“WHO Must Be Destroyed”, Frontline Doctors – already censored? Fiona’s Perspective and More

Frontline Doctors – Website Disappears and Daily Mail Hit Piece

The https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com/ website seems to have disappeared. However, a 3 hour Bitchute video of their summit is still available: https://www.bitchute.com/video/JYDcnJFEnw4W/

The most passionate advocate of HCQ in the video of the “Frontline Doctors” – Dr Stella Immanuel – has been the subject of a substantial hit piece in the Daily Mail


Not surprisingly, Trump is mentioned – so the general “flavour” of the article is that anyone who promotes HCQ as a treatment is “bonkers”. What on earth do the beliefs of one doctor have to do with the proven efficacy of a 65-year old drug? Good old DM! Protecting and promoting public health by censoring data and “attacking the messenger…”  Shameful – despicable journalism.

Fiona, From Dorset, UK Eloquently Gives Her Perspective

This lady has really done some thinking and then some excellent writing. Wise words at the end…


This is one of a series of thought-provoking “Video Diaries” posted on Anna Brees YouTube channel over the last few days. Here is another by Ray – finding the same sorts of things as perhaps most readers here are:


The Fact-Free Lockdown Hysteria | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

A sardonic 53 minutes – Recorded at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 16 July 2020.


Argonautica – Investment Info Website – “Hocus Pocus Science”

Quite a lot of detail about death numbers/cases etc, all referenced.

Part 1 – The hocus “science” behind lockdown

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“WHO MUST BE DESTROYED”, the plan of Taormina

The “Vincit Leo” group have posted an update and an article about this (in English) was published,  a couple of weeks ago in the Catholic “Remnant” Newspaper:


Italian Catholic Association to Bring Criminal Proceedings Against the World Health Organization

“The State has no right to interfere,” the Appeal noted, “for any reason whatsoever, in the sovereignty of the Church,” and it asked that restrictions on the celebration of public Mass and Sacraments be removed.

Well, that Appeal has now moved on to the next stage.  The organization responsible, Vicit Leo, has posted the following press release on their website www.vicitleo.org, in which they announce their intention to “bring criminal proceedings against the World Health Organization and others whom the Vicit Leo association considers may be open to criminal prosecution.”

I received this note from a contact I have in Italy:

I forgot to add that Taormina (the older guy) has submitted data to the Rome prosecutor’s office on all local health authorities and their responses to the scamdemic, the law says that if the prosecutor sees reasonable grounds for proceeding against a party it is then obliged to do so – in the case of parliamentary privilege or the  policy making rights of MPs and Senators a separate procedure exists (and here it gets juridically more complicated). Taormina is known or reputed as a fearsome foe once he gets his teeth into something.

This video is from the same group – it’s in Italian, however. At the bottom, I have pasted a YouTube auto-translation, but it’s hard to follow.


The description of the video reads (translated into English):

“Delenda OMS” (WHO must be destroyed “) is the eloquent title of the press conference promoted by the association Vicit Leo, a movement born during the lockdown. Despite the isolation and indeed precisely because of forced isolation. After reporting the Government for “culpable Pandemic” [do not miss the in-depth analysis in the interview with Carlo in Taormina, link at the bottom] the jurist Carlo Taormina, academic and former under-secretary of the Interior, now points the finger at the WHO, calling it a health Moloch whose decisions have maliciously led to disaster Italy and the world. The World Health Organization, the UN’s armed wing, deprives States of their right to decide the best health policies for their citizens. The problem is that it is only a sovereign state to be able to denounce the WHO. And therefore it is necessary the birth of a political movement that has this among its objectives. During the conference, filmed by the cameras of Byoblu, in addition to Carlo Taormina in The expert in Health Governance and Risk Management Prof. Pierfrancesco Belli and the honourable Roberto Fiore, national secretary of Forza Nuova and President of the European party APF. And there also comes a letter written by Monsignor Viganò. Watch the interview with Carlo Taormina “WHY I REPORTED THE GOVERNMENT” –

