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Anonymous Statement Analysis of the Bill Gates April BBC Interview

This was posted back in April, but Chris made me aware of it. It seems to follow Peter Hyatt’s technique, but I don’t know who has done it – there is not much information here: So, don’t read this as being either written or endorsed by Peter Hyatt, but it seems to confirm what other lines of research show:



Question 1.  Does Gates have a specific vaccine in mind? It is likely at the time of this interview Gates either knows which vaccine is to be used or has a specific vaccine in mind which he believes is the one which will be chosen.  There are different reasons why he may conceal this information.  Safety testing,  effectiveness. We don’t know.


Question 2. Does he expect the vaccine to be safe without detrimental side effects?

From the language it is likely that Gates expects there to be safety issues with the vaccine.  Gates prioritizes safety before effectiveness but then removes safety when referencing the “Huge challenge” presented by older people.


Question 3. Is there anything else within the language of interest?

a.     Gates offers no guarantees of either safety or effectiveness, yet he wants all seven billion people to take the vaccine. 

b.     Gates linguistically removes himself from the people taking the vaccine in this interview.  He does not say “All seven billion of us”. He is not there. It would be interesting to hear his answer to the question of whether he and his loved ones will be taking the vaccine.

c.     Gates will likely seek indemnity for any vaccine he is involved with which will leave him out of reach for anyone who suffers side effects in both the short term and long term.


Final Thought


From the few analysts and others I have either read or discussed this with, some will be there with their sleeves rolled up ready for the injection, whilst others will do whatever it takes to avoid the vaccine needle.  The most important thing in my opinion is that we are given the freedom to make the choice ourselves with as much information as possible. 

 Revisiting an Event 201 Document.

I was just checking up on this “Fact Sheet” – which continues to be “amazing” because of how it predicted the future…

Folks that haven’t watched the video highlights yet can do so here


Prepared by Amesh Adalja and Lane Warmbrod

The FICTIONAL Coronavirus Acute Pulmonary Syndrome (CAPS) is an acute respiratory

infection that can progress to pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome. It is

caused by a swine-origin coronavirus (CAPS virus).

The CAPS virus is from the same family of viruses as SARS and MERS but is antigenically

distinct. The virus has existed in the fruit bat population for many years and has been

transmitted to domestic pigs. The virus causes mild disease in pigs.

Like SARS and MERS, a mutation in the CAPS virus enabled human infection, leading to one

or more spillover events to pig farmers in South America, but with limited human-to human

spread. Like SARS, a further mutation in the CAPS virus later enabled efficient

human-to-human transmission.

The CAPS virus is more transmissible in mild cases than SARS-CoV, and spread by mildly

symptomatic individuals is possible. Transmission is via the respiratory route, mostly by

respiratory droplets, with some proportion being airborne during aerosol-generating

medical procedures.

Approximately 50% of CAPS cases require hospitalization, many of them in an

intensive care unit (ICU).

The CAPS fatality rate in hospitalized patients is about 14%.

The overall case fatality rate (CFR) is 7%.

The average R0 is 1.74.

The incubation period ranges from 5 to 7 days.

There is no licensed vaccine for any coronavirus, although some are in development for

SARS and MERS. There is no antiviral drug with an indication for coronavirus treatment,

although there are several drugs, including anti-HIV drugs, that might be effective. In this

scenario, there is one FICTIONAL HIV antiviral—extranavir—that may be effective for

treatment or prophylaxis of CAPS.

CONFIRMED! The Absolute SCIENCE Behind MASKS And The PROOF THAT THEY DON’T WORK with Denis Rancourt!

Rancourt makes some excellent points and observations – which explain, pretty convincingly, that the bulk of the “pandemic” deaths were caused by … the WHO’s announcement of a pandemic….

Of course, the discussion assumes the virus is transmitted and infectious etc – which some disagree with! (e.g. Dr Andrew Kaufmann)

“Unmasking the Mask Holes”

I will say that have some criticisms of this video – in the style of the music and some of the presenter’s language but, overall, I thought it was definitely worth including here, so make of it what you will. He’s probably expression his annoyance and despair at the people who won’t see what is, literally, in front of their faces.

Single Parent – Could Her Child Be Taken From her as a result of “Track and Trace”?

Posted on Anna Brees’ Channel. How many hundreds or thousands of parents are faced with a similar dilemma, or will be soon? All because of a fake test and an exaggerated of faked/propagandised viral threat. (5 mins)

Ex Primary School Teacher Describes How He Feels

Very calmly explained – and echoing most of my sentiments (although I think the truth about what is going on is a little clearer than he suggests – but then again, it depends how long you’ve been looking etc) (5 mins approx)

Leah Butler Smith – on UK’s Mainstream “This Morning” ITV Programme – 24th July 2020

She does a good job bringing up a lot of issues – nearly all of which the show hosts and the good Dr fail to engage with…


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