PCR Testing – Does Not Work!, More Miscounted CV19 Deaths, Arrests, Masks, WHO says CV Vaccine Won’t Help Much Anyway

“Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be.” New York Times

Maybe they can safely put out these stories now, because enough people won’t divest themselves of the lies that they have “worn” for 6 months or more.


More on the CDC’s “Only 6% are COVID Deaths”

(But perhaps even that figure is too high if the test doesn’t work…

“Twitter removes QAnon supporter’s false claim about coronavirus death statistics that Trump had retweeted”


Dr Chris Martinson and the Covid and Cycle Threshold

From Kathy Roberts

The above link goes to a YouTube video which gives a presentation on Cycle Thresholds (CT) in the covid tests and why the number of CT cycles the test is run is important. The first 17 minutes of the video goes through what the PCR test is and why the CT number is important. Bottom line: a lot of the positive case numbers being put out are running CT cycles from 34 to 40 times. When the test runs this number of cycles to get a positive result actual tests to grow live virus in a cell medium found zero cases of live virus. So if the CT number is in this range (34-40) you are not infectious and possibly never had the virus.

If you get a positive result in 30-33 cycles it is more likely that you do have the virus. The higher the virus load in the body, the lower the number of cycle tests required to show a positive result. But the test can also show positive if there are virus fragments (which are not live viruses and cannot reproduce). The virus fragments do count in the positive results threshold and only in-vitro sampling (putting the sample in a medium which allows the virus to reproduce and seeing if the virus is actually reproducing). So if you had a mild case and fought it off, you would still have virus fragments running around, but not a lot of live virus. These fragments last for a while (uncertain how long for the body to cleanse this, but it could be months). This cleansing is highly individual specific.


Ontario Civil Liberties Association, WHO and Masks (from June 2020)


OCLA has sent a letter (en français ici) to the Director General  of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, asking him to retract the WHO’s recommendation advising the use of face masks in the general population to prevent COVID-19 transmission. The letter criticizes the lack of a valid scientific basis for the WHO’s recommendation and expresses OCLA’s concerns about serious harms to individuals and societies stemming from the recommendation and from government impositions of face masks on the general public.

The letter includes statements such as:

“… the WHO cannot collect and rely on potentially biased studies to make recommendations that can have devastating effects (see below) on the lives of literally billions. Rather, the WHO must apply a stringent standards threshold, and accept only randomized controlled trials with verified outcomes. In this application, the mere fact that several such quality studies have not ever confirmed the positive effects reported in bias-susceptible reports should be a red flag.”


“It is an unjustified authoritarian imposition, and a fundamental indignity, to have the State impose its evaluation of risk on the individual, one which has no basis in science, and which is smaller than a multitude of risks that are both common and often created or condoned by the State.”

A copy of the letter is posted here.

Revolver Exclusive Study: COVID-19 Lockdowns Over 10 Times More Deadly Than Pandemic Itself


Up until this point there had been no simple, rigorous analysis that accurately and definitively conveys the true costs of the COVID-19 lockdowns. Accordingly, Revolver News set out to commission a study to do precisely that: to finally quantify the net damage of the lockdowns in terms of a metric known as “life-years.” Simply put, we have drawn upon existing economic studies on the health effects of unemployment to calculate an estimate of how many years of life will have been lost due to the lockdowns in the United States, and have weighed this against an estimate of how many years of life will have been saved by the lockdowns. The results are nothing short of staggering, and suggest that the lockdowns will end up costing Americans over 10 times as many years of life as they will save from the virus itself.


Philadelphia Mayor Dines Inside Friend’s Maryland Restaurant While Philly Is Outside-Dining Only



World Health Organisation confirm Covid19 vaccines will be obsolete in days to come

From Tor


Based on this reference


Sweden: ‘Made in China’ CCP Virus Testing Kits Display False Positive Results


More than 3,700 Swedes were erroneously told they had the CCP virus due to defects in testing kits made in China, Sweden’s Public Health Agency announced on Aug. 25.


The PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing kits, manufactured by Shenzhen-based genome sequencing company BGI Genomics, were unable to distinguish between very low and no viral genetic material, Swedish health authorities said in a statement.

“The supplier must adjust the performance that is required for this test to be used,” said Karin Tegmark Wisell, head of the agency’s microbiology department. The findings, she said, illustrated again the importance of having quality control tests to detect such errors.

The incorrect results affected nine regions in the country in the 5-month span between March and mid-August, during which people who had mild or no symptoms at all received false positive outcomes.

 Lockdown and Covid19 Masks: Useless— Dr. Joel Hay

Thanks to Justin for this link:

Dr. Joel Hay is the founding director of the Department of Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy at the University of Southern California. Hay is also a Health Economist at the Harbor UCLA Center for Vaccine Research.


Zoe Lee in Victoria, Australia Arrested for Posting on Facebook?

Some people think this is staged…


She was featured on Sky News


To me, it doesn’t matter whether it was set up or whether it was real. The intent is the same. To intimidate people into conforming.

Here is the post that, apparently, triggered the invasion of her privacy.

Peaceful Non Mask Wearer Handcuffed in Shopping Centre Car Park, UK

Count how many people are hasseling him. Anyone still think this COVID nonsense isn’t a cover for something else? Heck, the female officer isn’t wearing a mask!


How many guys? How many? Really? A public health issue, right? And they HAVE to try and justify the unjustifiable. All they needed to say was “Sorry. We over-reacted.”


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