Auto-generated and translated Transcript of video above:

then good evening and welcome to this press conference entitled indo ms or to put it in English let’s say smash the q the purpose which bring together precisely as you see at the table we say important professional men of all levels in each sector because because it has arrived maybe not after all that happened kovida etcetera emergency to give a strong blow to this we could also call it moloc health that is precisely the ms I would say to leave immediately so there we immediately go into detail and immediately pass the word to roberto flower that will speak precisely of the dictatorship speech from a point of view then we first of all frame the moment in the last 5 6 months of of our social life but I’m not in Italy all over the world we have known a new phase of politics from the social life we ​​have defined the sanitary dictatorship we entered an ultra or better phase denial of the constitution of denial of the penal and civil codes of the law in general and of the most basic of the most basic rights we think straight to the movement all this has been taken I would say a lot civilly in the early days by everyone then people started to wonder what had clearly happened as it always happens in Italy perhaps also in other countries there are free spirits that already after 7 10 15 days begin to wonder what is going on and have suffered the first signs of political impatience not only as a movement but us certainly we as a movement have immediately made it clear even with gods important appeals that have been filmed not only by Taormina lawyer but also from other politicians I think of the appeal to Pope because of the fact that one could no longer celebrate Mass, one could not go at church you cannot enter a church there was a moment that churches were closed it was not clear why we also think about the manifesto against abuse of the police abuse we think about what has been said immediately on the need to have economic and financial appeals important for a state like the Italian one that would have suffered and is suffered in a crazy way precisely because there is no possibility of issue money and there is a political class that we know perfectly well in this phase of thought development many interesting things happened I would say more in Italy than in other countries we think for example of complaints from which the lawyer taormina will speak to and to the important studies of Professor beautiful but here I mention it because they are the ones who will have to speak it is clear that having identified in the world organization of health in the so-called or better in the water health organization the element fundamental of what happened is a new fact because we say it because we were able a little thanks to our contacts abroad thanks to everything we have seen all over the world we have seen that some sort of was formed near the national governments shadow governments of groups of people who were called consultants scientists people who in the end whose CEO whose we were fundamental to the governor of the region for the taken me for the minister of health for the president of the board not only italy but all over the world and this organization decided on the present of peoples we know that right now to the economy of almost all the world has lost strength and we have very strong signs of instability coming some sense are postponed to September then attention but what we hear in September to September I always fear a certain meaning that we say in the face of what the healthy righteous anger of the people some Italian people then add some maneuver something to recover this system that is collapsing he thought today is what you have now seen the matter at will maximum synthesis then we in this moment and we glimpse in this organization that moreover enjoys very important diplomatic immunity this fact because all offices all officials of this world organization enjoy enjoy un immunity marked by dates see in 47 a specific law was made that says everyone those who act for reading in the UN have immunity diplomatic so think how with me I don’t mean how they are covered but how this organization was structured and then we see that in moment when there is the first of the great scandals or not what is felt immediately to us biolo reported immediately it seems to me that it was April 9 I would not make a mistake or 9 but therefore not April 9 the about the famous circular of the Lombardy region throughout the Lombardy region subscribes to a circular of of the governor who says it is possible or rather, the rsa are encouraged to take the various sick low lairs intensity this action alone to this is a calculation that makes the evening run farther when it is already talked about causes the death of at least 7 thousand people and this is an element that I carry I know very well that the lawyer taormina went to dig to bring let’s say a lot of but more here I stop on this on this very important data, however, it is also of course the governor of the fountain region says but I got the yes and encouragement from the ms then it is done in britain article these days is also bursting with it scandal also there world health organization therefore the constancy of the presence of this structure and I don’t even want to go to see bill gates who admits I know he put the money and he is in charge of the countryside that a very anomalous characteristic of the discourse of the foundations and charitable organization why this and then you should be for which you have a person or group of people better say that has a philosophy let’s say to remain in a certain sense moderate in speaking it certainly is deeply anti-Christian the Malthusianism