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Consistent Inaccuracies in COVID-19 Testing and Reporting

Story at-a-glance

·      A suspiciously high number of laboratories in Florida are reporting 100% of COVID-19 viral tests as positive. It appears many labs may be submitting positive results only, omitting negative results altogether

·         In Florida, while each positive test result is counted as a “case,” a single person may have two or more test results. So, one infected individual can be counted as two “cases”

·         Some states have also excluded negative test results from their reporting, thereby giving us an incomplete and misleading picture of the spread of the disease across the country

·         If the prevalence of infection in the community is 1%, and you have a test that’s only 99% specific, then about 50% of all positive tests will be false positives

·         The BD SARS-CoV-2 Reagents for the BD Max System test has a 3% false positive rate. The Cellex antibody test, which has a reported sensitivity of 94% and specificity of 96%, delivers unacceptably high rates of false positives

UK Govt Mask Exemption Card – Print Yourself!

Wearing a Mask in School – and a supposed “Greenhouse Gas”

The title of this video is deliberate…. Was deleted…

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Vernon Coleman Discusses BBC “Debunking” Of Objections to Mask Usage

Bumper List of Studies About Medical Mask Usage

As I have posted on Facebook, those who want to claim “I wear a mask to protect others” also make an implicit assumption – that they themselves ARE infected. Most of these people have not even taken the (literally) useless test – so they’ve been led to believe they are infectious, based on no evidence! If they are convinced by this logic, they should NEVER even get out of bed – as they may injure or kill someone by their actions – such as when driving to work, or falling down some stairs and injuring someone else on the way down.

Thanks to Nuno for this. The “Ministry of Truth” (WHO’s that, you may ask…) is, most likely, currently quite interested in this list…

Just wanted to send this quick list of mask studies in case you’re interested. Most of them come to the same conclusions, there’s no evidence masks work. I include 2 links to show how “they” are censoring things as we speak:

Take care.…..pdf

Dr Simone Gold – White Paper on HCQ Usage/Absuage

This is a comprehensive collection of information – indicating that HCQ is another major threat to one of the pillars on the COVID-19 scam – that the only solution is mass vaccination. i.e. HCQ can be used to alleviate all symptoms of whatever is attributed to the COVID-19 and they normally make a full recovery – not surprising when the drug has been in use for over 60 years…


  • General Consensus HCQ is safe Cardiologists
  • Safety Studies
  • CDC Statement
  • American Heart Association
  • Efficacy Studies (sample)
  • Corruption of the Scientific Journals
  • Corruption of the Media
  • Censorship of the Public “Town Square” & Surgisphere
  • Excessive & Punitive Regulations at the State Level & Off-Label Use
  • Misstatements at the Federal Level
  • Why Has HCQ Been Maligned
  • Implications for the USA if restrictions on HCQ are not lifted immediately

 US Frontline Doctors Speak Out

They are still mainly talking about an “infectious virus” etc, but they are rejecting a lot of the fear mongering and disinformation

Anonymous Response to one of My Leaflets

I received this while editing this post together. Isn’t it interesting how this person hasn’t even chosen to identify themselves – nor have they provided specific links or information to refute evidence that I’ve referred to in the leaflet. (I’ve produced several leaflets, so I don’t which one this person is referring to – still, as they’re clearly no good at referring to information, it’s hardly surprising they didn’t include this information.) It’s a sad indictment of the mentality of some people – why would they waste time ridiculing a nobody like me, when the destruction of our liberties continues? Or, perhaps this person will contact me again, with their real name and links and evidence to back up what they are claiming…?

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From: Not an idiot <>

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Pleased to say I received your leaflet through my door today and it did give me a wonderful laugh this morning. You conspiracy theorists are loving this aren’t you. A mask isn’t going to kill you but the Actual Pandemic might, so just wear a mask for a few months and then we can all get on with our lives. It’s really not that difficult. You’re not being muzzled. The masks are helping. Look at the countries who have re-opened who diligently locked down and wore masks. They’re all open again.

Also I saw on your website you call AIDS a scam, so, for that, eat shit I guess.

Have a great day.

Not An Idiot.

P.S We all had a good laugh at your leaflets in our road, so thank you for a good morning read.



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