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He looks at the figures and reports and doesn’t agree that they amount to a “pandemic”.

Coronavirus Fact not Fear – Government Killer (Crisis was over before “Lockdown”) (12 Mins)

More Empty Hospital Car/Parking Lots (31 Mar 2020, 14.5 mins)

Fake Deaths (Again)

7 mins

2.5 mins

See these searches – why are the images so inconsistent?

David Icke’s “Deleted” London Real Interview – 2.5 hours. Several people have recommended this to me.

10-minute Icke CV Summary

However, Icke is easily dismissed by the mainstream, because the “lizard” thing has damaged him so much… which is why, I think, they “got it in early.”  I have my own reservations about Icke too, which are described in a posting I made last year (and others).

Is there connection between Solar Activity and/or the Passage of Comets and Pandemics?



(results are inconclusive, but interesting that 2009 and 2020 are the worst fit! We are in a solar minimum now!)

Removing Family Members by Force WHO Dr. Michael Ryan Says They need to go into Your Home to Remove Family Members?

(62 secs – good old Tucker Carlson!)

Another version:

You first, Dr Michael….?

Notes from Chris:

 New York, Ground Zero—Again. Social Distancing—Bullshit!

Total U.S. Deaths—6,593.

New York States population is 20.06 million.

New York City’s population is 18,804,000.

New York City’s population density is 26,403 people per square mile.

90% of New York State’s Deaths (2935) have been in New York City.

Thus, with a total U.S. death toll of 6593, nearly half of all U.S. deaths have been in New York City.


By comparison India’s population is 1,380,004,385.

Mumbai, India has 75,000 people per square mile.

India has had 75 deaths. The unavoidable proximity of people to one another there and the impossibility of maintaining any kind of social distancing seems to have had little effect.


So maybe it’s hard to keep track in India…but


Japan has a population of about 126,500,000 people.

And although it has an average of only 874 people per square mile, it has very dense cities.

Yokohama alone has 3.725 million people and a population density of 22,103 people per square mile.

Japan has had 69 deaths—I could not find figures for Yokahama, but even if all of them were in that city, the density and proximity of people to one another seems to have had little effect.



Here is an article that presents the highest density cities in the world from low to high.


Many of these cities are in India and Japan—which we’ve already covered. And we’ll leave out cities in Pakistan or in nations that some might argue are either suspect in their reporting (China/Russia)or for whatever reason unable to get an accurate count (impoverished and/or unstable places) and we’ll just look at the impeccably modern, westernized cities that are world hubs of trade and travel. If you look up the death tolls of the parent countries of the rest of these cities—including those that I have left out–you will find similar results.


Seoul/Incheon, South Korea • Population density: 43,208 per square mile—South Korea, 177 total deaths.

Taipei, Taiwan• Population density: 39,263 per square mile—Taiwan, 5 total deaths.

Manila, Philippines• Population density: 27,307 per square mile—Philippines, 144 total deaths.

São Paulo, Brazil• Population density: 23,294 per square mile—Brazil, 365 total deaths.

Singapore• Population density: 21,628 per square mile—Singapore(whole country), 6 total deaths


Massive population density with its corresponding difficulty—if not outright inability–to maintain social distancing would appear to not promote a higher death toll. Although this is the reason cited by Western Governments for shutting down and thus destroying their economies, the data do not support this reasoning. Therefore, either grotesque stupidity and unbelievable incompetence accounts for these actions—or there is some other reason. 


So, although New York City has the highest population density in the U.S. and has nearly half of all the deaths in the U.S., it would seem that there is some other factor in play with regard to the high mortality there….



The relatively high Death Rate in New Orleans is being attributed to the obesity of the inhabitants. I Googled New York City, which now accounts for nearly half of all U.S. deaths and found this:

ObesityIn New York Cityobesity is epidemic. More than half of adult New Yorkershave overweight (34%) or obesity (22%). … People (adults and children) who are overweight are at increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis and cancer.

Obesity – NYC Health –

Perhaps you’re right about a new health care/eco Fascism coming down the pike. I can see the headline: BEING FAT COULD GET INNOCENT PEOPLE KILLED! POLICE DISPENSE FINES, FOOD RATIONING IN PLACE!

Before legitimate social unrest and protests can get underway, we should watch for false flag atrocities and staged unrest. Just as The Empire employs controlled opposition to create opportunities for action in the wider world, it will now do so at home. Violence, rioting, vandalism and the like, will likely be undertaken by Agent Provocateurs to frighten the population further and promote an even more draconian crackdown. Similarly, now would be the time to stage “Terrorist Attacks” from Iran to outrage the traumatized and paralyzed—literally—populations of the Western Oligarchies. China, I suspect, is already slated for the indirect economic sanctions of protective embargo. As we now live in a Totalitarian State, the Government can operate overtly without even the bad pretenses and deliberate obviousness of recent years false flags and fakery. 