that he believes in it is not a philosophical Malthusianism as it would be beautiful in the world if we were in less is a balthus and in the next operational than the other thing means just scientifically organize the cut of the world population is another whole series of things that professor belli is studying alps i I want to stop a second on this on what he will say will professor belli and that is, we have the greatest double expert in front of us and that is it person who already knows that he has already clashed with bill gates precisely because and this is already a war that has already begun for some time and is now exploding in the most explosive part most interesting most extraordinary but one war that has been going on for some time and basically aims at the camp game human health family health childbirth all things that we consider quiet safe as the British would say instead they are part of a huge awful huge operation on this part organization I conclude by saying that political commitment as commitment of professionals the commitment of the say of the experts is that of bring this battle to all homes it is not easy because the attention often typical of the great elites is that of hiding under concepts that become incomprehensible when it is then very simple there is the defense of life there is the defense of true health that is defense of the hippocratic oath and on the other hand there are people who have other designs in the face say then another world view therefore this sense I really thank both the lawyer taormina that professor belli to be here I would give the word lawyer taormina remembering here in a sense that in this moment in the presence of true and let’s call them knights of liberty or rather knights of liberties that is, people who have always fought for freedom in their lives of our people today, our only one is fundamental guarantee of salvation because if we look at the political picture we have seen the more total disaster sleep sleep mortal here instead I do word to the lawyer taormina who will surely tell us something good evening everyone first important things have already been all flower nets very well indeed the world health organization is been unmasked now I think the trump’s decision not to provide the funding of the organization will mean in the near future future certainly a reason for sizing forces but you have to remember another thing that next to it is the world health organization but there are the representations in the individual countries of the world health organization which are worse than silk organizations this risk of thistles that one wonders ricciardi that which rages in our country with proclamations of misfortune and what else is the expression of the fact that from that from that root is that of the world health organization then spring from the centers of power that take root within the individual states and make beauty and beauty bad weather and we saw it during the lock down we have seen how much incidence it has had and how many problems it has brought part of another release that is being considered apart from the fact that the World Health Organization enjoys immunity diplomatic that poses problems from the point of view of judicial initiatives from to be able to assume, if not through a mechanism, that of involvement that is, the individual states are able to act against the world health organization for the damage it has produced because it has produced incalculable damage from the point of view not only of human lives but then for all that is happening on the economy on the gods social relationships and so on, therefore we are laura for example working with this committee to see if it’s possible determine the conditions for the Italian state to intervene judicially against a global health dimension and the thing is quite possible because the relationship what we technicians call the relationship causality among the organizational determinations world health and what have been the positions taken by the government Italian in the management of the dl of the emergency of the coronavirus are be absolutely specular for which the Italian government must understand that if you don’t support this initiative with respect to involvement in it worldwide world judicial initiative the World Health Organization is likely to respond only and only to the government Italian because there is no doubt that what happened in these three four months draws all and exclusively answers responsibility of the dl of the Italian government is news of these days and therefore I also use it in this here where I am only present as a technical element and I say let’s say in some way of support to what are some yes can say that you have in mind to take that you are taking well the Italian government is completely there from the point of view of its responsibility for having in my opinion maliciously taken positions that led to the disaster do not forget that the declaration of the state of emergency for health reasons was made first of all by World Health Organization however would have resulted in that statement look at the mirror image of what happened in our country the world organization declares a state of emergency but does not indicate things that must be done despite the fact that china already knew delayed in giving directions and news but China has given them the indications of the news, it is not true that not the date he gave them he gave them all I was able to report to Rome prosecutor’s official documents from which it appears but what the Italian state knew about when he moved in the wake of the world health organization then the organization of health moves from indications of a certain type after which on January 31 the