CV – Information Overload! Useless Tests, Fake Vaccines, Fake Deaths and Real Treatments

This long message/posting is collation of links and information I’ve received over the last few days – both via  Facebook and email.

Understanding the Pscyhology of the Coronus Virus Scam/PsyOp

A 25-minute video by RICHARD GRANNON “Asymmetric Warfare: propaganda, psyops and narcissistic abuse of the masses” This illustrates arguments with clips from several films/movies

I would also mention here that everyone has been subjected to a form of “trauma-based mind control” – just as they have been with all the recent “false flag” operations

Interview with Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi on the corona crisis

(You will never hear this on CNN, CBC & other MSM outlets)

He explains why he is not convinced of the current measures.

Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi explains the facts about COVID-19. He headed the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at Johannes Gutenburg University Mainz for 22 years and is one of the most internationally respected infectiologists and most cited medical researchers in Germany.

A short interview conducted by Sibylle Haberstumpf, supported by Julian Jeschonowski and Christian Kwoczek.

Corona viruses have been with us since time immemorial and play a negligible role in medicine. Most infected people do not become seriously ill. Older people with pre-existing conditions, especially the lungs and heart, can be seriously at risk.

According to Dr. Bhakdi is the claim that COVID-19 is a particularly dangerous variant of virus, caused by uncritical and incorrect interpretation of internationally collected case data. The truth is that COVID-19 is not fundamentally different from its harmless siblings. (interview is in German)

On a similar theme, Susan sent me this:

there is a new article in the New England Medical Journal (26MAR2020)


that suggests Covid-19 is just a seasonal flu with a moratlity of 0,1. Euro Momo shows no rise in mortality rate except für 65+year-olds in Italy.

There is (still) a video on YouTube by Dr Bodo Schiffmann from Sinsheim, Germany, that shows that officials in France and in Spain were given information that older patients were to be sedated and put to death when there were not enough respirators.

“Spiked” Online – “Britain is sliding into dystopia”

This short story is about Derbyshire Police using drones to survey people out hill walking – and posting a video they edited on Twitter! A disgraceful misuse of police time. As Derbyshire just so happens to be where I live, I wrote to the Police and tried to “straighten them out” on a couple of things. At the end, I politely asked them not to come and arrest me…

Reader Comments

Bernadette sent a comprehensive list of things the CV scam can be used to influence or change. It makes for uncomfortable reading.

I do feel that this WHO scenario has so many layers that it is really something that needs very careful consideration and research.

When it all started (before it all went a bit mad) I did discuss with my son a simple connection between the stopping of the premier league and Liverpool FC being stopped from winning the league because they boycott the Sun – what better way to start all this in the UK – you could drop the virus to spread amongst healthy footballers, which would lead to the stopping of matches primarily down to the number of players who had to isolate rather than spread of disease, and this could lead to the premier being void this year hence Liverpool not winning the league. (It was slightly tongue in cheek but….my son calls me the “conspiracy queen” but even he was forced to say that I may be onto something here!! )

Crowds – the stopping of large numbers gathering – so no protesting – strange how France was so quick with lock down for example – yellow vest etc

The central banking system – this is of course beneficial to the central banking system in making countries reliant on loans firstly to cover all the unexpected costs of this (just like having a world war) – my knowledge of the system is not that great, as yet, but whilst a crash may seem counterproductive, we know that these have been – manipulated before -and we know that “money” is not real and is created by the central banking system from nothing so they will never suffer. We know that the Chinese economy was growing much larger than the USA so we have to look (like you mentioned) at  biological methods to affect the its economy.  The crash and economic decline which will follow this may be the plan as that will probably kill more people than any virus.

Vaccination – the recent rise of the anti-vaccine groups and information – we need the public to all want a vaccine and when it is available next year it will be probably available to those who normally get it but many, many more will due to the fear will pay for it – and the pharmaceutical industry if of course rubbing their hands with glee during all of this and also may mean that “vaccines” become compulsory to prevent this happening again = also noted today a report saying that anti vaccine “propaganda” may be banned online (sorry no link )

Martial law – to be honest with this it seems that the UK Gov is deliberately being vague so that we see the people panic buying, having barbecues etc so even the most rational of us begin to call for stronger laws etc to ensure our safety – and once laws are passed, they are not that easy to remove, unless we monitor the Gov closely after this – the laws they wanted to pass were initially being set to be in place for 2 years for example (why?). Also, changes to mental health laws, breaking up of “groups” etc – all very worrying.

Eugenics – although it will not kill large numbers, is this getting us all primed to accept mass deaths of the elderly/vulnerable every year?

A massive social experiment – how will the population behave faced with an issue like this?

Hidden deaths:  suicides, deaths due to cancelled operations and appointments, poverty etc – will these be advertised as much as the corona deaths?

Priming:  prior to it all going “tits up” as it where the BBC showed its programme on the Spanish Flu, a programme with a virus experiment using an app showing how they spread we have had a new version also of “war of the worlds” We have had  “COBRA” “Pandemic” and one of the top trending apps prior to the was called “Virus” I believe as well as the many years of Zombie films etc and even having a programme on now called “London Kills” which even if you don’t watch the programme is just a message that will trigger fear.

