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Join the Legal Challenge to the UK Govt Lockdown by Simon Dolan


Thanks to Kerry for sending me this: (I’ve pledged)


My name is Simon, and together with a few other like-minded souls, we are launching a legal challenge against the UK Govt Lockdown.

We believe that the Govt has acted illegally and disproportionately over the COVID 19 lockdown and we are taking action.  

By forcing people to stay at home, and forcing businesses to close, they are, we believe, in contravention of basic Human Rights offered under English Law, that of the right to enjoy your property peacefully.

We can’t do this without you and urgently need your support. We’re going up against the government, so please contribute to our legal action now and most importantly share this page with your friends, family and on social media. 

The lockdown has and will lead to devastating economic impact (massive unemployment, tax increases, closure of businesses, reduced tax receipts etc) It has, and will lead to far more deaths from suicide, undiagnosed conditions, untreated conditions – indeed far more than would have been potentially saved by the lockdown. 

What we wish to achieve in bringing this case, is simply the freedom of individuals – the freedom to visit friends, freedom to earn a living, to socialise, in essence, the freedom of choice. That, of course, includes the freedom to stay inside – should you choose.


The “Letter before action” is a very detailed piece of work!


Here’s a snapshot of a few of the comments there:


It’s time that people realise who and what are pushing agendas – and it’s got to stop if we want a future for our children. People who are against the One True God and against Life need bringing you justice, and bound for eternity.


The lockdown has caused more damage to society than the virus itself, and is resulting in poverty, unemployment, starvation, domestic violence and child abuse, and a mental health crisis with many suicides. I’ll do anything I can to bring an end to it.


We are contributing as we agree with you 100%. Our freedom of speech and rights are being contravened in a dangerous way. This one dimensional approach to this situation is ludicrous.


NOW THIS IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!! Give us back our rights.

You do not lock people who are well in their homes, only the sick need to be quarantined, fresh air helps to build the immune system, being stuck indoors lessens it, what are you doing to us?


Totally agree the government does not have the power to order people to stay indoors, prevent freedom of movement, and gatherings of more than two, thereby Cancelling people’s rights to peaceful demonstrations. Also deeply suspicious how quickly oppressive laws were introduced without any debate.

Observation Deck

 Thanks to Kerry and others for sending me this. Here, some of the figures spouted by UK ministers about CV cases and alleged causes of death are scrutinised and checked using NHS and ONS stats.

Another Letter Requesting Removal of Measures

There are several typos and small errors here, but it’s quite similar to my own earlier report.

William Felderhof’s Site

Thanks to Julia for sending me an article called  – “LOKIN-20: The Lock Down caused Syndrome.” However, this has disappeared, but there are several interesting postings here.


Stuart sent me this link:

In response to the “Coronavirus Pandemic” governments and private corporations are quickly building a world we barely recognise,
let alone understand. 

In return, I politely assert myself:

I will not take medical procedures before giving my explicit consent.

I will not suffer loss of privacy through intrusive surveillance.

I will not be forced to identify myself through facial recognition or digital I.D.

I will not be treated as a convict for declining these offers.

Forcible administration of any product is totalitarian. 

As ‘government’ the world over grant themselves imaginary powers in response to a natural phenomenon…  The prospect of a planet-wide ‘open prison’ governed by corporations is no longer speculation.

We are flogging our supreme autonomy in the hope others will keep it safe. 

Disease has been around forever, and will continue to be.

I accept that being alive comes with risks. 

I reject a life dictated by business and take full responsibility for myself.

  – I do this for myself and future generations.

 It’s time to put aside petty differences and organise around simple common principles.


More Hospital-related Accounts

John sent me this

Our 6yr old son needs a follow up eye test it had been postponed due to the current situation. The clinic phoned yesterday and gave us a new appointment for Rochdale infirmary. My wife expressed concern about going to the hospital. Here’s the interesting part, the nurse said that it’s a ‘clean’ hospital. When my wife asked what she meant this was her reply. ‘ there are no covid cases being taken in, Oldham is dealing with all of Greater Manchester’s cases’ So if there is only one designated hospital in greater Manchester for covid cases why are all the others empty and not operating as usual?

Kim sent me this:

I was in the Laundrette and a woman said her dad went in Northampton Hospital, for a stent due to heart problems, ready to come out and died due to CV AND where I work, a new lady started work, and said her Uncle (Dads Brother) went into same hospital NGH for a hip operation, ready to come out and died of CV.

Graham sent me this

Some of info regarding hospitals being empty or under used, I know someone personally who works at a New Hampshire hospital in the USA. It was all kitted out for the expected influx of Covid patients and she was working on that specific ward, but it’s now been reverted back to a normal ward due to lack of patients/cases. She said the hospital is not very busy at all and can’t understand where all the normal patients are never mind the Covid cases. What’s worrying is the hospital is a part charity type where they don’t turn anyone away regardless on their ability to pay for treatment, it’s the safety net hospital for many of the poor.

Tim sent me this

I have just had a lovely long telephone chat with a member of the Neurological team at the J R in (—-). My wife has a rare neurological problem and will be having her annual meeting via a telephone appointment in May(rather than a visit-due to the CRISIS). The lady I spoke to lives quite  locally to me and her daughter is an ambulance driver at the J R. She said very quiet in COVID terms, 2 porters have sadly died though. Very low intake of patients this week (6) and A & E very quiet!?!!!!  She said countryside hospitals very quiet also. Manchester and London Very busy, due to high density levels and large spectrum of population. Please add this to your database of information




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