More