UK Daily Express “Shocker,” Another Death After ‘Vaccine’, WHO – Adverse Reaction Database, Farmer Bill

UK Daily Express Implies “Death After COVID ‘Vaccine’… a Good Thing”?

Your Good Old “Double-Think Daily News” – here it is folks, about as brazen as it could be. Oops. Sorry, it’s just me isn’t it – interpreting the wording in the “wrong” way. Just sloppy writing (but not corrected if it was).


PUBLISHED: 13:29, Mon, Feb 1, 2021 | UPDATED: 13:29, Mon, Feb 1, 2021

Vaccine side effects: How the body responds and why being ill after a jab ‘is good’

VACCINE side effects: Many people are concerned with growing reports of people falling ill and even death after a vaccine. Experts claim this is a predictable outcome and can actually be a good thing. What exactly happens to the body when vaccinated and why is being ill after good?

58-Year-Old Woman Dies Hours After Getting First Dose of Pfizer Vaccine

Doctors said Drene Keyes, whose death is under investigation, died of flash pulmonary edema likely caused by anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction, which some people have experienced after receiving the COVID vaccine.

WHO – Adverse Reaction Database

Thanks to Janet for this link, who also add the information below.

You have to click tick a box to enter

The search term name for Pfizer BionTech is Comirnaty (that’s the European name for it)

The Astrazenica one has to be entered exactly like this: Covid-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca

The results for both are identical. The reason they gave I’ll attach below as an image of the email from them. They are not at all transparent.

Thank you for your query. Currently, all search results for Covid-19 vaccines are aggregated into one single search result, that means that you are not able to differentiate the results for different vaccines. The datasets you’re looking at are identical because they are one and the same result.  This is due to that all data provided on a public level in VigiAccess is always aggregated by  active ingredient – however, the active ingredient for a pharmaceutical product has to be coded properly by external parties in order for VigiAccess to sort the information properly. Because the vaccines are new, the coding that’s needed hasn’t been done yet. For now, all Covid-19 vaccines just have “Covid-19 vaccine” listed as active ingredient. It’s an inconvenient solution, but it’s the only way to display the vaccines in VigiAccess in the interim.

You can check which active ingredient your search yields result for by looking in the light blue box at the top of your search result, where a line of text will say “[your search term] contains the active ingredient(s): Covid-19 vaccine”.  Do note that regulatory authorities have access to more details about the reports, and can find other ways to extract safety  information. That is why our advice when we receive queries such as yours is to reach out to the national regulatory authority for the latest updates about vaccines in your country.  Best regards


“If you REFUSE to have the COVID Experimental Biological Agent, You Could Cause Death…”

Or so the “declaration of declining” seems to say in one US State….


NHS ‘Vaccine’ Info

My wife got a phone call from the GP asking if she wanted the vaccine and a day or so letter we received a letter with 6 pages of information. Most of that information is posted here too:

Some of the info is pasted below:

Those who cannot have the vaccine

The vaccines do not contain living organisms, and so are safe for people with disorders of the immune system. These people may not respond so well to the vaccine. A very small number of people who are at risk of COVID-19 cannot have the vaccine – this includes people who have severe allergies.

Women of childbearing age, those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should read the detailed information available on NHS.UK.

Will the vaccine protect you?

The COVID-19 vaccination will reduce the chance of you suffering from COVID-19 disease. It may take a week or two for your body to build up some protection from the first dose of vaccine.

The vaccine has been shown to be effective and no safety concerns were seen in studies of more than 20,000 people.

Like all medicines, no vaccine is completely effective – some people may still get COVID-19 despite having a vaccination, but this should be less severe.

Can you catch COVID-19 from the vaccine?

You cannot catch COVID-19 from the vaccine but it is possible to have caught COVID-19 and not realise you have the symptoms until after your vaccination appointment.

The most important symptoms of COVID-19 are recent onset of any of the following:

    • a new continuous cough
    • a high temperature
    • a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell

If you have the symptoms above, stay at home and arrange to have a test. Further information on symptoms is available on NHS.UK.

Can you give COVID-19 to anyone, after having the vaccine?

The vaccine cannot give you COVID-19 infection, and 2 doses will reduce your chance of becoming seriously ill. We do not yet know whether it will stop you from catching and passing on the virus. So, it is important to follow the guidance in your local area to protect those around you.

To protect yourself and your family, friends and colleagues you still need to:

    • practice social distancing
    • wear a face mask
    • wash your hands carefully and frequently
    • follow the current guidance

Take Off Your Masks in 2 Minutes

A useful compilation of statements on video to download, save, share etc.

Bill Gates and Neo-Feudalism: A Closer Look at Farmer Bill

Some People Who Supported the Great Re-Opening

Thanks to Tiziana for these links (a couple more on the channel too).


A thought-provoking film/series of films on what has been unfolding and what could unfold. Note: it references the “pandemic” as a “real thing” – rather than something which has been manufactured/planned/assisted – but this isn’t really the point of this series of films

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