Italian government makes the same declaration of the state of emergency and does exactly what he ordered world health organization because you know he remembered flower now April 9 April I remind you of the 99 of March that we all have before us we the name of march is the day when the lockdown begins but from the 31st from the beginning of January and in any case to all concede from the 31st of January sea day when Italy declares the state of emergency was done absolutely nothing because the world organization had determined that nothing should be done then omission two are things or let’s say the mission is part of away from the world organization this does not mean exclusion of responsibility from the Italian state because the Italian state would have had to take its own anyway Politically determined make his political choices which can go very well against what had been the determinations of the world health organization but here ricciardi or riccardi on duty that I never remember was what he imposed on the Italian government instead behave in a certain way, even conditioning an institution as important and fundamental as the college that is was how to say the support but at the same time also the simulacrum of support with respect to general government activity then things are exactly in these terms today we discount 37 35 37 thousand died for various reasons that have been indicated the main certainly was that of not having adopted immediately the urgent and drastic measures that would have imposed themselves that were imposed and which were not made because the world organization did not health and consequently the Italian government did not after which the others the other things were almost consequential designed for example to everything that has happened around the so – called red zones in the red areas of lombardy but also of sicily people like them have died flies because precisely the Italian government had to establish red zones it does not have them instituted the dead were counted in the thousands so it was all a concatenation with respect to incapacity notorious of our health system to be able to face a problem of this kind of thing that at present a conscious government could not fail know and therefore could not consider when he decided not to do nothing so those forty days 35 40 days were not only fatal physically for people who died in ways that I am not to tell I made a collection of all a case study for all of Italy and that I handed over to the Rome prosecutor’s office to show how they amassed the people like they massed her, that is, they beat people they sedated her and she was there for how much 5 after 45 he died and maybe 45 days the intubation the pipes made facts that should not be done but still when I vaccinate them they beat me that i’m old they gave him that he was less old neither good nor less old so I mean something was done really reminiscent of flower rsa there has been an extermination of a generation of elderly people that has been one truly gruesome thing and why the college of health care does it behaved in this way by giving the government the opinion that it was necessary they could put the infected into the rsa because the world organization of the health that said the Italian government queued had said that it was a situation that was perfectly manageable in this way so we have in front of us a chain of responsibility which however is it always and only concludes the World Health Organization then of course from words we have to move on to facts from my point of view non-political staff because I don’t understand it but from my point of view judicial that it is essential to take into consideration it takes the attack in front of our state order to our government because it must be put going on in the head that if he somehow wants to get a chance to re-emerge with a say so with a mitigating factor to remain under the profile responsibility the only thing he has to do is attack the world health organization this is the theme that is being addressed at the first level right now of everything in legal terms for there are immense problems to be able to put together an initiative of this of this kind meanwhile, we did our duty because we put it in condition the power of attorney of rome in our small but meaning from italy because the Rome prosecutor’s office has collected the mapping of all Italy therefore in rome it is also bergamo in rome it is also raise lombardo in rome it is also member all of Italy is in Rome with a series of thousands of deaths demonstrated through testimonies of the people who killed them who have seen killing therefore rome is able to do justice for all of Italy it only takes one or some support because of course the cover-up is behind it the corner you know as well as three times they tried during the coronavirus three times they tried to do the amendment putting it the shield the criminal shield which meant not only criminal shield but also meant exclusion of liability for the damages caused therefore people who died without autopsy people who died and she was cremated without even knowing it family members and anything else all these things have come together and have really determined something unwatchable of unsustainable power of attorney of rome has made this first step but unfortunately we need we there the paramare system in Italy is not that if we have the judiciary then we need two things the first to support and follow with with i would say in a really heavy way everything that is happening without make discounts to anyone the first thing certainly is certainly this is here we need training for information to serve the boss team like the one we have been dealing with for some time and know it we