Masks, A UK COVID Testing Experience and More on DJ Trump!

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I wonder if, soon, the councils will have a PA system to “chastise” people – we’ve already seen drones used in a few places. I hope, one day, the people that organised the placing of these markers end up either feeling stupid or ashamed of themselves or both.

A COVID-19 Testing Experience (UK)

Thanks to Matt for this – which  raises many questions for me. It shows how far this has progressed and how it is being perpetuated. It is a cause for great concern – Matt was essentially sent to what I would call a military checkpoint!  He is absolutely correct about brainwashing!

On Friday 12th June I was helping the transition of a client from his own flat into a local care home in Clent for the following day. The care home, at the last moment, asked the client’s daughter if he had been self-isolating, she replied “yes,” but she said she had been out in the community for walks and to get the newspaper. In which case, said the home, he will need to have a COVID test and when he gets here he will be in isolation until we receive the results. The daughter liaised with the mental health team, who were able to get us a slot at a testing station at the Waterfront – Merry Hill shopping centre that morning.

I managed to get us there exactly one minute before thee time slot, I don’t think it really mattered. We drove to the bottom end of the car park and were stopped by an army guy (they all wore masks and gloves) hand outstretched, he pointed to me and then to a sign to my right. It said “READ THIS” and gave instructions to keep windows closed and follow instructions  and to acknowledge to the officer I understood the instructions, I gave a thumbs up.

Like an airplane marshal, he signalled for me to drive to my right and follow the cones. Another soldier further down continued the pointing. Then I arrive behind 3 cars, already being attended to. Another soldier opens a few cones and waves me to drive through and halts me in line with the other 3 cars.

I was looking ahead at a female soldier but a tap at my window alerted me that another soldier demanded my attention. He was holding a card that simply stated ‘Ring this number.” So I did and got through to the same soldier who told me he was going to issue me a test kit from the box  to my left at a little table. He wants me not to open my window until he returns with the kit, then when  he returns open my window, I take the kit and to shut my window immediately again. “Do you understand?…” … “Yes,” I reply.

” Is it one or two tests kits you need?”

“One.” I say.

Off he goes for the kit. I receive the kit and once my window is closed he tells me to wait for the female soldier to direct me where to park and then I should open the kit and follow the instructions. Once I have followed all the steps in the kit I have to put my hazard lights on and another soldier will explain the next step.

If I need help, I was told also put on my hazard lights. The female soldier directs me to a spot and I open the kit, another soldier is looking through my window, I am not sure if he watched everything I did – I ignored him. In the kit was a tissue (to blow your nose before you start the procedure), blue disposable gloves, a sponge gauze and screw on tube to receive the swab, a Ziplock clear bag , a card with receipt number and reference telephone numbers and a biohazard bag.

The swab had to be rubbed against the back of my clients throat (not touching tongue or cheeks, otherwise test was invalid) more precisely, the tonsil area for 10-15 seconds then with the same swab insert into the nose at least 2.5cm or until you hit resistance and rolled around again for 10-15 seconds. Then the swab goes into the plastic tube, snap off the stem and screw on the lid.

Then this and the foam gauze went into the clear Ziplock bag and sealed and this Ziplock bag went into the biohazard bag. It said “Do not seal the bag until you have been told to do so.”

I put on my hazard lights and a soldier comes up and asks if I can hear him, I nod. He told me to lower my window 2 inches. I open my window, but it opens all the way down, he says two inches, I say it is sensitive, I raise my window and it closes completely. I lower it again and it is going all the way down again, I stop it two thirds down. He says that’s good enough.

Obviously, the risk of transmitting COVID is much less this side of the car park. He asks me to make sure the barcode on the bags, card and tube all match, I say they do. He asks me to tear the silver strip on biohazard  bag, seal it and to retain the reference card. Then he tells me to reverse out and drive to my left and stop at a white table, lower my window and drop it onto the table and leave immediately. I did this step, where a soldier told me how to get out.

All the soldiers were  very nice, but I found it very unsettling. My client (has mid-stage dementia) was deeply upset by this, and said he couldn’t understand what was going on. It didn’t really help much by my saying  ‘me neither’.

I feel this is part of the brainwashing to make us feel how utterly dangerous COVID is supposed to be. A totally ridiculous episode. My girlfriend, when I related these events to her thought this was “brilliant.” I have been trying in vain to wake her up for years,  but mainstream media has had its way with her, I am sorry to say.

Masks – BMJ Article

Thanks to Clyde for sending me this article/letter – which contains some important considerations, but also has some implicit assumptions –  that other COVID related measures are actually relevant/sensible (when we can determine, fairly easily, that they are all irrelevant and not about protecting public health). I have to highlight one point though:

(5) Face masks make breathing more difficult. For people with COPD, face masks are in fact intolerable to wear as they worsen their breathlessness.[5] Moreover, a fraction of carbon dioxide previously exhaled is inhaled at each respiratory cycle. Those two phenomena increase breathing frequency and deepness, and hence they increase the amount of inhaled and exhaled air. This may worsen the burden of covid-19 if infected people wearing masks spread more contaminated air. This may also worsen the clinical condition of infected people if the enhanced breathing pushes the viral load down into their lungs.

The general wearing of masks in daily life, where one isn’t working in a dusty environment etc harms the health of the wearer.

Dr Vernon Coleman – More on Masks

Again, Dr Coleman accurately assesses some of the bigger issues with mask-wearing.

Part 1:

Part 2:

DJ Trump and QAnon – More information

Love him, hate him, castigate him, ridicule him? Some think he’s just another actor/puppet… Maybe he is… but I couldn’t help finding these links to be quite interesting… He tweeted Archbishop Vigano’s letter – which speaks of a global struggle between good and evil etc.

Here’s a summary of what some people think Trump is doing (the article isn’t as long as the scroll bar might suggest!)

And what about QAnon? Are some folks putting out disinformation about it/him? This video contains many facts and clips of Trump’s speeches which strongly suggest QAnon may be being ridiculed by mainstream sources for a very good reason…

Predictive Programming?

This was sent to me by someone in Jersey – a Local Supermarket’s “Bag For Life” What an unusual plant! Is this more predictive programming? How is it arranged that they would use images like this in advance?


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