Dolan UK Appeal to Be Heard, COVID Logic, HCQ Efficacy, Demolition and Vandalism by the State?

Dolan UK Appeal to Be Heard 

Appeal to be heard!

Our challenge against the UK Government lockdown will continue to be heard after the Court of Appeal yesterday ruled that the case highlighted ‘fundamental’ concerns over the accountability of Government Ministers.

The Judicial Review will now proceed to a rolled-up hearing expected to be held at the Court of Appeal during the week commencing the 28th September after a ruling was handed down by Lord Justice Hickinbottom.

The hearing will decide on whether the case should progress to a full Appeal which would see the Government once again pressed to defend the introduction of measures which were described by the court as “possibly the most restrictive regime on the public life of persons and businesses ever.”

Lord Justice Hickinbottom said that the legal challenge “potentially raises fundamental issues concerning the proper spheres for democratically-accountable Ministers of the Government and judges.”

Owing to Government restrictions, our first hearing was held virtually. However, Lord Justice Hickinbottom ordered in his review that the case should be “considered by the full court in open court, and the Applicants given any opportunity to make good their case at least on arguability.”

COVID Logic by Jon Rapoport

The lockdowns, the distancing, the masks, the testing, the tracing are the effects. They are designed to prove there is a new and deadly virus, the cause. The fallacy is: that’s backwards.

Of course, the lockdowns and the masks and distancing prove nothing. They’re on the level of: “The man is in jail, so he must have committed a crime.”

The fallacy is actually: The Effect Which Is Actually Not an Effect of a Claimed Cause.

And then think about this. If there were no containment measures, if people were allowed to come and go freely, they would soon lose a sense of urgency about vaccination. And businesses would be open; there would be no economic destruction. Now we’re getting down to the truth.

The containment measures aren’t the effect of anything.

They’re put there to achieve economic destruction, and to create the illusion of need for a vaccine.

Some variations on this theme:

“We are fighting a war against X; therefore, X must have threatened our security. Otherwise, why would we be fighting?” FALLACY.

“The jury brought in a verdict of not-guilty. Therefore, the defendant didn’t commit the crime.” FALLACY.

“The authorities stepped up surveillance on the suspects. Therefore, the suspects must be criminals.” FALLACY.

X might have threatened the nation’s security, and the defendant might have committed a crime, and the suspects might be criminals, but these require separate investigations. The “therefore” is the fallacy.

“People are dying, it must be the virus.” FALLACY.

Bill Gates and his Globalist colleagues want to shove a needle into the arms of 7.6 billion people. They want to create the illusion of need for that program. The containment measures, the lockdowns—”This must mean we have to have a vaccine.” WRONG.

And, as some have asked…

If your TV (and radio) didn’t work would you still  be seeing a PANDEMIC?

“These Two Charts Should Land Dr. Fauci in Prison” – Gateway Pundit

Today the AAPS filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to compel the release to the public of hydroxychloroquine by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS).

California Governor – Agrees with Peggy Hall – He Can’t Mandate Anything

PETITION: Tell the FDA to reverse its opposition to Hydroxychloroquine and help save lives


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UK – Councils can “Demolish Contaminated Houses”

The insane statements/rules etc continue:

So I do hope they test the houses of Parliament and Downing Street and Chequers first! I hope they both test “positive” and BoJo et al are then threatened with homelessness! Well, BoJo had it didn’t he?

Seriously, what is the point? We have already seen declarations about how they can remove people from homes. Now they’re saying they can “remove homes” too! And yet, it would not surprise me that some people STILL won’t notice anything is wrong!

Australia: “Vic Police forced to smash car windows over non-compliance”

This guy’s uniform is all black – is it to match the “dark agenda” – shocking stuff. Who do these people think they are?



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