see look at these hours where the wrath of God is happening in the halls of power because because the passage of the acts to the court of ministers means count indictment hope incrimination and all competitors not no one speaks no one all are all bought bought so I mean the information starts from here to from another part we try to make mass somehow but the information is crucial because if if in silence looming is the end so i mean i fully agree with the fact that that is the central point with which to confront that the world health organization must be fought by all means you do politics we do judicial politics so to speak we will do the our duty therefore let us hope that the future will give us a hope of recovery because as it is, it seems to me that if there is a forecast of September of October for something that for something that looks like resurgence and anything else it will be really very difficult to recover but we are here and we fight then I read this letter there is a conference you know, however, was promoted by the leo winnings association which is an association which in any case also has Christian purposes put it this way and therefore it is an honor for us we said to have received also this this letter signed by monsignor carlo maria which viganò us strongly encourages the association to encourage how many they want to fight what I have called just sanitary mork in all let’s say all the possible leaders then Monsignor vindicated the complaint first of all in some way what is an ethical social emergency in particular he refers to all these recent aspects that have occurred occurred in this kobe emergency and which according to him constitute the last step of a process in which colossal economic and unconfessable interests Social engineering plans prevail over health protection citizens and ethical duties of the entire medical category, therefore one in short, a fairly important complaint he tells us in order to encourage the association rather than all those who have this Christian sentiment this focus on fragile categories but even if we want a kind of love for what is truth strongly calls for opposition to the establishment of that government world desired by the elite and created with the complicity of international organizations Monsignor viganò continue says a return to those principles is desirable ethics that must inspire the action of professional order institutions in particular, doctors and researchers violate them in the basic name profit purpose represents a betrayal of the hippocratic oath that all doctors have solemnly promised to honor an attention very important step even more important even harder if we want this other step in which he says respect for life from conception at natural death the adoption of even health policies that promote motherhood and protect the family consisting of men and women cell of society the harmonious and complete development of the individual taking into account his legitimate aspirations not only material but also the protection of the integrity of the innocence of the formless child is spiritual of natural ideological indoctrination I am referring in particular to ideology gender the implementation of programs that give way to the poorest nations of not to be plundered in their human and material resources and to be able to do so develop a healthy economy that liris that anger raises them and gives them dignity they are essential points of the social commitment of the Catholic that we must also find in the commitment of the doctor and those who work in health his eminence finally hopes that this sort of we call obscurantism will cease moral thanks precisely to the commitment of those who he calls children of light and you know that in a very important letter that in short, addressed to the President Trump are those who at this time they are fighting against the children of the tents he invites precisely the commitment and collaboration of all those children of light in order to win this battle this is his message and we leave the word now precisely the professor Francesco goods that one of the highest experts of the MS already president of the risk and health ethics committee to become an expert in particular in managing risk analysis had a sudden commitment must go away we thank him clearly if you want to say maybe 22 words to the young people who have come right now for a while with listening to you so telegraph after two minutes if you can add something compared to what you said before I didn’t say I just want to say that we are going through some complicated moments from a complicated point of view not to say dramatic from the point of view of the democratic life of our country I believe that a situation is already under everyone’s eyes I would say almost devastating paradoxically perhaps the coronavirus was able to put even more in light what are the shortcomings of our of our system I am part of a certain world and we say a certain kind of interests that that as you know judicial I think I can say something good about judicial world of these of these of these times is truly impossible I think that finally I say finally the bottom has been reached is a bottom that we have known everyone for a long time none of us especially those who are in charge of works did not marvel at what I am talking about palamara system that we all know and therefore we are not here to investigate it is the sign of the overall degradation of the state because at the moment on the plane on the plane of the administration of justice we come to this degradation level of corruption corruption a corruption that internal to the same judiciary and which finds its main expression within within to the top bodies which, among other