UK Govt Lies Repeatedly, Masks Don’t Work, Bill Gates’ “Brave New World”

UK – Dolan Court Case Causes Government to Lie

It claimed the closure of schools was a recommendation, not an order…

“Masks Don’t Work In Infection Control in the General Population  – UK Government Officials

Being encouraged or coerced to wear a mask? Well, several Govt folks say it is a waste of time… Why so many contradictions? Because it is simply an operation to confound, confuse and see how obedient people will be – even when the “orders” don’t make sense and will be detrimental to you – not beneficial. Only 40 seconds…

Yet we were told they must be word on Public Transport (it’s similar to the above, then – another lie)

Millions of Deaths – But “You Don’t Care…”?

Picked up from Jason Christoff on Facebook – it succinctly highlights the ridiculous focus on the number of deaths (falsely) attributed to COVID-19.

“Don’t Care……”

Alcohol kills 3 million per year – don’t care

Junk food kills 11 million per year – don’t care

Smoking kills 7 million per year – don’t care

Abortion kills 45 million per year – don’t care

Drug overdose kills 600,000 per year – don’t care

Car accidents seriously injure 4.4 million per year – don’t care

Starvation kills 9 million per year – don’t care –

Lock downs causing starvation – don’t care –

Suicides kill 800,000 per year – don’t care –

57 million die every year regardless – don’t care –

Lock downs causing more suicides – don’t care –

Bill Gates said he wanted to use vaccines to reduce world population – don’t care –

Bill Gates admits that vaccine profits provide a 20 to 1 return on investment – don’t care –

Bill Gates admits the covid vaccine will injure or kill at least 700,000 people and that vaccine makers and governments need to be shielded from legal action when that happens – don’t care –

Bill Gates first vaccine trial has an injury rate that would see 1.5 BILLION people killed or injured – don’t care –

Bill Gates believes in killing and sterilizing poor minorities and has done so with vaccines already – don’t care –

Governments around the world have been caught purposely faking all the covid death and infection numbers, which means covid is entirely fabricated – don’t care –

The test for covid can’t test for covid and that means anything based on the covid tests (quarantine, states of emergency, closing businesses etc) is 100% fraudulent, illegal and smells like a preplanned holocaust – don’t care –

Nurses are coming forward in NY to say the hospitals are purposely killing patients to pad the fake covid death and infection numbers – are you OK with murder? – don’t care –

Masks don’t work at filtering out virus size particles and are proven to cause brain damage through oxygen deprivation. Masks also increase the chances you get sick because you breathe back in your own waste gases – don’t care –

There are over 10,000 legal challenges around the world where private citizens are suing their own governments regarding the faked covid no-demic and all government measures, which are proven to have zero scientific validity – don’t care –

COVID deaths 480,000 (proven a completely fabricated death count) – I SO DO CARE BECAUSE THE TV TELLS ME TO CARE AND I CAN’T THINK FOR MYSELF. Shut the world down, inject me with poison, bankrupt the economy, take away my rights, lock me in my house, attack anyone who can think like an adult and wear a mask that’s proven to cut off oxygen to my brain and make sure I recirculate polluted diseased air back into my lungs. I care about what I need to care about, in order that I virtue signal other mental infants…. so I feel safe personally. I do this because I lead a child life with a child mind and refuse to think about the future consequences of my actions…….which is just another childlike trait I embrace. I am an infant in an adult body.

To all the people who believe covid exists and who believe your government cares about you, your kids or your health……get your head out of your ass. Signed……..the real adults of this world. Wake up.

The Brave New World of Bill Gates and Big Telecom

Has Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gone “Overboard” in what he said here? He touches on 5G Strategies, Data Mining, Surveillance State & Transhumanism, Controlling Climate: Geoengineering, Owning Smart Cities And other topics in this comprehensive article.

The Number 322 and Corona Virus

A short video

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