Global Warming – of course we have also had the coverage of the beneficial effects of the stopping of travel, cars etc – so is it being used to show definitively that “global warming” is real and affecting the weather /environment etc – the backlash against air companies (with Branson et al being the first to call for billions in aid) perhaps this will lead to travel becoming too expensive for “Joe Bloggs” and for others to boycott airlines, also causing a fear of travel which will be an excuse for the rich to still have the travel they want without having to fear a “carbon footprint” backlash due to the decline/inability for normal people to travel.

Complete change in society – we cannot get back to pre-corona – so many things will change – what and how we cannot know – but this is all being done for many reasons which will take a long time to decipher.

Harvey Weinstein – he had tested positive for the virus – far be it from me to suggest if he “dies” he will be able to live his life with a new identity = just a side line here! But every crisis has some way for someone to benefit

Mental health – the identification that the mental health services in the UK are so bad recently and the big “mental health” push in the media  and the constant mentions of “mental health” during this virus panic – after this the effect of the Corona virus on people mental health will be either really devastating or will be an excuse for the terrible services getting worse or covering the fact that it just is not fit for purpose in the first place. in other words “the mental health service is screwed because of corona not cut backs etc – more deaths of those who are seen by some as “not valid member of society

The health service:

The use of the virus to say the NHS is not fit for purpose so needs “private money / changing” also to be used as an example for countries like the US to show that an NHS service is an impossible dream

All of the hidden news – wall to wall corona on everywhere – Windrush report for example and Alex Salmon trials – things that would be bigger news are just footnotes – like on 9/11 “a good day to hide bad news” – what on earth have they covered now

I live in London – Southwark – the biggest borough in London. Just to let you know – our shelves in the local stores are empty. In our family we have three members who are “flu vaccine “ recommended and we have been self-isolating (we are in a position to do this) because we think there is a virus and we do not want to get ill and be reliant on NHS treatment/visit to casualty  which in London at the best of times is appalling – but to be honest I wanted to keep everyone in not because of the virus but because I can see rioting and looting etc breaking out very quickly in London and also to keep my sons  off the streets at a time when the police and possibly the army could be stopping them.  So the virus for me is a great reason to keep them in and safe !!

The mentality of people around here really does show how brainwashed and uneducated many are – I have even been shocked at some of my more “informed” friends have been saying –


Ian C made the following observations:

So many potential angles on all of this, I agree, but good to be able to share in the debate with likeminded people. I listened to your comments about polarisation of people and have found the same to be true I believe. I continue in a very low key method of enlightening people to various topics and encouraging them not to take everything at face value. In general terms, I wait for them to make a comment which would indicate a certain suspicion or perhaps desire to know more on a certain topic and then gently pry into that. I find this happens when people accept you as a rational person with sensible non-judgemental views. Once a certain level of trust is established they more comfortable to express opinions on topics which would otherwise stay hidden. I travel a huge amount and very frequently find myself getting into these conversations. There is a hunger in many people for more knowledge. I like to think that I give them the confidence of their own convictions shall we say and act as a catalyst of encouragement to continue in their enlightenment journey. However, I can also determine very quickly when I am in the company of someone who has been so conditioned by society/media that I am compelled to leave their company quickly. Just thought I’d share this.


Going back to the cv issue, there is no doubt in my mind that this virus has been circulating widely long before it became of notoriety. During my travels through last year, but more particularly towards the latter end, I was very much aware of people complaining about a dry cough they couldn’t shift (and I could see and hear them) and then leading to Christmas many friends and family were suffering all the symptoms mentioned in varying degrees of severity. So many asking who else has this thing etc.


I am a keen cyclist and out with very fit people, all of whom have had this cough in the last few months and felt a bit low for a couple of days. I am talking about a pretty large number of people, by the way, across a four county area.


Safe, Non-Toxic, Effective Treatments for Colds/Flu – and CV etc

Paul J sent me this

Just wondered if you were aware of the recent updates on Andrew Saul’s website about the successful use of high dose Vitamin C on novel Coronavirus patients in Wuhan.

As an example of the fake news that Andrew Saul talks about in this video, a friend of mine sent me this link.

The author of this article has written several articles about vitamins for the conversation website. I read a couple more of them and his agenda is obvious.

I know you have some articles on your website about the benefits of Vitamin C, and I think you have a link somewhere or at least a mention of the Alan Smith swine flu case from New Zealand about 10 years ago. The doctors wanted to turn him off life support, but the family was able to force them to give him Vitamin C by IV. He made a full recovery. The medical profession call it a miracle, but doctors who know about Vitamin C expect this result every time.

I see the pandemic scam in a similar way to the climate change scam. If everyone knew the truth about free energy the climate change argument disappears. If everyone knew the truth about Vitamin C the fear of the dreaded virus disappears, not to mention the impact it could have on cancer! Our media here in Australia sure have the majority brainwashed at the moment.