things, are also constitutional and constitutional relevance I believe that worse than this can not fail can go and I tell you that you are inside from morning to night that I have been in the midst of these problems for 40 years I think a more degraded moment than we are with comparing it never existed it never existed because it can no longer be keep saying that to talk about the bad apples today we have the news from which roberto fiore of the story of the barracks of Piacenza but don’t be surprised because they are there many of barracks like that of piacenza is not that it is only the useless one that we continue with the philosophy of bad apples bad apples are not rotten apples and marches the system because in which way the state manages all its fundamental functions in the name of corruption in the end it cannot and is and has happened can only lead to these to these results I believe we really are I was saying is a good thing what we all learn today because everyone until now we run away who spoke badly was perhaps vilified because offended in addition to Java I sang now everyone finally knows how things actually are so it is better that it happened rather than live in hypocrisy and then I think it is this sector like many others sectors I would say all the other sectors because it is only the other powers of the have been in better condition the executive we know him the the organ of coordination of the presidency of the republic we know the parliament we know him so I mean I said before with Roberto Fiore not a thus intercalate from the point of view of some reflection that we were doing that in my opinion the time has come the time has come to reflect on fact that beyond the fundamental principles that the keeping of republican constitution born from the second world war not from the resistance from the second world war in my opinion has run out its time is not more able to meet the needs of ours of our daily life of our associated life I say this because perhaps returning just leaving from the judicial system which is the most and most attackable on the level of reforms because they always remain a sector reform maybe from here you have to do battles to really change things radically and perhaps from here find a way to overcome the structure constitutional that has proven to be absolutely inefficient on the plan of the possibility of guaranteeing justice to this country you talk about the four dictatorships well i say there is no shadow of doubt that the firm of a judicial both I do not mean at the head of everything but above but certainly because politics governs the judiciary the judiciary with the his blackmail the politics is as corrupt as the judiciary then both together make the two mice that yes that yes they help each other so this is the situation with the which we must necessarily compare and I think we will start with the attack on the justice system that is now vulnerable that it is now weak I think it’s the way to start an over of institutional reforms, the most difficult task is that of making you understand why we are in this context we are in this context because it is a process that has lasted for many years for more than twenty years in which we as citizens we could not control anything, verify nothing because they are the same regulations are not constituted by sovereign countries but respond to directives international respond to united nations respond armed reported the health that the ms consequently it is clear that we citizens of our article 32 of the constitution we can begin to understand that we must begin to give it a different value at work and less important the key passages I try to stop on gods key passages that are very important historians than to make the idea of what will happen by 2030 those who who in my opinion we want to implement they are implementing at christmas they are closing a path of sanitary blame is precisely is called universal health cover art within by 2030 we will have to be globalized here is the term health globalization which then degenerates and one general coloring then let us change costumes destroy one family carry on non-original copies let’s say it is not a method of globalizing therefore comparing countries industrial and third world country and I do it to make you understand gravity there make understand a simple thing you imagine it within one let’s say competition for the champions cup compare the sassuolo juventus is not possible because a difference own organizational that in health is established guidelines procedures training therefore automatically should make you understand that it is incomparable to compare an advanced industrial country whose citizens have struggled have suffered staff certain rights compete with countries of the third world so how do you implement this project I dare say crazy simply by lowering the safety quality standards of the countries industrial and then wanted to lower it down and here we go down a matter which flower will explain more in a better way to say than explain that there was a catastrophe 20 30 years ago on what it was supposed to be a real support to the evolutionary policies of growing African countries that there was the hunt for exploitation this then obviously also led to this context to continue to exploit from africa we arrived to us western countries and italy has a particular weight in this game and therefore degenerate our health systems consequently our social security systems what is the act that technically sanctions at our end is an act in which Mrs. Lorenzin went to Washington with in collaboration with certain raniero guerra that at the time then we were time later came to do the general manager of health ministry prevention was at the