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“Songbird” Amazon Film Portrays 4 years of “Lockdown”

Normalisation, it seems…


Songbird – 1 h 24 min – 2020

2023, the COVID-23 virus has mutated and the world is in its fourth year of lockdown. Immune to the virus, a brave courier races against time to save the woman he loves from a quarantine camp. Starring KJ Apa, Sofia Carson, Alexandra Daddario and Demi Moore.

Directors              Adam Mason

Starring K.J. Apa, Alexandra Daddario, Sofia Carson

Genres Action, Drama, Science Fiction

Subtitles              English [CC]

Audio Languages              English

“Postcard” from China – Sean

This gives a good indication of “how things will be” if enough people continue to go along with draconian measures, implemented because of global mass-medical fraud

Sean McHugh explains that his is “a British expat 51, working at a Chinese university . I’m English but have Irish connections in the name…”

China  January 2021, ten days

Changsha, Shaoshan, Shaoshan village, Langli, Nanyue, Huaihua, Fenghuang, Zhangjiajie village, Wulingyuan; stayed at budget, mid-range and upper range hotels, using metro, train, high speed train, coach, bus, minibus, taxi, cable car, river boat and maglev train

Travelled in Hunan province with characteristic Chinese low layered mountain ridges covered in pine forests and mist. Visited Mao’s monolithic statue in Changsha and his house in a nearby peaceful village, climbed famous peak Heng Shan, explored Fenghuang’s ancient streets and night illuminated roofs, and climbed down Zhangjiajie national park with its unusual geology. Took in fine cable car views, a scary and counterintuitive glass floored bridge across a valley, and a deep gorge walk.

Mid-winter, Spring Festival holiday approaching and fake pandemic scares made everywhere pleasantly quiet while also discounting extortionate government run tourist prices. Travelled with a Chinese girlfriend invaluably dealing with transport officials, police and others looking for electronic health passes and paperwork with added prejudice against foreigners within increasing travel restrictions; turned away from many hotels afraid of contravening Kafkaesque foreigner registration rules.

In the corona virus fake pandemic beginning 2020 the Nanjing university asked us to apply for permission to travel away from campus, which I ignored for a trip to Hunan province early in 2021 with a Chinese girlfriend. The Chinese all dutifully bag their faces up on public transport and in official buildings with the lunatic mask for showing they’re a faceless nobody with nothing to say, having no individuality and being the same programmable zombie as everyone else. It’s further for laughing contemptuously at people being normalized into even impeding essential breathing and instead their re-inhaling exhaled air to cause brain damage.

Whereas in West there are always minorities of independent thinkers who won’t consent to peer pressure for poor treatment, in China there is nobody. Some of the phone health code and temperature checkers however, including mid-flight on aircraft, are apathetic and you feel sorry for their self-conscious part in the vast processes of theatre, sheep control and ritual mockery, in as far as the Chinese are worth it; the temperature device to the forehead is to get you to accept an official putting a gun to your head.

The phone code is furtherance of control through making people dependent on pleasing the state for travelling as well as everything else. Your green code on a website linked to your identity will change if there are infections declared in your region of origin and you’ll be stopped even if you haven’t been there for weeks but they increasingly also want to see your own phone to trace your movements in the interim.

At present this seems undeveloped technology and I get away with only my friend’s phone being presented and refusing to keep my own; she smooths over the officials’ idiocy over how to deal with a dreaded alien from beyond their world, particularly in this period of being no regular foreign tourist visa holders in the country. Health codes are now required to enter and exit train and coach stations as well as airports although not yet the metros; all also have baggage and body scanners to pass through.

Many officials haven’t seen a passport before and have no idea how to read one or find visas or entry stamps, then spending long moments quivering over whether to let you pass or not, eventually assuming correctly that you wouldn’t have got thus far if it wasn’t legal. When this palaver started with a group of police at a desk at the base of famous Heng Shan mountain, for me to walk five hours entirely outdoors, and where I was even asked for my negative virus test paperwork on entering China three months ago, if they hadn’t finally let me pass I’d have kicked the table over, thrown punches and been arrested. Also had the same prejudice from doormen at bars stopping me, to whom I gave due verbal abuse while they starred back from their depths of ignorance and blase inhumanity. These people have the garbage in garbage out minds of robots with nothing there to reason with.

