UK Testing and Tracking Plans, UK Measures are Unlawful, “New Normal,” Vaccine Experts Roundtable and More

UK’s CV Testing and Tracking Plans

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From Page 12:

Pillar 4: Surveillance testing to learn more about the disease and help develop new tests and treatments

1.25 Robust population surveillance programmes are essential to understand the rate of infection, and how the virus is spreading across the country. They help us to assess the impact of measures taken so far to contain the virus, to inform current and future actions, and to develop new tests and treatments. 

A disproportionate interference with rights and freedoms: Coronavirus regulations and the ECHR

 Thanks to Kate for sending me this link. I added the emphasis: 

It is submitted that these tests: (a) impose an over-rigorous and unreasonable fetter on the government’s discretion to remove or reduce the restrictions and are wholly incompatible with an application of the Siracusa Principles; (b) would (if applied) retain the restrictions (if, for example, there was not a ‘sustained and consistent’ fall in the death rate) even if an objective evaluation showed that less restrictive measures might have the same object; and (c) fail to require the Secretary of State to have any regard to the impact of the Regulations on the important rights and freedoms they restrict.

An evaluation of the scientific evidence would be unavoidable for any court reviewing the lawfulness and proportionality of the Regulations, as it would otherwise be unable to consider whether the measures were the least restrictive necessary in a democratic society.  This scientific evidence is far more uncertain than is generally accepted and there is, in particular, a great deal of uncertainty about the effectiveness of lockdowns in containing spread, the true mortality and infection rates and the accuracy of the modelling from Imperial College that has been key to government policy.

In conclusion, the application of the Siracusa Principles in a judicial review, taking account of the gravity of the removal of so many and such important rights and freedoms with so little democratic scrutiny, is likely to conclude that the measures are disproportionate to their object, were imposed following an unreasonable fetter on the government’s discretion and are thus unlawful.

Dr Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism

Thanks to Mark for this  – obviously linked to the surveillance and tracking agenda.

Brainwashing The General Population to Accept – “The New Normal”

A ‘pandemic drone’…

…and other technology could help limit the spread of coronavirus and ease restrictions sooner, but at what cost?” Again, the themes of tracking and surveillance are now being promoted more and more. Thanks to Henry for this link

Comparing the Virus Theory and Exosome Theory in Relation to CV19

A well-made 9 minute summary video

Another note about a CV test… I received via a US immunologist: 

They used non purified material from sick patients (5 or 7; can’t remember) and extracted genetic material (not a virus itself) from that. They found 79.6% homology with the 2003 SARS-CoV. Based on this, they are calling the current “virus” a coronavirus. 

Humans have 96% homology with the chimpanzee. Are you a chimp?

 Why test for antibodies for this 79.6% pseudo match? What possible value would either a positive or negative result have?

Comment From a former NHS Clerical Worker

I was asked to chat about the CV19 scam with the Unite Planet guys (Paul, Jonny and Bernardo) and they posted the 1st part of our chat. The comment below was left by Pauline

…during the ‘swine flu’ debacle, I was working for the NHS. (In a clerical position). My god, the meetings we had on emergency planning, we were going to be so desperate for staff we would all have to change the way we worked, even what jobs we did. And everyone was going to die…. Then we were guilt tripped into having the bloody vaccine-if we didn’t, we were letting everyone down, because we would get ill and put pressure on everyone else, bla bla. I didn’t know then what I know now, and had it. My health went downhill from that moment. It seemed like the public didn’t take the bait, and it faded away. This time they made sure we were made to fear it, no ignoring it this time! 

James Corbett on Gates and BMGF

This is part 1 of a documentary. It’s well put together and compares Gates to John D Rockefeller in the way he has able to portray himself as philanthropist. Worth considering  that there seems to be a “subtext” or “subliminal” in this video that the virus is still a huge problem – rather than it being described – basically – as a slightly worse-than-normal flu bug…

 We can see what’s going on, right….?


CDC Week 17 Report Confirms it’s really not much worse than an Annual Flu Bug

From Page 2

“Sustainable Development Goals”

Justin sent me a quote from the Guardian right inline with the narrative it has been promoting for years.

“Guided by the sustainable development goals, we can redesign the power of community, society and global collaboration, to make sure that nobody is left behind”

BBC Once Agaiin Publicises David Icke

The story is about his YouTube channel being deleted – but the “bullet points” shown affirm what many of us already knew.

Videos are deleted which

  • suggests coronavirus does not exist
  • contains medically unsubstantiated diagnostic advice about the virus
  • explicitly disputes the efficacy of guidance about social distancing and self-isolation that has been issued by the WHO and/or local health authorities

“Truth About Vaccines” – Round Table

In this hour-long video, 6 of the speakers discuss many of the problems with vaccines and the relevance to the CV19 scam.




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