time the scientific director of the American Embassy in the United States at that moment they entered a mechanism of an agreement called global security agenda in which Italy actually became the center bad internation the international laboratory for the development of vaccination policy strategies in the world okay well what does this mean as a consequence of a trivial example Mr. War became general manager of prevention immediately after in the ministry and I ask you according to you who should implement those managerial and organizational policies for prevent if the virus is prevented and vaccinated and then vaccination is no longer mandatory no longer sells more business so maybe we say yes we put a director already of the prevention of a virus so that it does not prevent and then vaccinate with vaccine is a flash example of how you are at it two ways a politically zero country and this Italy guaranteed it in fact e install a whole series of characters who then the same war the same as Professor Taormina said Ricciardi the Greek donation for without doing many names that in key points, that is, to manage to drive the policies of the ministry the health of the specialty institute and the responsible bodies of the ministry e at the same time they had assignments to the ms there is therefore we find people who from one side should protect the sovereign country and the other side however they are those who want to vaccinate and create globalization state areas therefore, in itself there is already a very strong contrast of ends also at the level of protection of the sovereign country’s right to health what you what these gentlemen did simply an operation dismantling of all those technical aspects that would have been vital to avoid that further nice gift we had yesterday of the continuation of the state of emergency, that is, they would have if they had implemented it this prevention as a rule commands we will not be in these conditions so what have they done to do the story starts from 2004 where even law 138 of 2000 and firmly 2004 which was based precisely on the prevention of risk management risks in all those especially in diseases transmissible infectives therefore in Italy there is the splendor of Italian regulations which when ratified at the moment leave hundreds of millions of euros that go to these gentlemen who obviously them some wonderful studies also claim some scientifically well done that they give the signal, on the one hand they tell you warnings from 2004 in these publish edition because a pandemic from coronavirus strain will arrive here and this we know that the latest viruses are all strains of with a virus that it will have the characteristics of acute respiratory syndrome and I will tell you more it will be technically also brought by bats then they write it in the literature paid for by these fine ministerial funds but then in the end what they do [Music] in this same law they dismantle those centers which were to be preparatory to avoid it counts when Professor Ricciardi arrives in the role of before of commissioner 2014 then of president of the institute personal health continues free this decent dismantling of more energy and prevention than they are harmful the conaps the epic group epic group is very important will make you laugh not these installments are those gentlemen you saw on the famous American TV that from those famous maps they saw they could understand in america how we went when we had already invested hundreds of millions to do it we and prefer to our health showed us what we would have had to do it says look at the here is the risk mapping and ep indicates where it is moving, how it will move, why it will move and how much it will move the famous hearths infectious foci will move on from there you understand well that in based on how it grows an outbreak develops should it should grow and develop control control and I laugh to think about when I speak of controls that the famous pandemic plan and you have all heard that Mr. Guerra himself takes offense at the report saying no but I had updated it regardless that before over update it must be implemented and never has clearly implemented to implement it must also be updated instead when he sent it back he practically sent it back copy of ten years before identical what is written in this copy but word surprising that no one has yet noticed the Italianity pure that is to say attention but why do we have to do prevention because we have to do simulations remember that like children at school when there is firefighters are trained by the teachers janitors the teachers are are clearing are the simulations in case of fire the same thing had to be made for the pandemic what happens written but I have affections but because we have to simulate it costs a lot of money but maybe it’s better not do it because it would be wasted money it says so so already practically at the time they already said it would be done because it was too expensive perhaps between human lives and waste perhaps it would be bad typical of Italians so what happened to the picture that begins to emerge enormous conflicts of interests between people and ms miners essers rich I remind you all in the area but the prevention of infectious diseases and epidemiology what jia has repeated is the one that mentioned to the professor before how do you control evolution and the statistic of a of a damage of a malaise of the disease if not to the data true and certainly if you don’t have more recent epidemiological prevention it takes maga magò perhaps to do them well then the concept is this then remember this 2014 speech that imposes this drastic obligation to vaccinate from 4 to 10 vaccines another surprising thing that in 2017 18 