Many hotels also turn me away in fear of increasingly elaborate foreigner registration paperwork while even top end hotels may try ignoring me and prepare the bill in my friend’s name; suitable hotels in my Western China guidebook from just a few years ago no longer accept me and the word international in a hotel’s name now often means nothing. Moreover all passenger carrying road vehicles have gained three or four mandatory internal video cameras which the driver has to maintain, no matter how decrepit and sorry the bus with poor seating and no heating- the climate of fear and threat of being tracked for some Kafkaesque infringement have primacy over other considerations.

Government run ticketing systems are then replacing paper tickets with just presentation of the Chinese identity card or facial recognition devices. Tourist sites also have constant foolish announcements and instructions in line with the command and authority culture, as ever treating everyone as either children or mentally retarded, yet there’s little repression with that being how the Chinese are; painted up road trains and buses designed to please infants are provided for adults and embarrassing for me to board. Entry prices are often blatantly extortionate although without a difference between local and foreigner prices as in some countries. Overall unfortunately it’s not looking great for future travel with the impression of control systems evolving rapidly and moving into place on entirely permanent bases.

Since 1999 Five ‘Flu Years’ Saw More Deaths In UK Than 2020!


Written by PSI Senior Scientist

A careful statistical analysis of the UK’s National Office for Statistics (ONS) excess death rates from 1999 to the end of 2020 reveals that five of those years showed higher rates of mortality than the so-called deadly pandemic year of 2020.

2020 – England and Wales – Excess Mortality? Not really… (Updated video)

I’ve also been sent an updated set of figures for England and Wales deaths for all causes in 2020 – discussed in this video:


Andrew, the compiler of the stats and video explains:

For the UK I used the ONS download area :-


For the Sweden numbers I used www.statista.com.  Eg https://www.statista.com/statistics/1115707/sweden-number-of-deaths-per-week/

For the population densities, I used google searches having discovered the four most populous cities in each country.  Numbers varied a bit site to site and in some they show the numbers per sq km and the number per sq mile the wrong way round but the numbers from https://worldpopulationreview.com/world-cities/manchester-population  were about in line with most of them.  On this one they get the numbers the wrong way round quite a lot as well.  Not sure why that is.

For the 2008 numbers I had to look further back into the ONS site and also to the Northern Ireland and Scottish stats sites. I also had to refer to the one called annual reference table (attached).  I think that was from the ONS but can’t remember.

For Scotland to get the 2008 numbers I looked at https://www.nrscotland.gov.uk/statistics-and-data

For N. Ireland 2008 I looked at https://www.nisra.gov.uk/statistics/births-deaths-and-marriages

Spreadsheet file: www.CVPandemicInvestigation.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Covid-Stats-end-of-year-V2.xlsx

“Linked In” Censors a Previous Post (First Time Ever for me!)

Royal Mail, UK, Also Part of the Fraud

On a letter I received a few days ago. The number of letters sent between elderly people is likely to be higher than those sent by younger folk.

Christian PERRONNE Head of the Infectious and Tropical Diseases Department at Garches Hospital – FRANCE – Speaks Out


“The worst thing is that the first ‘vaccines’ that we are offered are not vaccines, but gene therapy products. We will inject nucleic acids that will cause the production of parts of the virus by our own cells. We absolutely do not know the consequences of this injection, because it is a first in humans. What if the cells of some ‘vaccines’ made too many viral elements, causing uncontrollable reactions in our body? The first gene therapies will be with RNA, but there are projects with DNA. Normally, in our cells, the message is sent from DNA to RNA, but the reverse is possible in certain circumstances, especially since our human cells have since the dawn of time contain so-called “endogenous” retroviruses integrated into the DNA of our chromosomes. These “domesticated” retroviruses that inhabit us are usually harmless (unlike HIV, AIDS retrovirus for example), but they can produce an enzyme, reverse transcriptase, capable of transcribing backwards, from RNA to DNA. . Thus an RNA foreign to our body and administered by injection could code for DNA, just as foreign, which can then integrate into our chromosomes. There is therefore a real risk of transforming our genes permanently. There is also the possibility, by modifying the nucleic acids of our eggs or sperm, to transmit these genetic modifications to our children. The people who promote these gene therapies, falsely called “vaccines” are sorcerer’s apprentices and take the French and more generally the citizens of the world, for guinea pigs. We do not want to become, like transgenic tomatoes or corn, GMOs (genetically modified organisms). A medical official from one of the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies said a few days ago that he hoped for an effect of personal protection, but that one should not hope too much for an impact on the transmission of the virus, therefore on the dynamics of the ‘epidemic’. This is a disguised admission that it is not a vaccine. A shame.

