“They Live,” COVID19 Mismanagement in Eire, Prof Dolores Cahill on CV, More on Masks and More

They Live – CV Version…. (2 minute video)

Cleverly edited to illustrate a point…

Dr Marcus De Brun – Covid-19 Mismanagement in Ireland.


This article will consider the potential for political and public-health mismanagement of the Covid-19 crisis, since confirmation of the first case in Ireland on 29/2/2020 to the time of writing 12/4/2020. I will begin with a brief outline of some of what is known about the Covid-19 virus, and what
is known about Coronaviridae in general. Using both the available information and data from the UK and Irish census, I shall point to various demographic facts pertaining to the Irish and UK jurisdictions. This data suggests that the current political and medical response in the Ireland, is
flawed, that current and previous Govt predictions in respect of management been widely ‘off point’. Current expert advice has failed to consider relevant demographic data and potential opportunities for a more tailored and effective effort at containment may have been overlooked.

Dr De Brun resigned from his position.


H.R. 6666: COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act

A few folks have flagged this up – not surprisingly because of the numbering. But look at the money involved…


This bill would provide $100 billion in grants to faith-based organization, clinics, medical centers, and other organization which perform testing for COVID–19, tracing of exposure to COVID–19, or services for individuals who are isolating at home. The funding could be used to pay their staff or purchase personal protective equipment to protect their staff.

No provision in this bill would make testing or quarantining mandatory. The bill includes privacy protections for the medical information of individuals that would limit how grantee organizations could share information collected with the federal government. (A large-scale disinformation campaign has made
absurd claims about this bill.)

Sponsor’s statement:

Dave Cullen – Debunking the Narrative (With Prof. Dolores Cahill)

An excellent discussion – proving that the scam is a scam – not about protecting public health. It raises the point that media organisations like the BBC play a role in protecting public health. In this case, they have
clearly not helped to protect the public health – and therefore should be sanctioned and/or have their broadcasting licence revoked/suspended. Any takers for starting a case? 😊

Dr Russell Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy

An interesting article, with references showing, again, masks don’t help anyone is going about normal everyday activities, in the current situation.


Doctor Speaks Out: “We Will Not Take it any Longer!”

He stands outside the front of the hospital – and tells it like it is.


Agenda 21/30 Goals and CV19 – Singapore

Singapore is a kind of “model technocracy…” Thanks to Justin for these



Singapore is a “Secure Smart Nation”


Dr Mercola – Rockefeller Foundation’s Plan to Track Americans



• Bill Gates has gone on record saying life will not go back to normal until we have the ability to vaccinate the entire global population against COVID-19. To that end, he is pushing for disease
surveillance and a vaccine tracking system that might involve embedding vaccination records on our bodies

• According to Gates, societal and financial normalcy may never return to those who refuse vaccination, as the digital vaccination certificate Gates is pushing for might ultimately be required to go about your day-to-day life

• The Rockefeller Foundation is also coordinating efforts in the direction of social control through the implementation of draconian COVID-19 tracking and tracing measures that are clearly meant to
become permanent

• April 21, 2020, The Rockefeller Foundation released a white paper, “National COVID-19 Testing Action Plan — Strategic Steps to Reopen Our Workplaces and Our Communities,” which calls for testing and tracing all Americans using a national database connected to other health

• The plan requires setting aside privacy concerns, and allowing infection status to be validated before entering schools, office buildings, places of work, airports, concerts and sport venues and much more

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