An Alternative Narrative? Wishful Thinking?

The unknown that lays ahead for all of us is both exhilarating and scary. Exhilarating in the long term, but rather scary in the short term. All empires eventually die and we’re in the terminal phase of the New World Order that will not recover from the Russian roulette game it has been playing, for Vladimir Putin handed it a loaded gun and it pulled the trigger.

The last few weeks put everything in place for the last battle. There are so many different facts and events, left and right, and I will try to do my best to remain methodical in this complicated expose. Bare with me, I’ve been struggling with this because of the insane amount of additional details that each day provides.

A little context is required. The New World Order concept is simply the wish of a handful of international bankers that want to economically and politically rule the whole planet as one happy family. It started in 1773 and if it went through important changes over the years, but the concept and objective haven’t changed an iota. Unfortunately for them, international banks that have been looting the planet through the US dollar since 1944 are now threatened by hyperinflation, as their printing machine has been rotating for years to cover their absurd spendings to sustain oil and resource wars that they’ve all ultimately lost. In order to prevent this upcoming hyperinflation, they generated a virus attack on four countries (China, Iran, Italy and now the United States) to spread panic in the population, with the precious help of their ignominious medias. Even though this corona virus isn’t different from any new viruses that attack humans every year, the media scare pushed people to voluntarily isolate themselves through fear and terror. Some lost their jobs, companies are going bankrupt, the panic created a stock exchange crash that emptied wallets and dried assets, resulting in a few trillion virtual dollars off the market to release pressure off the currency.

So far, so good, but everything else went wrong in this desperate and ultimate banzai. The top virologist on the planet confirmed that chloroquine was being used by the Chinese with spectacular results to cure patients, then he improved his magic potion by adding a pneumonic antibacterial called azythromicin, and saved everyone of his first 1000 cases, but one. Donald Trump immediately imposed the same treatment through a fight against his own Federal Drug Administration, bought and owned by the deep state. This forced all medias to talk about Dr Didier Raoult’s Miracle Elixir, signing the death warrant on our confidence in all Western governments, their medical agencies, the World Health Organization, and medias that were trying to destroy the impeccable doctor’s reputation, while inventing sudden «dangerous side effects» of a nearly inoffensive drug that has been used for 60 years to treat malaria. Not so far away in Germany, internationally praised Dr Wolfgand Wodarg noted that the engineered panic was totally useless, since this virus isn’t any different than the others that affect us every years. This has been an amazing victory for Trump and the general population on social medias, whom exposed together the pathological lies of the official communication channels of every New World Order country. De facto, the credibility’s of these puppet governments have vanished in the air, and from the eye of the storm, Italy will surely exit the EU right after the crisis, which will trigger a domino effect running through every EU countries and NATO members. My friends, globalism is dead and ready for cremation.

International bankers couldn’t see it coming in 1991, when they dominated 95% of the planet after the fall of the Soviet Union. It seemed that nothing could halt their ultimate mission to complete their Orwellian dream: destroy a few countries in the Middle East, enlarge Israel, and get the total control over the world oil market, the last piece of their Xanadu puzzle that they’ve been working on for a whole century, starting with the Balfour declaration in 1917.

When Vladimir Putin got charge of Russia, there was no sign that he would do better than the drunk he had replaced. An ex KGB officer seemed like a choice more driven by nostalgia rather than ideology, but Putin had many more assets going for him than first met the eyes: patriotism, humanism, a sense of justice, cunning ruse, a genius economist friend named Sergey Glazyev whom openly despised the New World Order, but above all, he embodied the reincarnation of the long lost Russian ideology of total political and economical independence. After a few years spent at draining the Russian swamp from the oligarchs and mafiosis that his stumbling predecessor had left in his trail of empty bottles, Vlad rolled his sleeves and got to work.

Because his opponents had been looting the planet for 250 years through colonization insured by a military dominance, Vlad knew that he had to start by building an invincible military machine. And he did. He came up with different types of hypersonic missiles that can’t be stopped, the best defensive systems on the planet, the best electronic jamming systems, and the best planes. Then to make sure that a nuclear war wouldn’t be an option, he came up with stuff which nightmares are made of, such as the Sarmat, the Poseidon and the Avangard, all unstoppable and able to destroy any country in a matter of a few hours.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, gestures while speaking during an annual meeting with top military officials in the National Defense Control Center in Moscow, December 24, 2019. Putin said that Russia is the only country in the world that has hypersonic weapons even though its military spending is a fraction of the U.S. military budget. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, left, and Chief of General Staff of Russia Valery Gerasimov, right, attend the meeting.
With a new and unmatched arsenal, he could proceed to defeat any NATO force or any of its proxies, as he did starting in September 2015 in Syria. He proved to every country that independence from the NWO banking system was now a matter of choice. Putin not only won the Syrian war, but he won the support of many New World Order countries that suddenly switched sides upon realizing how invincible Russia had become. On a diplomatic level, it also got mighty China by its side, and then managed to protect independent oil producers such as Venezuela and Iran, while leaders like Erdogan of Turkey and Muhammad Ben Salman of Saudi Arabia decided to side with Russia, who isn’t holding the best poker hand, but the whole deck of cards.