I am all the more horrified as I have always been in favour of vaccines and have chaired for years the bodies that formulate vaccine policy. Today, we must say stop to this extremely worrying plan. Louis Pasteur must be turning in his grave.

Science, medical ethics and above all common sense must take over.”

Collection of Reports by Folks who have had the “Vaccine”

Some report no issues, others have side effects of varying severity:


A number of reports indicating that elderly people who’ve been injected have subsequently died.

“Peruvian court ruling: the pandemic “was created” by Bill Gates, George Soros and the Rockefeller family”

There are some queries regarding the validity of this story – but it is harder to get reliable sources from Peru – partly due to the language barrier (not being a Spanish speaker). Any readers able to verify more of the story (or refute it) feel free to contact me.

Use your browser’s / google’s translate on this one:


or look at


In its decision, the Chicha and Pisco Criminal Appeals Chamber said the pandemic was the invention of a “criminal elite around the world” made up of billionaires such as Soros, Gates and Rockefeller, among others.

Thus, the court justified the delay by issuing a ruling on the appeal of the accused, who sought the abolition of preventive detention and whose permission was postponed due to the pandemic.

For Judges Tito Gallegos, Luis Legia and Tony Changarei, the pandemic was “unpredictable”

; for all but the alleged creators, “who have been involved in it and continue to manage it with particular secrecy in their environment.

“No world government, individuals or legal entities, nor the defense of the accused can claim that this pandemic has the quality of ‘foresight’, except for the creators of the new world order, such as Bill Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, etc.” write the magistrates in a resolution posted on the portal LP Law.

Also see:




This could also be related:

Peru suspends clinical trials of Chinese COVID-19 vaccine


Tom in Quebec

Tom writes:

By the way I saw the article on cvpi about the vaccine that could not totally protect…. In fact here in Québec it’s no secret. They already told us that:

It won’t keep you from getting covid.

It won’t keep you from giving covid.

It won’t give you immunity.

It won’t let you take off your mask.

It won’t let you stop social distancing.

It won’t give you anything in fact…

It’s supposed to help having it smoother, less lethal.

How could it be less lethal. I think we have less deaths than last year in Québec! 😀

This reminds me of what I wrote about the apparent mentality of people who have just gone along with the narrative. This might be a bit of an exaggeration by me, but maybe not…:

The only important thing seems to be that folks take a vaccine. Stories of new strains and what not just make them want a vaccine or a new vaccine…
It doesn’t matter whether it is effective.
It doesn’t matter if it’s for a virus or a bacteria
It doesn’t matter if it kills people or makes them sick
It doesn’t matter that they won’t be able to stop wearing masks
It doesn’t matter that they won’t necessarily have a passport….
They just have to take the vaccine – and “thank the lord” it is available to “save them.” from “COVID Death” – even if the “vaccine” kills them! (Double-think)

Saga cruises says all customers must be vaccinated

Someone sent me this article.


I sent SAGA this (via https://www.saga.co.uk/making-a-complaint/holidays-complaint-form):

Dear Sir/Madam

With regard to this story:


This is just to let you know what as a 56-year old british man, I would never come near one of your cruises now. Why?

You’ve become accessories to fraud and would rather go along with a false narrative and cause unnecessary harm to people.

Please forward my report to your management team for their information. Read it yourself too. (I’ve had about 2000 signatories).


At least Wetherspoons started to question measures which have decimated their business.


Apparently, you want to inject people…? Are you serious?

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Johnson



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