Internet Archive’s “warning labels”, Dr Vernon Coleman and 2 More Doctors Speak in Germany and California

The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine starts adding warning labels to its archives

MIT Technology Review complained that it was allowing users to elude moderators and fact-checkers.

German Medical Doctor Katrin Korb – Speech [ENG subtitles] (09-05-2020)

German Medical Doctor Katrin Korb discusses covid19, the lockdown and the vaccine during a protest held in Oldeburg. English subtitles. (10 mins)

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Orange County Doctor Breaks His Silence on COVID-19

From the video description:

This might be the most important episode of Fleccas Talks: THE SHOW by far! This week Kez and I spoke with Dr. Jeff Barke (30 year board certified MD). He blows a hole in the MSM’s fake Corona Virus narrative and explains why it’s so important to get the country open as quickly and safely as possible. Dr. Barke receives a lot of flack for coming out and saying these things.


Dr Vernon Coleman – Coronavirus: Silent obedience will destroy us



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