Andy P sent me this set of information and links

If you are really serious about purchasing some stuff to help defend yourself against “viral attack,” the following is from my own list of what I’ve always used. It’s only a basic list and in no way comprehensive. They are all from foods or supplements you can buy in the shops.

I’ve added a few Pubmed links if you feel up to investigating the science, with the active anti-viral compound in brackets)

Oats (Beta 1,3, Glucan)


NAC (N-acetylcysteine )




Elderberry juice (cyanidin-3-glucoside)


Whey protein




Vitamin D


Zinc picolinate



CV Vaccination?

I received this from someone in the UK, who wanted to remain anonymous, in relation to the alleged development of a CV Vaccine. Compulsory vaccination was written into the WHO “guidelines” from 2005, so keep paying attention to this issue. As many have said, “frightening people out of their wits” is a good way to encourage them to get vaccinated (thereby introducing further toxins into their bodies).

So, I know that a lot of people are unaware of the time it takes for any medicine to get to market. Not saying where I work or the clients due to the contract that we sign, but there are many stages in creating a drug, be it the famous paracetamol, vaccine, something for cancer, etc.

And believe it or not, this process can take around 10 years! And at many times, it can get to a good many, say 7 or 8, and then it fails or its not suitable etc, and its scrapped. That’s why some are either expensive, or there is the outcry ‘why isn’t there something for this or that?’.

So, for the pharma companies to say a vaccine will be ready in ~6months, I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. The tests won’t have been done, and the question on many lips is ‘why give to healthy people, and not to those with it?’. Well, my theory is that they’ll be the clinical trials, and if it causes reactions….well, its untested, we never knew what would happen….or some answer like that.

I know you hate Wikipedia as much as most, but even they have a famous (usually different but the basic idea) image: 

Well, there was a meeting chaired by the ICMRA (International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authority), with the EMA and FDA, and basically, it states near the bottom that they can go straight to human trials, without animal testing. And the people who would be considered for the testing are the healthy, younger adults….and not anyone that currently has it.

As you may/may not know, unfortunately, animal testing is carried out on 99.99% of the drugs/medicine etc on the market, no matter what it is, or where it is. If it’s gone straight from the lab to humans, then the humans are the guinea pigs:

There was a (sad to say) famous case back in 2006:

And if anyone knew that the vaccine that is being produced in less than the usual time, with no testing beforehand, I can assure you most would not touch it.

Bill Gates will use microchip implants to fight coronavirus

And several people have contacted me in relation to Bill Gates involvement in “a new type of Vaccine”

A short explanation here

Gates again… Bill Gates: Returning to normal life in April is not realistic

You can do your own further research on Vaccinations…

The flu vaccine might make you even more vulnerable to coronavirus

Infection Rates, Deaths and the Flawed CV Test

This link will take you to a page with a number of links.  Scroll down until you reach the link titled, “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel Instructions for Use.”  That’s the one. –from Jon Rapoport’s

Another link with information about the PCR (inaccurate) test

includes this paragraph:

“So if there is now to be an Increasing number of “proven” coronavirus infections. in China or in Italy: Can anyone say how Often such examinations were any carried out in previous winters, by-whom, for what reason and with Which results? When someone claims something That is Increasing, he must surely refer to something, That Has Been Observed before .”

More date and links:


Original full article:


Faked deaths?

Holly sent me this – posted on “Amazing Polly’s” twitter page: Officials in hazmat suits caught out lying to isolating residents in flats in London about someone dying of Coronavirus?

Dominick alerted me to a BBC story about Chloe Middleton – a 21 year old who allegedly died from CV. The story has been unpicked on the “Spiked” website-.

Is CV Scam a “live military exercise”?

Mike Pompeo Admits COVID-19 Is a “Live Exercise,” Trump Retorts “I Wish You Would Have Told Us”

Alternative Links

Mike Pompeo calls Coronavirus pandemic an Exercise live on CNN

Also note it appears an infectious disease outbreak was predicted in 2017 – “Fauci: ‘No doubt’ Trump will face surprise infectious disease outbreak” – 11 Jan 2017


Sceptical Articles

A couple of articles have now appeared in the mainstream, that are starting to question the “deadliness” of CV. But how far do these articles really go in exposing the scam for what it is?


Dr John Lee – How deadly is the coronavirus? It’s still far from clear – There is room for different interpretations of the data


Is the Coronavirus as Deadly as They Say?


Another Poem

And to finish, a Poem by Graham Robson – a parody of Willy Wonka – Pure Imagination 😊

 Billy Bonkers – Pure Imagination


Hold your breath

Wash your hands

Count to 20


Clap with me, and you’ll be

In a world of state assimilation

Take a look, and you’ll see

Into the bullshit of the nation


They’ll begin, with the spin

Starts with Wuhan in the Chinese nation

What we’ll see will defy explanation


If you want to see paradise

Take a look around and view it

Anything they want, they’ll do it

They’re going to change the world

There’s nothing to it


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