you know what I was very impressed that Zaia had contested by implementing free choice because I rightly said attention to Venetian citizens I want to make them decide whether to get vaccinated or not and get to the court first Constitutional January 2018 ruling at 5 of 2000 and 2018 and also says one very true thing says attention but Italy is a laboratory for the vaccination strategies says it just a pity though that once lost because the staff that imposed the obligation overwhelmed him vaccina in padua arrives crisanti famous crisanti that comes you know it from imperial college comes from terni where i study genetics at all and the interesting thing that professor crisanti took in seven well over 65 million dollars and took them between the foundation since the foundation bill and melinda gates from the european union from darpa what is darpa is the defense agency for the circle advanced precisely on the defense of e American and took them from the mouth agencies as well also deal with prevention in this sense of development of therefore the strange thing that after Zaia as soon as crisanti goes to Padua than not we have completely no idea and it starts to say whether or not I’m vaccinated pure tsa are other types of vaccines compared to those lobby eua cer per o vaccines are therefore this attitude is absolutely incomprehensible and I see personally I see as a free citizen that I don’t see opposition not I see a firm opposition and citizen protection above this amazes me so personally my message that I can give is that Italy is working of our health is fundamental as both roberto fiore and that said Professor Taormina this crucial moment and we must awaken the our friends as Monsignor also says and correctly why we are not there realizing that this is the end of a process of a path we risk truly become a supermarket succubus of vaccines that however they also have genetic alteration in themselves we have a widespread problem not only in the cini area in food in the agricultural world pisticci pesticides are at home disease the professor rightly said before the problem of zero and of causal connection these gentlemen work on their epidemiology they want frozen science to shoot them down more biology that the basis the preventions in fact what they do dismantle us center prevention and epidemiologists and thus killing epidemiology you don’t you have more controls what happens in more imbeciles in a day earthquake masks day masks no serums are considered therefore there is behind also an operation of media and psychological manipulation and therefore not understanding more nothing we become excellent excellent prey of the wolf so you have to think above all I personally think about the future of mine children that we must really be active and we must regain our sovereignty first of all politics and then health and consequently if health policy that cheap of on firm on the fact that if there are wastes in health this goes with among other things greater damage this affects the view of the economy because remember that every performance to a code if that code as unfortunately this happens another chapter that you I want to mention who manages the worldwide platform classifications of the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of interventions is always our friend or m.se and with me I’m behind unfortunately clashed internationally in the review whole nation of reading where this gentleman is practically has himself bought the magazine funded the scientific literature magazine in October 2016 bill gates grp ghezze even has funded the decision makers of the edition revision and financed some of the publications and are the new publications yesterday in the world that I say were opposed to mine it being understood that mine was ours that concerned me was the only one publication to the world based on scientific evidence the only one in the world and thank goodness that there is the television that records while those others were hearing hearing based on a risk factor ie this gentleman compared a solution with the cause of the damage we are buying points and at the end of the psalms he and you what they kept saying we continue to use the risk factor, that is the one that mentioned the Miss Gloria E and Roberto refers to childbirth which is one of the most important moments sad of health because behind it all there is a mechanism of equal interests identical to the American one that the American healthcare model that based on private insurance and model based exclusively on logic of profit not on care here I make a nice hint of one big investment bank in 2018 which is goldman sachs makes a report of a robot their corporate reports also say damn hepatitis c with this drug, care is taken and the turnover drops from 12 billion e half to 4 billion and a half let’s stop here we have to keep on but otherwise we lose patients and therefore this is the mentality to avoid cures and diseases keep us a sick people that’s why in Italy for five years we have been exceeding the historical minimum of the reduction of births compared to 1918 and we are a people of the 22.8 per cent of over 65 and by 2030 when they want to globalize it all world Mr. gates has predicted that we will be in Italy 35 percent tell me who will manage the social security system for children with neurolese children 70 year olds not born, this is the situation, so you have to absolutely arise first of all in the soul in the spirit stop like they are all Italians who think only of the small garden but have a spirit truly national sovereign to make a moral reflection on us and in everyone together change the country because otherwise I see it really hard


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