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The Covid-19 Vaccine is at this stage


Nobody knows…….

  1. How common serious side effects are in people with underlying health conditions – the trial volunteers were all healthy (1).
  2. How often it will cause severe allergic reactions (2,3,4).
  3. How often it will cause neurological conditions – such as Bell’s palsy (5) or transverse myelitis (6,7).
  4. If it will cause autoimmune reactions with long lasting effects on health (8).
  5. If it will affect fertility (4).
  6. If it will increase the risk of HIV infection (9,10).
  7. If it will cause immune enhancement similar to previous coronavirus vaccine candidates, which means MORE severe illness when exposed to the virus – no animal trials have been done to find out (4,11).

And nobody knows if the vaccine even reduces death, severe Covid-19 disease or transmission of the virus – this has not been studied yet (1,12).

Did you agree to help with this study?

Being pressured into taking part in research violates the Nuremberg Code

Vaccine manufacturers are exempt from liability if you suffer side effects
















The Line in the Sand…

For the majority of the population, Covid-19 has a very low infection fatality rate (<0.1% in those <70 years) (1, 2)

  • BUT you are still afraid!

The PCR test for the Covid virus is fundamentally flawed and unreliable (3)

  • BUT you still believe that all the numbers are true!

There are serious safety concerns regarding the Covid-19 vaccines (4)

  • BUT you still want to be the first to get it!

Renowned scientists, doctors, journalists try to tell you that questions need to be asked – BUT they get censored, banned, suspended, arrested …….

…….and you don’t want to hear it!

WHAT IF you or your family are ill but cannot get the treatment you need because everything that isn’t Covid-19 is put on hold?

WHAT IF it became clear the vaccine is causing serious adverse events but you are told you still need to take it or else you can’t work / travel / go shopping?  WHAT IF you were told your child or your grandmother needs to be taken to a quarantine facility aka isolation camp?

WHAT IF you were told people in isolation camps are never allowed to come home again?

What do they have to tell you for you to start asking questions?

Where is Your Line in the Sand?







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