Ending in the conclusion that Putin now controls the all-mighty oil market, the unavoidable energy resource that lubricates economies and armies, while the banksters’ NATO can only watch, without any means to get it back. With the unbelievable results that Putin has been getting in the last five years, the New World Order suddenly looks like a house of cards about to crumble. The Empire of Banks has been terminally ill for five years, but it’s now on morphine, barely realizing what’s going on.

Since there is no hope in starting WW3 which is lost in advance, the last banzai came out of the bushes in the shape of a virus and the ensuing media creation of a fake pandemic. The main focus was to avoid a catastrophic hyperinflation of the humongous mass of US dollar that no one wants anymore, to have time to implement their virtual world crypto-currency, as if the chronically failing bankers still have any legitimacy to keep controlling our money supplies. It seemed at first that the plan could work. That’s when Vlad took out his revolver to start the Russian roulette game and bankers blew their brains out upon the pressure on the trigger.

He called a meeting with OPEP and killed the price of oil by refusing to lower Russia’s production, taking the barrel to under 30 dollars. Without any afterthought and certainly even less remorse, Vlad killed the costly Western oil production. All the dollars that had been taken out of the market had to be re-injected by the Fed and other central banks to avoid a downslide and the final disaster. By now, our dear bankers are out of solutions.

In the meantime, Trump also poked at the tie-wearing gangsters. While medias avoided the corona-killing chloroquine subject, an old pill designed to cure malaria, Trump imposed to the FDA the use of this life-saving drug on US infected patients. Medias didn’t have any choice but to start talking about it, which ignited a chain reaction: big pharmas CEO’s were fired because they had just lost the vaccine contract, countries like Canada looked like genocidal fools for not using the cheap and inoffensive medication, while a most outrageous criminal act by a government was exposed in full light: the Macron government had proclaimed in January 2020 that chloroquine was harmful and had restrained its use, just a couple of weeks before the burst of the fake pandemic! Russian roulette is a popular game in Western governments these days around.

On Saturday March 28th, Russia announced its own corona-killing brew, based on Dr Raoult’s magic potion. Yet another Cossack blow, this time to the big pharmas jugular vein, while most Western countries now have to implement the good doctor’s treatment, or face the slap of a Russian pill coming to save its citizen. Putin is in the lifesaving business these days: in the last week of March, he sent 15 military planes filled with doctors and supplies directly to North Italy, after an aid plane from China was blocked by the Czech Republic. We’re about to learn that European countries fear that China or Russia finds the truth in the Lombardy region, where people are not dying from some corona bug, but probably from a deadly cocktail hybrid from two earlier vaccines for meningitis and influenza, that they were injected in separate vaccination campaigns.

Everyday brings amazing news. Well on Sunday March 29th, the most stunning of them all fell like a ton of bricks on social medias: confined onlookers learned that Trump had taken control over the Federal Reserve, that is now handled by two representatives of the Treasury of State. Of all the crazy news within the last month, this is by far the best and most shocking. After three years in power, Trump has finally fulfilled his electoral promise of taking private banks out of the US public affairs, ending a century of exploitation of the American citizens. He has put the infamous Blackrock investment group to start buying important corporations for the Fed, meaning that he’s nationalizing chunks of the economy, while avoiding the crash of the market by implicating important private investors in the deal.

President Donald Trump gestures with Jerome Powell, his nominee to become chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve at the White House in Washington, U.S., November 2, 2017
This outmost daring move comes at a crucial point in time, and faces us with the realization that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are united and have taken humanity to the crossroads of the New World Order and freedom. As I have stated often before, I thought that the world would deeply change between 2020 and 2024, because these would be the last 4 years of these two heroes in political power of their nations.

The New World Order is facing the two most powerful countries on the planet, and this fake pandemic changed everything. It showed how desperate the banksters are, and if we don’t want to end up with nuclear warheads flying in both directions, Putin and Trump have to stop them now.

Terminate the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF, the European Central bank, the EU, NATO, now. Our world won’t be perfect, but it might get much better soon.

Easter resurrection is coming. This might get biblical.


This video follows a similar theme – which is along the QAnon Narrative. Is this just a “feel good” video? It is certainly very well made – a bit “too good” perhaps? Again, wishful thinking? (5 mins 45)


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