Darkness and Light in relation to the CV Scam

At the risk of driving everyone to distraction, I thought I would post some thoughts and what not that I’ve received in the last couple of days.

The Queen of…. Pop? 

Someone sent me a video about Madonna’s latest “stunt” – having a bath – and saying “weird things” about the CV scam. The video is only a few minutes long.

I read somewhere today that the Rose is a symbol of secrecy – and Madonna is holding a red rose in part of this video. Some of you may have already seen her disturbing Eurovision 2019 routine – which is loaded with symbolism – which seems to relate to the current PsyOp.

(This was discussed in Ann Carey’s article). This macabre video/routine was also the main theme in a poem sent to me by Chris Jeans – which I have pasted below.

A chap called Brett wrote to me and pointed out that a video I posted a link to last year about a possible 3/11 “false flag” attack might have been incorrectly decoded – and it was really an 11/3 date – i.e. Tedros Adhanom declared the Pandemic on 11 Mar 2020.

UK – CV Alert Message!

Yesterday, most or even all UK Mobile/Cell phone owners received the following text message (broadcast)


New rules in force now: you must stay at home. More info & exemptions at gov.uk/coronavirus Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.

Does anyone sense an air of desperation in this message? It is certainly interesting to know they can text ANYONE in the UK – without permission… It reminded me of what happened in Hawaii in 2018 when thousands received a text alert about an incoming missile!

Group Meditation

Another “Andrew” wrote to me to today to mention a “group meditation” which will be taking place re the CV scam on Sat April 5th – maybe it will all have been neutralised by then, or soon after!



CV is Mostly Harmless

Finally, a person I’ve been in regular contact with, whom I’ve always suspected “knows more than they were letting on” and probably had a security clearance, confirmed that his contacts who were also “in the know” and worked in programmes for the British Military, said that the current Corona Virus is, just as many have been saying, an ordinary virus – and not particularly harmful. (And others say that viruses aren’t really what is assumed – they are generated within the body – this is discussed a bit in the video I linked to a few days ago.)

POEM – Curriculum Vitae Deceptio – by Chris Jeans

The masses watch their flattened screens ,

unable to perceive the truth ,

so brainwashed by the constant lies

they sleepwalk on the well-lit route


The softly spoken man  ,

who holds the needle of destruction ,

stands smiling at the traitor’s gate ,

as people willingly obey .


Madonna wears her crown of thorns ,

her underlings grotesque and base ,

en masse , descending , cloaked in black ,

the ritual mask foretells our fate


Madame X types on her back

a word of dark familiar ring ,

transmitted not through air or touch ,

Instead it poisons from within .


The broken statue stands forlorn ,

her rays now number five .

The fallen torch of freedom dims

as liberty is lost and dies .


The number like the beast less one

fires down minutely from above .

Count alpha to the seventh seal ,

the letter hidden in plain sight


The eye of horus sees us all ,

there can be no escape ,

save only those of highest rank

who hide their crimes and feel no shame


But soon the people rise as one

with greater hope and  strength anew ,

to ride the wind change once more .

We are many , they are few .


Chris Hamilton     March 2020


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