Misleading UK Testing Results, Dr Colin M Barron, Dr Schoning Arrested and Released, Cyprus Flight Pass and More

Paul Weston – This One Covid Lie Will Bring Down The British Government

Thanks to Lorraine for alerting me to this video. It’s about the total number of tests carried out, so far, in the UK.



In summary, Paul Weston notes that the government figures show that nearly 20 million tests have been done. They have given about 423,000 positives.  However, the “False Positive” (FP) rate for the test is said to be between 0.8% and 4.3%, so he suggests using a FP rate of 2.3%. The government appear to be applying this FP 2.3% to the 423,000 figure. However, this is not what the FP rate means – it should be applied to the total number of tests done. Hence, 2.3% of 20,000,000 is…. 460,000. This calculation fits well with what we have seen many others pointing out – the test is meaningless. Policy should be made on the number of hospitalisations, or deaths  – not “positives.” But, of course, as the test does not work anyway, that, too would be meaningless.

Finally, It is not clear to me what the “total tests” figure includes. It may even include plenty of duplicates, as some people have been tested multiple times.

Dr Colin M Barron – 26 Sep 2020 – Why I Support Anti – Lockdown Protests

An excellent 11 min presentation


UK Independent MP Desmond Swayne Speaks Out

Good – but as usual, he doesn’t go  far enough…


Dublin, Ireland – No Virus Isolation There Either!

Thanks to Christine for this, posted on her own page of SARS-COV2 FOIs


Also see:



The University’s position is that matters of academic debate cannot be conducted under FOI and we would not regard academic research material as administrative records of an FOI body that would make them available for release under the legislation. The NVRL have advised that they do not culture live SARS-CoV-2 or purify SARS CoV 2 antigens. They detect SARS-CoV-2 RNA in diagnostic samples, as per the PCR assay that was shared with you previously. As such, there are no relevant records held and no further searches that may be taken for records that would provide an answer to your query. Section 15 (1) (a) of the FOI applies.

Dr Heiko Schoning – Arrested for Speaking out in London 26 Sep 2020

Dr Schoning is one of the members of the ACU – the German extra-parliamentary enquiry. Kind of ironic that a German is arrested in London for speaking in Trafalgar square.


He was released on Sunday 27th


I wonder why it was Dr Schoning that was arrested and not one or more of the other speakers…. He mentions in the 2nd video that the police were interested in a book he had with him – “Corona – False Alarm” – https://www.chelseagreen.com/product/corona-false-alarm/

Cyprus Flight Pass – Thoughts

I received this from a reader:

This is a quick message regarding human rights abuses by the government; on my way to Cyprus from Canada I was obliged to download an application that is called Cyprus Flight Pass. It basically allows you to enter the island once you have fulfilled certain requirements, which revolve around limiting the spread of COVID-19. Of course, one of the caveats to being able to enter the island is that you must agree to taking full liability for any “risks” regarding the disease and its alleged transmission, which you can read about by viewing the screenshot file. When I first read this my first impression is that the government doesn’t seem to find its own data on the disease as valid or reliable. Why else would it choose to waive all responsibilities after all? Basically, what the government is doing here is telling us something analogous to “Never mind what the science says, I am big brother and you will do as you’re told.” Technically, what the government is doing is illegal (or at least it should be).

I replied “Depressingly stupid… What happens to people who don’t have a smart phone? Are they barred? Do they get extorted to buy one or do they get given one?”

Max talked mentioned “the pitfalls of the precautionary principle, where it can lead to something that is called post-normal science. Basically, it’s almost analogous to pseudo-science. This is especially concerning in the context of this pandemic”

He included these interesting links:  https://steps-centre.org/blog/postnormal-pandemics-why-covid-19-requires-a-new-approach-to-science/ .


Where is it All Going… Data Collection then Conditioning and Control?

It is now easier than ever to see some of the crazier science projects in a more realistic context.


This video interestingly features Dr Steven Greer in the last few minutes. What is quoted in this video I agree with, but Greer himself isn’t what you’d think he is – if you’re familiar with him. I am surprised that “Anonymous” doesn’t know more about Greer. If you are interested read chapter 23 of my free book. (Please, if you’re not familiar, keep an open mind – don’t “roll your eyes…”)

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