More FOI results, COVID Laws Unconstitutional (Germany), How to Sell A Pandemic, SARS-COV2 in 2008?

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More FOIs With “No Records” of Isolation of SARS-COV2

From Christine Massey:

Below is further evidence of the global fraud:

A long overdue FOI response from the Ontario Ministry of Health plainly stating that they have no record of “SARS-COV-2” isolation by anyone, anywhere, ever.

5 pages of masterful evasion plus stunning incompetence and/or fraud from New Zealand’s Ministry of Health. Instead of providing the requested records of “SARS-COV-2” isolation/purification and proof of accurate diagnostic tests, they bamboozled with talk of genomes and cultures of the never-isolated imaginary virus; stated that PCR tests have been validated around the world and are the gold standard; and cited a February 2020 preliminary report (“The Pathogenicity of SARS-CoV-2 in hACE2 Transgenic Mice”) that used the so-called “SARS-COV-2” strain that had been concocted by Zhu et al. and claimed that Koch’s Postulates had been fulfilled.

NZ’s crown research institute, the Institute of Environmental Science and Research admits to having no record describing isolation of ANY virus on NZ’s vaccine schedule, by anyone, anywhere, ever (as did NZ’s Min of Health a while back), explicitly equates “isolation” with culturing, and says isolation isn’t necessary for some diseases because they have PCR tests:

Former Senior Scientist at Health Canada (with 35 years experience), Saeed Qureshi:
“COVID-19: The virus does not exist – it is confirmed!”

Corona Ordinance Unconstitutional : a landmark judgement in Weimar District Court

Working English translation by Howard Steen (using DeepL) of item reported on German Corona Committee news pages: Amtsrichter in Weimar: Corona-VO verfassungswidrig – 2020 NEWS posted Jan 21st, 2021

A district judge in Weimar has acquitted a man who was to be fined for violating the Corona contact ban by celebrating his birthday with at least seven other parties from a total of eight households, six guests too many under Thuringia’s Corona ordinance. The judge’s verdict is scathing: The Corona Ordinance is unconstitutional and materially objectionable.

This, I think, is the same story as the one reported by RT (though Weimar is not named, but Thuringia – which is in the district of Weimar)

WHO Revises PCR Test Guidance Again

Is this to make the vaccine look effective – as folks like Jon Rappaport have suggested?

Influenza Preparedness Stakeholder Conference on the Centenary of the 1918 Pandemic (How to Sell a Pandemic to the Public)

Dave Cullen did a video which referred to this conference – here is the original YouTube video

Also here: This is the lecture on “Communication and public engagement” by Marc Van Ranst, Belgian Flu Commissioner, at the ESWI/Chatham House Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Stakeholders Conference on 22 January 2019 – just a year before the COVID scam

National Audit Office (UK) COVID Cost Tracker!

This gave me a wry smile:

£210 billion – Total cost estimate for these measures (rounded to the nearest £10 billion, to allow for differences in the accuracy of the underlying costs).

Dr Lee Merrit – Weaponisation of Medicine

She covers similar ground to others, but from the perspective that the virus is real and possibly a bioweapon.

SARS-COV2  Virus Mentioned in a 2008 Paper!

So, is it/was it really a “novel virus….”

RNase-resistant, non-infectious virus-like particles containing exogenous RNA sequences (armored RNA) are good candidates as RNA controls and standards in RNA virus detection. However, the length of RNA packaged in the virus-like particles with high efficiency is usually less than 500 bases. In this study, we describe a method for producing armored L-RNA. Armored L-RNA is a complex of MS2 bacteriophage coat protein and RNA produced in Escherichia coli by the induction of a two-plasmid coexpression system in which the coat protein and maturase are expressed from one plasmid and the target RNA sequence with modified MS2 stem-loop (pac site) is transcribed from another plasmid. A 3V armored L-RNA of 2,248 bases containing six gene fragments— hepatitis C virus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV1, SARS-CoV2, and SARS-CoV3), avian influenza virus matrix gene (M300), and H5N1 avian influenza virus (HA300)—was successfully expressed by the two-plasmid coexpression system and was demonstrated to have all of the characteristics of armored RNA. We evaluated the 3V armored L-RNA as a calibrator for multiple virus assays. We used the WHO International Standard for HCV RNA (NIBSC 96/790) to calibrate the chimeric armored L-RNA, which was diluted by 10-fold serial dilutions to obtain samples containing 106 to 102 copies. In conclusion, the approach we used for armored L-RNA preparation is practical and could reduce the labor and cost of quality control in multiplex RNA virus assays. Furthermore, we can assign the chimeric armored RNA with an international unit for quantitative detection.


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